A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Seiran Thunder says:

It might just be me, but I don't see what's so funny about this one.

2 | Halofanman says:

HA HA HA it thought it was really good!!! The roast turkey was another good one!!

3 | HALO says:

It sorta stupid but ill give it cretic 1 one you know

4 | Steven says:

Why grunts gone wild?...

5 | Dan says:

For those who don't understand this one, in multiplayer games (i.e. Halo, Unreal Tournament, Quake), it is very insulting to the "just-killed" party when they see their corpse being squatted, crouched, or humped on by their killers. What I don't get is the last scene with Sarge above.

6 | Gruntsbane says:

Although I'm hesitant to explain the comics in the comments section I think this one kind of needs it.

"My ears are burning" is a saying for when your ears turn red when people are talking about you behind your back.

7 | Anthony says:

uhh its gay...

8 | some one you shouldnt talk to says:

i still dont get it.

9 | someone you shouldnt talk to says:

i still dont get it.

10 | hello says:

its a grunt porn movie

11 | Yayap and Zuka says:

Yayap: what a way to ruin the grunt name!!! OOO the real grunty thirst!!

12 | Masta TJ says:

Just plain wrong.

13 | Hipboy says:

I like it...so HA

14 | steven says:

Naked Grunts...Yay!
What's next cortana gone wild?

15 | Major Payne says:


16 | HaloChicka116 says:

eww. grunts gone wild, thats just sick and wrong. sheild ur eyes

17 | Xerro says:

I've decided to ignore the grunts gone wild part, but otherwise i've learnt something new, i had always wondered why people squatted over my corpse in Halo on PC, i just figured they were being gay.

18 | The Black Guy says:

Cortana already went wild and she does it all the time.

19 | Master Chief Petty Officer says:

This makes no sense.

20 | Nathan says:

I HATE it when people do that

21 | A Different Nathan says:

It's funny.
MC is being 'low brow' and Sarg is watching someting 'low brow' to show he's the bad infuence. What's not to get? Light'n up - It's a comic.

22 | parental block says:

**This content may not be suitable for old people.fewer discression is advised.** Hey look I found atlantis

23 | dissapointed halo guy says:

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.**mouth open**what kind of a sick website r u runnin

24 | ATOMIC COW says:

i get it lol.

"have you been hanging out with sarge again?" meanwhile sarge is watching grunts hump each other

25 | eliteghost01 says:

I always knew Sgt.Johnson was a Perv! Grunts Gone Wild....*disturbed face*

26 | Dave says:

Cortana gone wild? hmmmm.....

27 | steven says:

What about Chief or Keyes umm elites or marines uhh gruntsbane gone wild.Hmmmm...?

28 | Halofanman117 says:

Yea it was funny but it was kinda sick. But then again wat do you expect from sarge?

29 | mizis chief says:

thanks to Dan for explaining it, lol. i never tot of humping a corpse before... hmm...

30 | Kano 'Takazanamee says:

Yayap, shut up. It's not like you stupid Grunts don't do it all the time anyways. *Mental note: don't go into the shower rooms 100 units away from the Grunt quarters*. Trust me, you will have nightmares. Unless you happen to be Sgt. Johnson apparantly.

31 | MJOLNIR117 says:

Oh no! Don't you guys get started on that "naked Cortana" thing again! It's bad enough that someone brought that up on the comic #33 message board.

32 | Bob-123 says:

Just doesn't make any sense.

33 | Zikor4 says:

It's okay, it didn't make me laugh either, but anyway it's good :)

34 | FUELRODGUN says:


35 | Needler says:

Thanks to Dan for explaining the multiplayer thing. I wouldn't have understood it otherwise. I didn't really get it that MC was crouching. I thought that he had just been killed and had respawned over his body or something. Oh well.

36 | Silent Bob says:

These are awesome :)

37 | Isna Noselee says:

Grunts gone wild, sweet!

38 | halo boi says:

why the hell are sarges ears burning?
and what did chief do?

39 | Torque says:

Looks like a mystery solved, sargents are homo-sexuals.

40 | Dirge says:


41 | JoEsMhOe says:

Great comic.. Keep them commin'

42 | Riddick says:

I always wondered if Sarge was a pervert (By the way, it would be cool to see a
movie where grunts hump each other).

43 | Cheezus Crust says:

I think the reason why Sarge's ears are red is because of the high pitched sounds grunts make. Now think of a grunt porn movie with extra-high shrieks. My ears would be red too.

44 | Vigoorian says:

What a gay website! Coming Soon: PlayGrunt: Season One DVD! PRE-ORDER NOW!!

45 | red elite says:

grunts gone wild???
corpes stuff what next!

46 | Nathan (not to be confused with Nathan) says:

Maybe watching grunt porn makes your hide really tough...SEEMS TO WORK FOR SARGE!

47 | Sam500 says:

I thought he was coming back to life like sarge does even when he dies on previous levels.

48 | Anthony says:

Only thing worse than getting humped on in multiplayer is grunt's gone wild...i thought this was halo babies, where's the non-nasty jokes?

49 | red elite says:

great comic.

50 | gruntie says:

that is wrong and sick

51 | SuperDragonYoshi says:


52 | energy sword samurai says:

Ya me and some other sanghielli were taking test runs in banshees on sector II of the third quarter of HALO 04 one day and we swooped down because we thought we saw some suspicious activity going on near the Silent Cartographer. We got down there just to find some gay unggoy attempting to reproduce. All witnesses of this event immediatly switched to HALO #01 where there are little unggoy.
Unggoy suck.

53 | L33tNinj4Squirr3l says:

W00t! *falls over laughing uncontrolably* T3h c0m1x iz kewl!!!
I Lurve! *laughs hystaricly some more*

54 | ScionKevlar says:


55 | ? says:


56 | Dark hunter 91 says:

I never played halo so im real not sure what going on but I love the way they look.

57 | Wiserd Cookey says:

Uhh, I think Grunts AND SGT.Johnsen deserve more respect then that.

58 | Normal Phobic says:

Sergants are not Gay! At least, I think not. Grunts gone wild... All u pervs out there who like that, get a life dudes.

59 | Shamed Commander says:

I must get a copy of that tape. Grunts keep their secrets very close, you know.

60 | Skalamunga says:

*clears throat*no comment

61 | Hawkeyefile says:

is it just me or cortana has the same hair rei has from neon genesis evangelion?

62 | carrot of the west says:

the sarge is perve! He's looking at a naked alien! scary...

63 | Grunt00x says:

I agree with Anthony its gay but Grunts are cool

64 | Grunt00x says:

I agree with Anthony its gay but Grunts are cool

65 | Grunty says:

Now this is one of the best comics of this whole site. precise and to the point, I applaud!
Oh, and who says all the grunt soldiers are male? -And corpsehumping is just a way to make fun of the guy you just fragged. Ain't nothing gay there.

66 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

OH, I GET IT... dont mock me...i thought it was that thing about how sarge always seems to come back from the dead, and that spartan just came back after being fragged.... lol... its FUNNY now! and i get the last panel! W00T

67 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

also, cortana looks CREEPY with those red eyes...

68 | Ruiner87 says:

Good point.

69 | kyle says:

grunts gone wild......wow i'd "really" want to watch this.

but how did master chief do that! ......... "REALLY"!!!

70 | stevo says:

i seriously dont get!

71 | Ruhiel says:

Cortana with the red eyes looks freaky. I've had that done to me before, I didn't know wheter to bust up laughing or stare in awe.

72 | Ruhiel says:

I'm a 44 year old man that lives in his mom's basement!!!! lol jk

73 | Carrot grl says:

Right..... ummmm....ok. Thats nice. lol

74 | CRAZYKALEB says:


75 | noname. my name is bob says:

err. those grunt are gay. all of the grunts i have met is boys.

76 | spartan 117 says:


77 | Zawaz says:

Oh come on, Me no in that film! Linglin maby, uh...

78 | swat says:


79 | Minigun Wormer says:

I didn't get this one but i'm lucky my dad told me what "my ears are burning" meant and thanks to some other person on this website who posted the meaning of "Grunts Gone Wild"

80 | Minigun Wormer says:

Just a reminder to people who play Halo 2: it only quite works with a Spartan model. With the Elite he just goes into a half tuck position. so if your opponent is an Elite you don't need to fear the humping session.

81 | Dark Ranger Sgt says:

lol, i love it. ggw. ooh that brings me back. Alex if ur reading this your a sick perv ;)

82 | StealthNewb says:

dude whats wrong with ggw

83 | ? says:


84 | Wacky Camper says:

Grunts are already mostly naked, so why would it be called Grunts Gone Wild if they are already mostly uncovered?

85 | David says:

shield your eyes!

86 | Grunty commando says:

you make fun of our race? you mean =(

87 | Grunty commando says:

now people make fun of us more!

88 | Wacky Camper says:

My eyes are burning....

89 | 008 says:

Quick, cover the babies eyes!!!

90 | mc,s real name is john says:

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! thats funny man grunts gone wild lmao

91 | mc's real name is john says:

i mean mc's soz i did a typo lol

92 | Unknown and plan to be unknown says:

I found it pretty creative but i dont get why sarge would use a grunt porn video.

93 | halo god says:

i think it was an ok comic not perfect though.....and when mc was doing that to the corpse i dont know about u but i know thats called t-bagging

94 | halo god says:

u dont get it he was watching it because well he tought mc t-bagging look at earlier post and sarge learned it from that weird porn site

95 | hunter says:

i changed my name its me above halo god lol but ears are burning that means someones talking about him like say someones talking about u and u no u could say my ears are burning its a saying like when your nose itches someones talking about u just like ears are burning

96 | Masterchief evil says:

i get it cause in halo 1 sarge keeps coming back even if he dies 100 times

97 | bungie says:

Uhhhhhhhhh? does sarge really like grunts gone wild?

98 | Slade8 says:

Not bad! But is it "kid-friendly" like the it says in the rules?