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1 | Xerro says:

Lol i wondered about that too, makes sense, i just wonder where the music would be played from?

2 | kinggun says:

thats about right dancing hunters whats next two grunts playing tennis with a plasma grenade

3 | The Loot says:

Can't ya just feel the love?

4 | saalkin says:

what if bolth hunters are male?

5 | Khoron says:

*what if bolth hunters are male?*


6 | Anubis214 says:

Ge looks like me and my girlfriend when we play co-op.

7 | Sandwich grunt says:

it is a little known fact that Hunters are GENDERLESS!! i know it sounds wrong, but it's true!!!

8 | Murph MacManus says:

Thanks for the comments guys. The punchline here was created by fellow HB user Fernando Torres. I just thought I should give him credit.

9 | Yoozel says:

I really don't see how it can be so good! I just love this comic and I believe it should get it's own book! I love these comics that are contiunlly funny and always put a smile on my face. Keep up the good work Mr.s and Gruntsbane!]

"Hey" "HEY!" "are you ready, to dance!?" -the Ramones live in NYC.

10 | Mr. Elite says:

LOL!!!!!!!!If them Hunters find out that they r being watched..............yah....

11 | Prophets Wraith says:

We all knew that this would happen...lol!!


The weird thing is that 2 Hunters
are bond brothers and they stay in 2 pairs. Never ever being apart.-courtisy of the "HALO BOOKS"

13 | Evil Evo says:

That's funny! LOL!! Gee, I wander what they will do if they find out they were seen dancing. Talk about being embarrassed.

14 | ansomble28 says:

I'm going to have to say... they lost a bet against an elite... yeah.

15 | Kanman-075 (Halo PC's most feared MP sniper) says:

I believe that hunters are homos now, all because 'Canihavehisgun?' reminded me of Halo: The Flood, and how it taught us that Hunters were 'bond brothers'. Now i will make sure i kill the hunters really fast before they do somethin weird!

16 | Spartan088 says:

so THATS what they were doing behind that wall in Silent Cartographer before they appear...they TANGO!...lol j/k. in the second Halo book (The Flood) when it gets to this part, an elite sets up an Ambush for the MC. i wont say n e more because its rreally interesting and In Depth. it even says wut those puple things are!

17 | masterchef says:

Classic, these comics keep getting beter and better.

18 | King says:

Now that is some messed up covenant. this would be the perfect opportunity to just rifle-butt one of them in the back of the head.....easy kill =)

19 | Covie says:

Leave the poor buggers alone. All they want is some time alone. Jeez some people are so insensitive

20 | Two danceing hunters says:

Hunter #1:we have been spoted
MC:What the....you where danceing
Hunter #2 hits hunter #1 on the head and kills him
Hunter #2:with who there is no one else here

21 | matt says:

very good i always did wonder y they traveled in pairs i think i found the solution!

22 | Tramatuzed Grunt says:

u think thats bad?
in halo 2 they have too much time on their hands and go a little too far...

23 | Xerro says:

What happens if you get an entire battalion of those hunters together? Perhaps they all dance to the maccaranae. (damn it i can't spell that, the dance name sounds like maccaroni.)

24 | hunterkilla says:

Going back to what sandwich grunt said, if hunters are 'GENDERLESS' how do they reproduce? Good kick @$$ comic

25 | spartan 118 says:

they split in half, like ameobas lol, and hey, saalkin, like an ass man.

26 | Armyofone says:

I always new those hunters had a soft spot in those huge casings of armor.

27 | {GT}LIZARD says:

That is just wrong. I dont think hunters even have genders, if they do... lets just say, thank god they have there armor on and that you guys dident put them in a bed.

28 | someone you probably seen in a porn movie says:

u know now yall just making hunters look gay... everyone knows that they do mitosis (you know the ameoba thing)

29 | [RI]Drdeath says:

hahahahaha thats funny man 2 hunters dancing lol man they have problems wait maybe the first hunter is teaching the other hunter to dance maybe? na probly there just both gay lol well now i have a reason to hate covies even more.

30 | lGCl Anubis says:

cant we get along like the hunters... um scratch that

31 | Claw says:

Get a sense of humor.

32 | BloodBlade says:

Well, I like it. Only someof the comments make no sense, how do you know they are genderless. It never says, anywhere, for any of the covenant.

33 | sniper01 says:

my name is my halo pc name oh that was funny but what were the hunters doing?

34 | -1st-chief1 says:

sniper01 the hunters were doing the tango dumbass! yes zack, its me.

35 | grunty says:

grunt:hey guys
hunter#1....oh oh
grunt: OH MY GOD!......I'll be back
hunter#2: run
grunt: guys...guys

36 | Jon Foster says:

Maybe when they reproduce they take off their armor and touch each others orange spot... I'm so dirty ;)

37 | Spartan088 says:

...geez...you dont know wut the tango is? its a DANCE...

38 | shorty says:

you know what? the covenant is made up of several different races, the grunts,from a planet full of methane, the jackals, the elites, the hunters, the brutes, the engineers, and the prophets, soo maybe they only took the male of each planet

39 | Spartan116 says:

aren't you a smart one shorty. Does the covenant have something against females... All their soldiers are dudes. MayB if some of them survived after fighting me they would think differently

40 | Randy says:

eww they are like eww. im not against gays but they are aliens how do the reproduce? lol

41 | rallyman says:

i dont get it when the hunters are dancing they look like there in a covie room or somthin but the marines are hiding behind a rock whats up?

42 | Nathan says:

HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
**Falls off chair**owwww!

43 | (hso)117 says:

wow i never knew hunters could be gay!!! they must be real mofos

44 | The Knight in Green Cybernetic Armor says:

They most have desguised themselves as fat tourists and slipped through Earths defences and visited Spain!

45 | Corporal Rogue Elite says:


46 | Elite117 says:

Thats just not right but its still funny

47 | Necromasterx says:

If you think thats nasty, just wait for hunters gone wild! And the sequel, infected hunters gone wild!

48 | duffman says:

hey they are just really bored and one thin led to another....

49 | Dave says:

LoL. What next? Limboing Elites? Flood doing the macarina? Grunts raping?

50 | Dave says:

Just don't tease them.....

51 | Grunty boy says:

woah, you never want to sneak up on them when their tangoing(if your a grunt)

52 | halofan says:

That aint rite

53 | GruntsarebetterthanProfets says:

If you use a hunter hack you can see that the Hunters are Ghetto....

54 | Gold_Elite says:

Eh, for all we know, it could be some kind of greeting for Hunters.

55 | Sniperpro says:

Duh Duh da da DUh duh da da da da da da. du duh da duh da da lalalalala. *music*

56 | Spartan2_Soldier says:

Well where did u guys expect the hunters 2 come from... Well... its still not right for them to do it out in the public eye.

57 | Spartan2_Soldier says:

If hunters are genderless that must meen they do it for pleasure...well then how do they reproduce... where do they come from?

58 | Spartan2_Soldier says:

now I've got myself confused again

59 | Mr Covie says:

LOL! So THATS why my Hunters always go alone!

60 | grunt-with-fuel rod. says:

so..... THATS why they travel in pairs...... but if they are dancing, are there grunts playing music? what do covies do in their free time..... now THAT would be an interesting comic.

61 | Kano 'Takazanamee says:

We have nothing aginst females. Some of the purple elites are girls, and the rarely seen white ones are female Medics (not the grey stealth one you stupid humans)
Hunters use mitosis to reproduce. They don't have any bones so it's easy for them. They just kinda divide into two when they don't have their armor on. About the dancing bit, it's a known fact (known to us) that Hunters are very fond of music and will dance with anything that comes near them, no matter what music is playing.(Watch out Master Chief) They have an odd preference for Flip music. I like techno-ish music myself.

62 | Fredd says:

LoL!! Two hunters dancing?! Damn! i gotta stop smoking that crap!

63 | brusstoc says:

OMG, some of these replies are weird. Dancing Hunters is just plain funny. Doesn't have to be a gay joke. Just laugh. And who is to say that all of the covenant are male? The females could be at home, or perhaps we just can't tell the difference.

64 | Masked Maruader says:

i always thought they were humping each other!

65 | Sniper01 says:

hso 117 r u enemies to the clan cuz my friend reed ballot his brother joind hso (head shots only) i joined and i dont know wat it means the symbol

66 | Ace says:

What happens when one of thier FRGs {fuel rod guns} goes off? ouch

67 | Suka 'Ramamee says:

And that's not the only thing they do... a pair i once knew spent more time having tea together than shooting humans.

68 | Dr. evil says:

I Think that was the best FRICKIN comic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. My name is rilly mike and i will distroy u all.

69 | Matt says:

I think it is probably true cause they are always in pairs in the game!

70 | FUELRODGUN says:


71 | Mr. Grunt says:

You better shut up Dr. Evil. Go back to your Austin Powers trailer
cuase It's me who will kill everybody & rule the world or my
name isn't MR. GRUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!

72 | Halo_Marine_101 says:

that was funny there are females in the Covenant army its just that there slimer and more define for the elites jackles no clue grunts don't want to know and hunters they do that mitosis thing we capture a few found out they are female and release them but we toke the weapons

73 | Isna Noselee says:

Well, we finally get a comic with romance (Can't believe their genderless).

74 | Isna Noselee says:

Well, we finally get a comic with romance (Can't believe their genderless).

75 | Isna Noselee says:

Well, we finally get a comic with romance (Can't believe their genderless).

76 | Spartan__117/John says:

if Hunters are genderless then why (since they always travel in pairs) are they called bond brothers in the books? lol, provoking some perverted thoughts, ain't i?

77 | Dirge says:

those guys kinda look like Hobbits =P

78 | Gruntsbane says:

lol! They do!

79 | halo boi says:

hunters tango?
i thought they only knew the 'bloody shoot and charge'

80 | DJ Blizzard says:

Xerro said:
"Lol i wondered about that too, makes sense, i just wonder where the music would be played from?"

They Probably have a built-in CD player or something like that lol

81 | da elite dude says:

dont mock the covie army we are cooler than you puny humans and i think they dance cause they are bored and maybe they are tangoing because they know the marines are there and are trying to cunfuzzle them

82 | me da grunt says:

dont mock the covie army we are cooler than you puny humans and i think they dance cause they are bored and maybe they are tangoing because they know the marines are there and are trying to cunfuzzle them

83 | Nathan says:

What if the camo elites were there having a dance contest?

84 | Falcon says:

Ah, how romantic... :)

85 | koreanboy86 says:

this comic reminds me of a part in bad boys 2 where ther in a video shop and a camera was on when the cops are talkin.it sounded gay but y'know....

86 | stfu dumasses says:

hunters are not genderless there is no fighting females in the game cause the covies are like we were in ww2 and think the men should do the fighting and its a comic there dosent haft to be logic behind it

87 | stfu dumasses says:

well......not much logic anyway they travel in pairs cause they clan brothers like some1 said

88 | Hunter Puncher says:

Ok....wait! does the one in back have his fuel rod gun off his arm?

89 | death to ailens says:

funniest one i've read yet!!

90 | red elite says:

very funny make fun of us

91 | Ezoroth Akeether says:

Yeah, I've seen them "dance" before. If you look carefully at the scene, you'll see that it is actually set in the level "Silent Cartographer", the level where, if you're careful, can catch them.

92 | Kagemaru says:

They're making fun of hunters!!!
Hunters dont reproduce. They are created out of a bunch of little creatures melting together and manning armor.
They are genderless.
They travel in pairs because its called a destiny bond.

93 | Nameless Grunt says:

Awwww, i wonder if they kiss?

94 | Mr.Grunt says:

Hunters Sure make a great couple. Hunters actually HAVE genders, though. In the Halo2 Strategy Guide, when Hunters are ready for battle, it is also the time they mate. I know it sounds a bit mushy, but it is true. One is Male, the other is Female. This is EXACTLY why Hunters come in pairs...

95 | plasma grenade tennis says:

I have the HALO 2 strategy guide and where does it say that?

96 | SuperDragonYoshi says:

Hunters sure make great couples. Hunters actually HAVE genders, though. On page 45 in the Halo2 Strategy Guide, Hunters mate early & form strong partnerships. I know it sounds mushy, but it true. One is Male, the other is Female. This is EXACTLY why Hunters come in pairs...

97 | nutty professor says:


98 | The Gruntanator says:

God...as the great Mr.Tee said " I pittyy the foo who catches you" ...* said to the hunters wile he cried from al lthe love*

:x:x:x{=:: The Gruntanator :::>

99 | ayla nectaris says:

Too bad they are genderless, they are SEXY!

100 | The worter says:

well if you read the books it says that they run in pairs because they are blood brothers

but this comic is nothing like the book, this is much funnier

101 | Spartan_112 says:

Blood brothers!? i thouhgt one of them is female lol

102 | Doubl3 H3lix says:

I personally know that there are male and female hunters. They are in pairs because they mate for life. And all of u losers who refer to the book, bungie didn't write the book, some person who doesn't know Halo as well as the creators wrote the stupid book!!!!!

103 | bubbleboy says:

lol, wow the hunters r gettin it on, wonder wat happens when its an elite and a hunter

104 | Cristy says:

haha funny!!... i never taught they liked dancing.. lalalalaa *dances in the room*

105 | a Grunt comes by and says:

WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I never Knew that.

106 | Dale says:

hi i thought i'd just tell you that you can kill hunters by hitting them in the head once, but you may have to use the plasma rifel or the assultrifel in order to do it, oh & this is my first time on this web site telling you guy's this.

107 | Harris says:

Hunters are multiple worm like organisms that form a single colony like being, then mate with another colony.

108 | bubbleboy says:

u know u can just shoot them with a pistol at piont blank or with the scope to the orange worms at the back of the head where the armor splitts. This site rules for these comics!

109 | Predator110 says:

hahaha i didnt think they liked dancing either..i always thought they were big huge strong dudes...i never thought they were so...so sensitive. i tried dancing with a hunter once...it didnt go too well cuz the hunters mate didnt like me dancing with him...he slaped me in the back of the head and next thing i kno...im at my last saved checkpoint!

110 | Espilon says:

There are female Covenant?!?

111 | Rob K. says:

Ever notice how the elites were nothing down there? just gotta hope they dont get 'excited' while in combat.

112 | neon says:

I know a lot about hunters. They are actually bond brothers, when they travel in pairs, and get outraged when you kill one of the two bond brothers. A little known fact is that in the covenant language, Hunters are called "Lekgolo".

113 | Livedietragedy says:

I didn't take time to read the whole forum because it is long and I don't have the time. If you could clear this up it would be great, are there female Elites, if so, how can you tell them apart from the males, do you ever see them in Halo or Halo 2?

114 | Inda 'Nolamee (Arbi Gal) says:

This is so adorable! I love my Lekgolo "honorary" brothers. Maybe I could dance with them sometime...I've done it before. I think it's time for Inda to get her groove on! ^_^

115 | master cheif says:

sandwich grunt there not genderless stupid

116 | Rhfixer says:

errr... tango is form argentina... not france

117 | Masterchief evil says:

haha! they want to tango! llol

118 | sputinik says:

hey mr smiley and gruntsbane. im justin reviewing some older strips it's, dec 10th 2005. halo 2 has been out for a year. and im awaiting halo 3. id just like to say that you forgot about the shield on thier arms

119 | grb says:

Dum Asses

120 | Trippy says:

You're idiots. They follow cause they mate early!

121 | halofreak205 says:

Seriously, this sucks, it give hunters a bad name >:(

122 | myfoodproduct says:

halofreak you noob, calm down lol its a JOKE

123 | Lone Spartan says:

Someone made a short fanfic about this comic somewhere on the web. The author changed it so the hunters waltzed and the marines got killed though.

124 | bungie says:

man i shoud of brouht my camera.

125 | Neckronicus says:

It is theorized that Hunters reproduce Asexually, and for good reason, since they're an amalgamation of insectoid organisms.

So yes, dolt, they are genderless, being little more than giant, orange worms.

Also, the overall grammatical level in this comment area is killing my neurons.

Someone get these people a dictionary, stat!

126 | chuck the alien says:

that is disturbing i think thats why they looked shocked when they see you. BUSTED!!!!!!!!!

127 | Spartan 152 says:

Well, does this really happen in Halo? Wait, it really does. I saw them take there armour off. Ugly. I saw that and I also saw the Marines right whine the Hunters saw them, then they started fighting.

128 | jacob says:

red grunt-girls orange grunt-boys
seriasly i checked with the creaters in a email and elites are red-girls and blue-guys
black grunts could be ether 1s and same with white elite.oh and jackels by sheild blue-boys orange-girls brutes not sure but think weapon red plasma rifle is-girls and brute shots-boys hunters who knows all i know when there are 2 1s a girl and 1s a boy drones all boys acept queen at home planet prohets all boys acept prohet of mercy

129 | THE CHARLES 2 says:

dude if u hack the game they realy do that its hilarios

130 | Hell Jumper Marine says:

Jacob why do you say that at the end of each comic? and its not even true armor color indicates rank.
p.s good comic

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