A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | grunt leader says:

lol, really funny *applause*

2 | HaloChicka says:

lol, reminds me of this one guy i was playin halo with...

3 | Suka 'Ramamee says:

And that is one of the many reasons that all covenant vehicles are antigrav instead of treaded or somesuch. But it still doesn't seem to help against a good rocket jockey or sniper.

4 | Zorkan says:

Dude, so true. So funny. I hate driving warthogs and scorpions across the ice...although scorpions don't really skid. But it still sucks. I like to fly the banshees around. And they have a fuel rod gun! Yay I can use one! *huggles side of banshee*



6 | sandwich grunt says:

radio announcment: "..... so come on down to Sandwich Grunt chian installers!! we'll put chains on you wortyhogg's tires and be your ...Cannon...fodder...also if you need to sue someone for blowing up a wortyhogg then come to our crack team of laywers!!!

7 | Xerro says:

I'd probably drive over you sandwich grunt rather than ask you to be my lawyer, although i would need to hire a lawyer after the mess you'll leave on my tires.

8 | Ethan says:

How many times has this happened to you?

9 | Helljumper1 says:

uuummmmmhhh?? I would have to take off my shoes to count the times ive been blown up in a warthog!

10 | eliteghost01 says:

This reminds me of RvB. Except the blues have a tank and blow up the red's warthog! LOL! RvB is so funny! If none of you have heard about Red vs. Blue then go to www.RedvsBlue.com.

11 | Sniperpro says:

I hate it when that happens. Specialy when I have the flag...

12 | Mr Elite says:

WORT WORT WORT!!! the red infidel will be honoured as our new god!

13 | Major Elite says:

all hail the red infidel!!

14 | TG says:

When Spartans go bad...

15 | Isna Noselee says:

Maybe you can do this sorta thing with HaloMods.

16 | halo boi says:

okay ladies, I want a good unclean fight

17 | Spartan_117/John says:

unclean...*bwuhahaha* that's what i specialize in on Halo };-)

just ask the Grunts in Assualt on the Control Room...IF you find a live one

18 | Torque says:

Ooh, I want some chains on my warthog too!

19 | Death Vomit says:

my friend tyreal was drivin around in a tank when Pants blew him up with a Rocket
Tyreal:Rockets are for wimps god be men and use real weapons like tanks.

20 | gecko says:

why the hell was he standin still
id run for my life!

21 | Riddick says:

I always avoid the ice cuase it's always just a death trap for the rocket guy.

22 | Elit-Boi says:

yah, if im in the GUNNER seat i will always tell my driver to stay away from the ice because exactly that reason, the rocket guy will blow me to bits!

23 | The_Man says:

A typical scene on a typical multiplayer game.

24 | Halo fan...natic says:

I do that to my step brother whenever I play him. he get in ahog and i'll grab a rocket, and while he's driving around looking for me, I'll blow him up! Aw man! It's so funny! he'll be like: You looked at my screen! and I'll say: no, i heard the noise it make s when you get in! aw man! it's so funny! Ahahahahahahahahahaahahahah...ha ha...

Um, yeah.... nevermind.

25 | MC 117 says:

How many halo baaks r there anyway. and wat r they called?

26 | hell not says:

hey there fakey f**k

27 | BlackElite says:

funny! its really hard to drive on ice use a ghost or something :S

28 | David says:


29 | Masterchief evil says:


30 | Half-Jaw and Zawaz says:

Zawaz: Just try to chain a Wraith"s hover thingys! I got stuck about 234 times!
Half Jaw: 233 of those times you didn't know where they were. you kept getting stuck in the cannon and boy, the only way to get you out was to... um... you know.


Half Jaw: That really had to hurt. MEDICS GET OVER HERE!

31 | Kor 'lonsomee says:

that guy is who put the chins on is about as stupid as the rookies on RvB .
(Am I the only elite whos sane around here? *some one stiks kor into the wraths cannon* Kor: huh? hay waita minite dont shoot!!! Booooom AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.)

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34 | dougss says:

ha ha ha so true

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