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Halo 3 Legendary Unboxed... and more | mrsmiley { September 21, 2007 }

Check out Engadget's Unboxing of their Halo 3 reviewer pack. The spartan helmet, the game, controllers, the Halo 360... man, how do I get into the reviewing business?

Anyways, be excited.

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1 | bobik says:

1st post!

That's a fancy helmet

2 | arf193 says:

h3 is almost comin out,yahhh! im freakin' out like hell!!!

3 | Hunter Flood says:

I pre-orderd that and I don't even have a 360!

4 | Some Halo-Lover says:

How much does it cost?

Hhehe, i can't wait to try out the helmet in paintball lol

5 | Some Halo-Lover says:

That must have costed alot, let's see here, The special Xbox 360 Edition and the, Legendary Edition of Halo 3 , Which, wow, costed around $600.

6 | Some Halo-Lover says:

Man, sorry for the 3rd post but i'm soo excited , and also the fact that only 3 other people posted but anyways, MAN I'M SO EXCITED, 1 MORE DAY LEFT UNTIL TUESDAY, (Hyper-ventilating)

7 | grunt lover says:

lol grunt rock
and i have h3 IT ROCKS!!!

8 | grunt lover says:

lol grunt rock
and i have h3 IT ROCKS!!!

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