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Happy Halodays Round 2 Winner | mrsmiley { December 17, 2008 }

Round 2 is over, and although we got about half as many entries as I would have liked, the ones we received were all awesome! Seriously. It was vary hard to pick the top 3. In fact, because it was so difficult, there was a tie for 2nd runner up! Of course, only 1st place wins the prize, but at least now there's an extra screenshot to check out in this post! At the end of the day, Arashi came through with a very LOL worthy entry, and wins 1600MS Points! Rounds 3 & 4 are open for entries. Get your pic submitted soon lest someone post an entry with your idea first!

Round 2: Traffic Cone

Winner: Arashi

"Bet you can't traffic."


"This one took me a few seconds to get, but when I did, and had quite a hardy laugh! Very creative use of objects other than cones as well!"
- mrsmiley

"Even though I immediately picked up the scene this was based on, its appeal to me is still based around the absurdity of it."
- lord of the doubt

"A good spin on the Halo 2 E3 Trailer."
- kap2310

1st Runner Up: RGC Omak2008

"Traffic cone X-ing." [rate/comment/view]

"This has a nice Far Side thing going; I can easily see Larson doing a panel just like this one."

"Instant LOL for me. Great placement trick to get the "momma" cone to look larger."
- mrsmiley

2nd Runner Up: Mags89 SBG

"The Cone Wars" [rate/comment/view]

"A very good idea."
- kap2310

"LOL Starwars reference."
- some nerd

2nd Runner Up: ShmaeGirl

"Hey Kids! Can You find all 6 traffic cones?!"


"This is original. On topic, and yet not just another Cone War."
- Polarbear

"Probably the most creative of the bunch. I can see this spawning a series of "find this object" screenshots!">
- mrsmiley

There are two rounds left! Read the rules and submit your entry here!

6 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | iceking003 says:

OMG Arashi nice!
Lol, in case you guys didn't know, I was there.

2 | bs angel says:

I love the winning screenshot. Just a hilariously awesome spoof!

3 | Gilver says:

Hey! I CAN believe this? someone lied!

4 | ShmaeGirl says:

haha see gilver...we were all right =]

5 | Yarkaz says:

It's nagging at me... But I can't quite remember what exactly Arashi's screenshot is spoofing...

6 | mrsmiley says:

Halo 2 E3 Trailer. "Betcha can't stick it."

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