A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Flash-Dance-Ass-Pants says:

Kudos to you El Nombre. Even though this comic doesnt move me like a stock car wit ha loser at the cruise control. It still filled up my spirit bucket with some good hearted smiles, congrats

2 | Eyas 'Sidudee says:

Good comic.

3 | Xerro says:

Cool you put some shading into Misterchief. I didn't find it partically funny though. Still i can't wait till next week.

4 | DARKNESS says:

wtf is holler?

5 | Wannabe Sgt. Johnson says:

"holler" is just another way of saying "yell" or "call out loudly", anyways good comic, nice art, whatever, yah.....(sorry for the atitude, it's 6:14 a.m. here in California) but i can't wait until the next one........

6 | no_117 says:

Yea nice comic!

7 | Kanman-075 says:

Great comic! Keep up the good work Gruntsbane!

8 | Vigoorian says:

Good comic, wonder what will happen next.

9 | Flawless says:

Dis aint one of da best onez i seen, i can see da joke but therz no sparkz in it...nice one anyway..EZ

10 | Grunty Thirst says:

Now why didn't Misterchief get any weapons? Is he a fist-fighter or something, or did I just have a little too much of the food-nipple this morning?


funny comic. Gotta run I missed some school to write this.

12 | Gruntish Elite says:

LOL Nice! Made me laugh because I just got done with 'Keyes' before I came to write this. I can't wait to see the next one.

13 | Spartan Chick says:

Great comic.
It wasn't HILLARIOUS, but it made me laugh.

14 | ThePinkElite says:

heh, i love where this is going.

15 | Fred-104 says:

LOL nice 1 guys this will get good >). watch it be a grunt with a good sound system. anyway good job everyone

16 | Guest #9999999 says:

I wonder how Cortana is holding up...

Well, this seems a bit odd. An incompetent Master Chief and an unarmed Mister Chief. It's those Legendary nightmares all over again!!!!!

17 | Xeroh says:

...WHoa were am I?

18 | Yayap and Zuka says:

Master Chief should've left bread crumbs... it always works... and as for the big bad monster... well too bad, too sad!

19 | Halo fan...natic says:

Nice one. this isn't the best i've seen but it's still kind of funny...i think.

and Xeroh... that's spam ya'know that?

20 | Halo53 says:

Cartographically... that's a good scrabble word

21 | Garinus says:

Heh... nice. I don't usually laugh easy.

I'd say this is leading to the Two Betrayals climax. Cortana's getting increasingly annoyed and she's been left on her own in the Control Room, which they must get to.


22 | Spartan Chick says:

Uhhh, Halo 53 this is to you- cartographically couldn't even be a scrabble word, you only get 7 letters to spell with. Nothing personel.
Great comic
Peace out

23 | the man to settle the carto argument says:

okay, carto is not a word, he's playing of cartographer, which is map, or map maker, as in the silent cartographer, the silent map maker, as in that control pannel is that cartographer, and it probably scans halo and makes a map down to the littlest details of what has changed, so there
and great comic, not super funny but still cool

24 | tora tora tora says:


25 | Vasheeth says:

Not as good as usual gruntsbane. Keep up the good work though...

And, no carto is not a word, though cart is. So you could use cartogriphically or whatever the word is as a scrabble word. You just wouldn't finish it your first turn.

26 | Grunt Elite Hybrid says:

cartograph is a word too. And it's cartographically, not cartogriphically vasheeth.

27 | red elite says:

yayap and zuka
are very funny

28 | Anthony says:

yes they are

29 | Gruntsbane says:

Uh...enough with trying to define cartographically please. It's an adverb, get over it ;D

30 | David says:

How much longer is it going to be before we can have some more likable cartoons with well drawn characters? I'm sick and tired of this Mister Cheif, he's annoying and ugly. I thot that the covenant had brainwashed the spartan they had captured, and MC would have a funny fight with him/her, I guess not. ;(

31 | Random Elite says:

I know what the big monster is!
A Brute on a Hunters shoulders!
Or a 20foot Grunt...maybe not.
Anyways,does any1 play scrabble???
PS.Since were in OZ,the snakes and mozies woke up early *ARRRGH!!!* Typical.

32 | yayap says:

yay! cheifs going to get caught by big bad monsty!

33 | FUELRODGUN says:


34 | Suka 'Ramamee says:

Captain's Quarters to security team Epsilon, he's headed down starbord promenade 69c. Intercept and destroy ASAP.

35 | Doubl3 H3lix says:

they have training 4 covenaant arcitecture? Doubl3 likey!!

36 | Masterchief evil says:

lol show off!

37 | arbiter5000 says:

ido not understand the comic

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