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Happy Halodays Round 3 Winner | mrsmiley { December 24, 2008 }

Round 3 of the Happy Halodays screenshot contest has come to an end, and I must say that it was the most difficult contest I have ever had to judge. After Bungie posted our news on their front page, we got over four times as many entries as previous rounds. The huge majority of these screenshots were great! Unfortunately, there is only one winner per round. Read on for the winners, runners-up, and some great honorable mentions.

Round 3: Christmas

Winner: Mags89 SBG

(won by just 1 vote!)
"Silent night, Holy Night."


"Every aspect has been thought out to some degree, but what really stands out is the end products similarity in lighting etc to a real painted nativity scene. It also stands out from the crowd for originality, because despite being one of the latter entries, noone else had submitted anything along the same lines prior to it."
- lord of the doubt

"The meaning behind the holiday which I originally envisioned when mrsmiley ran the theme by me."
- NthroSptn

"The only entry of it's kind, and it shows the real meaning of Christmas. It's instantly recognizable as a nativity scene, which I wouldn't think was possible with Halo!"
- mrsmiley

1st Runner-up: Geeraff

"Santa made a special stop to Halo."


"Excellent angle and concept, copied (by reason or accident I don't know) many times. I like the "leaving the hangar bay" look of it, as well."
- Polarbear

"There is something so subtle and breath-taking about this picture. It's so simple, but the angle and scenery really make this standout to me among the rest."
- mrsmiley

"It just so amazing to look at."
- Kap2310

2nd Runner-up: xkevlarpro

"Christmas Town"


"After all his hard work and waiting, he made an original picture, and it turned out well!"
- NthroSptn

"A ton of work must have went into this wonderful picture of a holiday village; and check out Santa's sleigh! The most realistic depiction we received. Just a phenomenal attention to detail. Bravo!"
- mrsmiley

There were SO many good entries this round that it would be a shame not to at least post a couple more for you to enjoy. I strongly recommend taking a look at the Round 3 Gallery to view and post your thoughts on all 50+ pics!

"A Christmas Tatoo" by Halocris


"Santa" by Irouni


"How the Grinch actually ruined Christmas" by Hunt3d_n00b


"Dear Santa" by IGC Baraka


"Christmas" by radnirok


"Santa's Problem" by jigsaw1287


Round 4 is open now and the deadline for that will be this Sunday at midnight! There will also be a special announcement next week on a final way to win something. Stay tuned!

12 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | iceking003 says:

Wow, a lot of awesome entries here. Hopefully theres not so many next week:)

2 | ShmaeGirl says:

cool. im happy with your guys choices...congrats mags! =D

3 | Geeraff says:

Two effs Smiley! TWO EFFS!

Congrats to Mags89 SBG.

4 | Kap2310 says:

Smiley, I didnt vote for Xmas town, that comment was for Irouni's.

5 | mrsmiley says:

*adds f*

6 | GGBK says:

how did xmas town not win? the 1st 2 look like they took 5 minutes... now i feel like im wasting my time working on the pic for next week because you guys dont consider how much work goes into it...

7 | GGBK says:

and whos the guy on the roof of the nativity scene? lol

8 | mrsmiley says:

This is what happens when you're rushing to get things posted while at work, haha. I'll take the quote down.

It doesn't matter how much time you put into it, it matters how well the pic conveys the theme, and if it does so in a creative way. You'll notice that Geeraff's is also quite simple compared to a lot of the others, but it all comes down to execution. (Personally, I voted for Christmas Town as my #1 pick though, lol)

9 | Mags89 SBG says:

Thanks a bunch!!!

10 | Jigsaw1287 says:

well done mags!!!! wow i cant believe i even got an honourable mention! THANKS!! with my 1st ever contest, lets hope it can get better!! :P

11 | Vurtax says:

I agree with Iceking Christmas Town outdid the Silent Night because its a beautiful piece of forgeart. hmm, I guess I should team up for the last week screenshot.

12 | Jigsaw1287 says:

WOOOOP I just found out that this screenshot that i also enterted into another comp advertised on bungie that i randomly entered...... I WON!! it got me 6months free on xboxlive woop woop woop!!! thought id share my sucess with u all!!!!!!!

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