A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Seiran Thunder says:

An original parody, to say the least.

2 | SPACE COW says:

I wanna butt sock....

3 | vila azn(asian) resistance legion air! says:

if i wore that i would be a butt superman that has magical powers that come from the butt and i noe 2 already they are................

4 | No one important says:

Shouldnt there be a standard issue color?

5 | some one you sholdnt talk to says:

whats a buttsock? some kind of diaper?

6 | a really smart kid says:

a butt sock goes over the butt of your gun

7 | Masta TJ says:

What's a buttsock anyway??

8 | Zorkan says:


9 | Xerro says:

I have no idea what the hell a buttsock is, simply telling us that it's something that goes over your gun don't help, why does it go over your gun?

10 | Grunts-R-Us says:

a butt sock goes on your gun so that dirt and crap doesn't get in the barrel and jam it

11 | the guy with a buttsock on says:

soilder:i think this reveals my feminin side dont you.*blush*Other soilder:i hope my mother does not see this comic.

12 | Jason P says:


13 | MJOLNIR117 says:

A Buttsock??? What will the UNSC think of next *a message on the POA comes up* "Attention Marines, The UNSC has issued us new equipment. Examples of the new equipment are: a new Warthog key, a self-detonation device on all armor and vehicles, flammable armor polish, and last but not least, probably the most least important thing, Plasma shields for spacecraft. Thank you."


14 | v2 says:

Just to explain this joke for those who don't get it (Originally sent to the Bungie.Net Webmaster, January 2003):

This is not really a comment about the website. I was just wondering why, in Halo, the shotgun a pathetic pump action instead of auto loading. I mean, the master chief is a marine, right? Well, as a marine, let me tell you that today's marine corps has adopted a semi automatic shotgun made by Benelli--a semi automatic, gas operated 12 gauge shotgun with a collapsable buttsock and pistol grip. I own a benelli myself. For all of Halo's high tech futurism, that shotgun was ridiculous.

Matt L.


It's hard for me to take your charges seriously when you brag about using a weapon with a collapsable buttsock. What the hell is a buttsock, and what sort of man needs one in combat? Sounds like some sort of hideous combination of a wind sock and a diaper. In my mind's eye I see a platoon of Marines in full battle regalia, gamboling across the fields with brightly-colored buttsocks flapping cheerfully in the breeze. But we're the ridiculous ones. Right. Sounds like someone's buttsock is fully extended.

15 | mizis chief says:


16 | Kano 'Takazanamee says:

I've got an answer to the above question(s), It's a pump action shotgun because if it were automatic or semi-automatic, the recoil would knock even a behemoth like Chief off of his feet. It's an 8 gauge shotgun, if you noticed. Those things, while primitive, are powerful as hell. I carry one myself. Click, click, boom and hopefully it's not pointed at you because it can blast through even MY shields. You humans need to update your keyboards. They suck. And what the hell is this Windows key? It's completely useless!

17 | ur a dumbass says:

its a joke on a collapsable butt STOCK, fer god sake im amazed u didnt know that.

18 | Vincent says:

What the hell is a buttsock anyways?

19 | Charlie says:


20 | TG says:

i want a butt-sock too!!

21 | Isna Noselee says:

Heheh, human technology can really be funny y'know.

22 | halo boi says:

the hell is buttsock?
is it like flag football?
fill me in.

23 | Grunty says:

Marines funny,they are stupider than wes

24 | Torque says:

Torque: Come to the Torque Store at Redmond to buy your very own high-quality UNSC-grade buttsock for only $3.50 a pair! Coming soon will be customary design for your buttsock of choice!
Availble Colors:
Granny Smith

Coming Soon:

Warning: Buttsocks are dryclean only
Note: Buttsock's only purpose is
for snagging on twigs

25 | Riddick says:

O__o I wanna buttsock as well.

26 | Curious Grunt says:

I want a buttsock just as much as the next guy.
Next Guy: I want a buttsock so badly, I'll stick a plasma grenade on myself!

27 | Me&My Shotgun Bob says:

I don't use buttsocks because Bob is allergic to the material and trust me, you do not want to see a shotgun when it's allergies flare up.

28 | Fashizzle ma Nizzle says:

What is a Buttsock?

29 | SpongeBob says:

I'm crazy.your crazy.eeerrrrr...... okay your not crazy

30 | L33tNinj4Squirr3l says:

Will t3h Buttsock f1t 0v3r m1 tail? How big r they? I want! PL333Z! I'll pay in nuts?

{I bring a warning from beyond...F34r T3h Squ1rr3ls!}

31 | cocktheassmite says:

Butt socks arent all that great I think but I want one any ways.

32 | Shamed Commander says:

Ha Ha Ha, you humans and your clothing! But please, humor me, what is this buttsock?

33 | Skalamunga says:

I wonder if the planet's population would morph like the halo marines if John the zig zag kerry was president,the man's about as strait as a garden hose

34 | Arbiters malice says:

to answer the question about the "COLLAPSIBLe BUT STOCK", it is so simply, lets look at the basic rifle. the but stock is the rear of the rifle, (the end that goes into ur sholder), sometimes this is collapsible( meaning it can be adjsuted to suit your shoulder and arm length), but the comic is as funny as all hell

35 | squad marksman says:

yeah i would have to agree with malice on that one. but the buttsock is to keep the butt n balls from chaffin. we use it here in iraq, it works great. havent chaffed since i left kuwait. we only get 2 choice of colors though woodlin green n tan.

36 | fangirl says:

i don't get it?

37 | Dark Ranger Sgt says:

*woosh* right over my head.
good visual though lol
made me laugh even though i didnt get it ^^

38 | mc's real name is john says:

peoples buttsocks dont go on your weapon they go on your butt

(shaking head) when will u learn

39 | Masterchief evil says:

i don't get it, if you make a comic make it GOOD!

40 | bungie says:

I dont belive it thats to awsome!

41 | flargghh says:


42 | Slade8 says:

Lol! What are they meant to do though? Get caught on branches when you fall off a cliff?

43 | Some Guy Off The Street says:

Yeah, I use a buttsock all the time, very comfortable.