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Merry Christmas from HBN | mrsmiley { December 25, 2008 }

And Happy Holidays for those that don't celebrate Christmas. The above pic was drawn by Etoli a couple years ago. Read on for a couple more classic HBN Xmas goodies.

Here's another for you, done by The Ancient:

Also, here's a bizarre and funny Halo Babies collaborative project that was done back in 2005. Anyone remember this one?

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Hope your Holidays are happy and full of goodness and win. If anyone wants to draw us a new image for next holiday season, feel free! :)

- Smiley

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1 | jdars says:

Beautiful! One of the best Christmas pictures I've seen today =D

2 | Shay says:

OMG! I remember that collaboration!!

we should get motivated and do something similar for next year .....

pfft ya right..

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