A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | ZOMBIE_LORD says:

i don't get it ;[

2 | Mhaddy says:

The new MC is sexy.

3 | Xerro says:

argh! I can't remember where i read that. I've read it before but i can't remember where. Oh well it's still funny. Andthe last panel looks awesome because of MC position. heh. i'm looking forward too next weeks strip.

4 | tagalong friend says:

wow, love the new look! good work gruntsbane.
P.S. i kinda get it

5 | Gruntsbane says:

That pose might look familiar...

6 | Darkcloclo says:

wow, hopefully, he didnt get the same look as Mister chief ! But i am asking my self if gruntsbane will soon inplant the new weapons from halo 2 ? Great work !

7 | Broli117 says:

thats umm very halo 2 i think?

8 | Mista_B says:


He's a Simulacrum!

Quick, shoot him to see if he bleeds green!

9 | Mista_B says:

Err, yellow. I mean, to see if he bleeds yellow.

*dang uneditable posts*

10 | bigcortana says:

COOOOOOL!!!!!! That chief is awsome, and that cortana's going to help me:)

11 | Cutman64 says:


12 | kennli says:

o shoot, that's hilarious. awesome work as always

13 | Yayap and Zuka says:

heh heh wannabe...

(man i wish i had nightmare armor!!)

14 | ThnkaDude says:

Oh I remember this you see it on the top blue part on your screen sometimes when you at B.Net

15 | walla walla says:

wow! i noticed the last panel... his suit is just like in halo 2! it awesome!

hey wanna see halo lego? go to:

16 | White_Inferno says:

Is'n this pose off a magazine called gameinformer or something? I know I've seen this before but I just cant quite seem to get it,

17 | Blaz says:

OXM people this pose came from OXM cover... erg >.<
btw first post hi peeps

18 | 12345 says:

What the heck is "Frog blast the vent core"?

19 | Miss Chief says:

i dont get the "frog blast the vent core" thing, but the pose is from halo 2 screenshots and saber-scorpion's halo lego ROCKS!!!

20 | Stuntmutt says:

Guess who's back,
Back again...

21 | Kanman-075 says:

Gruntsbane did a really good job on the baby MC's MJOLNIR VI. The last comic left me puzzled but now I am no longer confused. Keep up the great work Gruntsbane!

22 | Necromas says:

Froggies back,
Tell a friend.

Frogblast is some really popular player that figured out alot of stunts, I think...

23 | Necromas says:

Appaently he left the Halo community a long time ago. And he's back.

24 | pmzukan says:

hahah Marathon..lol

25 | Plasmanator says:

Frog blast the vent core is the phrase some insane replicated BOBs spoke as they ran at you with a bomb inside of their chest in Marathon.
Since they were clones and partly malformed, so are their brains. So much for God bless the marine core.

26 | Church @ School says:

Frog blast the vent core! Very nice, guys! New MC with exceedingly faamiliar pose is cool!

27 | Draffurd says:

Haha. I thought it was something from starfox :P

Hence Frog .. never knew his name and Ventcores.

28 | Spartan Chick says:

Frog blast the ventcore is a bungie thing.

Wow, the new Master Chief is hot...I gotta date him...no wait, did I type that out loud? Sorry...

For some strange reason Cortana looks older to me. Maybe it's a Halo 2 thing?
Awesome strip Gruntsbane. This week's comic ripped the world a new one.

29 | Xeroh says:

...Wha... oh!

Good one.

I think.

30 | The Frenchman says:

I love the Marathon refrence. :)

31 | David says:

Well, I don't get the secret joke, but it's better than dealing with that pain in the butt, Mister Cheif.

BTW I'm sick of inside jokes, can the writer(s) act their age, and give us something everyone can enjoy. You know, newspaper cartoonists don't make inside joke cartoons just for fun. They are proffessional.

32 | Vigoorian says:


33 | gruntsbane says:

David says:
Well, I don't get the secret joke, but it's better than dealing with that pain in the butt, Mister Cheif.

BTW I'm sick of inside jokes, can the writer(s) act their age, and give us something everyone can enjoy. You know, newspaper cartoonists don't make inside joke cartoons just for fun. They are proffessional.

Ouch. Maybe you don't realize that all the inside jokes refer to Bungie lore so if you don't get them you simply don't know enough about Bungie.

And don't give me crap about being professional, professionals GET PAID. This IS just for fun.

34 | Random Grunt says:

Great,no we've got exploding suicidal frogs to deal with.
And you'd think the Flood was bad enough...RUN-A-WAY!

35 | canadian_sniper_god says:

Wow. Baby mc looks awesome. Nice job.

36 | haloistight says:

now wheres the logo on his arm.

37 | Elite3000 says:

Man now that is funny!

38 | Arteen says:

Hehe, nice comic. I like the Marathon reference, and I especially like how coincidental it is with a certain trickster returning (I love tricks). Great artwork, also!

39 | Wannabe Sgt. Johnson says:

Hell. Freaken. Yah. ....'nuff sed

I AM happy with this strip

40 | Wannabe Sgt. Johnson says:

I'm so gonna preorder Halo2 Special Edition becuase of this.....even tho i dont have an X-Box.........STOP POINTING AND LAFFING AT MEE!!!!

41 | d3ad connection says:

wow.... just wow.... lol VERY NICE WORK Gruntsbane! I like the new halo 2 armor.

42 | Tycho's Revenge says:

All you people that don't get it bug me. But what's worse is the people who pretend to get it, or think they get it, but don't. You people that get it: you rock.

Excellent strip.

43 | Slimby says:

Dude, its funny, cool, insiderjokey and funny. Did I mention funny?


44 | 343winks says:

*FOCL**ROFLMPO**LOL**Tears from laughter*

That was funny, I liked it. Your animation Sk3llz have also gotten a lot better since the first comic. I love these, keep up the good work.

I am going to say this from now on.

What will the next comic bring? Nobody knows.

45 | no_117 says:

finally chief puts the Mark 6 nightmare on

46 | no_117 says:

wait a second, isnt that the same pose for the chief on the halo 2 cover?

47 | That Random Guy says:

come to think of it it does look like the pose from halo accept for the fact that hes holding 2 pistols and on the cover its 2 smgs. and i didnt get it.

48 | matt41000 says:

Frogblast the vent core is from Bungie's Marathon game. Frogblast, the best halo trixter on the planet, got his name from here and the little experiment he did on the vent cores in the Maw on halo. Go look at HBO's tricks section to find our

49 | matt41000 says:

Go to yuan.ecom.cmu.edu/utfoo/ to see his website, right now on the hbo forum he is going by .fhorgexpl.d. presumably only until Louis emails him his old Frogblast password. woot

50 | Grunt Guru says:

LOL.Baby MC look is so tight now.
Wonder what he'll chose for his emblem?Cool strip Gruntsbane.

FrogBlast the VentCore!I can't stop saying it!

51 | SPARTAN-117 says:

the new baby Master Chief looks awsome

52 | no_117 says:

he shoulda said "shut up and touch the monkey!"

53 | rabid08 says:

Ha!Ha! Reminds me of One One Se7en.

54 | John-117 says:

yo.I get it tha pose is from the halo2 promo and that's halo2 armour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(shows off halo2 nightmarearmor)

55 | Gruntish Elite says:

LOL Spartan Chick...I totally agree with ya. BTW he look really hott in the new Halo 2 figures too! Anyway...great work. I'm somewhat wondering (and trying not to be concieted) if my MC with Halo 2 armor wasn't used by GB as a refrence...WOO HOO GOOD JOB!

56 | Halomeister says:

Ha ha ha! Great take off of that Cover of Official Xbox Magazine, "Special Halo 2 edition". It looks almost exactly the same, with the guns held up and everything. Very nice attention to detail!

57 | CPU64 says:

Cortana looks more like a mini old lady than a "baby" version

58 | mike says:


59 | Ryoseth says:

yah, i think the MC's new armor is gonna be pimpin in halo 2. he already looks so spiffy! ^_^

60 | Bernard Strauss says:

Magnificent! Both humorous for bungie's army and "Yeee haa!" impact thrown in for good measure.

Oh, and for all you people who don't understand frogblast goodness, I say:
"I stumbled across a reference to a weapon used by Imperialist forces against the inserectionists during the Ares Raid; July 2444. (Never heard of it? I'm not surprised!)
Many years of loving craftmanship went into the design and construction of this brutal tool of mayhem. I hope you can appreciate that. I won't waste time trying to explain the loading mechanism to you- your primitive mind could never grasp its complex nature.

61 | ace says:

HOLY ****

Nice artwork; keep up the good work!

62 | Bio-Hazard Audio says:

you just KNOW that cortana knows what 'goin ribs' means, but isn't gonna tell chief :p

great armor BTW

63 | RookieMC says:

"Very good, says I!!"
(and by the way, AWESOME Marathon reference! "God I loved that game...*sigh* but all good things must come to an end I suppose.")

64 | RookieMC says:

One more thing.
Thank GOD there's at least ONE true, blue Marathon fan still around!!!!
Of course I'm talking about Tycho's Revenge back on post 42. Man, you are saying EXACTLY what I have been thinking. I just about smashed my keyboard over my head reading all these other posts of those who don't get it.
And for old times sake, a couple more A-BOB quotes.
-"Help heeeelp."
-"I'm out of ammo!"
-Not to mention"Frog blast the vent core!!"
as opposed to regular BOBs
-"See ya starside."
-"Get me outta here!"
-"Get outta the way!"
-"My fault."
-"Get me straight to detox."

65 | Food Nipple says:

Has anyone seen...Ahhhh! Its him!
Run away! Can't run with feet on back!

66 | fate says:

hey guys its actually from a contest from gamefaqs.com MC lost to Frog from Chrono Dragon ;_;

67 | cannon fodder says:

Ok, a game where a lone soldier in Mojlinr (spelling on this stuff) armor from a spartan program and his AI counterpart blast a bunch of aliens, and later meet up with a insane AI that is just... insane. Big boom at the end. Am I talking about Halo? Nope. Marathon. Think of Marathon as Miyamoto as a kid running around hacking things with a stick for a sword, and halo would be many years later Miyamoto creates Zelda. Same idea, infinately better. Now excuse me i have things to smack with a stick...here grunty grunty grunty..

68 | sendai says:

Finally, a funny strip... :D

69 | jiimay says:

hey, i finaly got that. frog blast the vent core i'm just gonna start yelling that in school lol.

70 | halomaster elite says:

these comics are funny
cortana is hot

71 | RedDevil says:

Long live Marathon!

72 | Hellsing says:

uhhh..... not sure i follow

73 | B.O.B says:

cannon fodder, I don't agree with you that Halo is infinately better then Marathon, sure technically it's loads better, but I found the story in the Marathon triology much more interesting then Halo 1 & 2.

They're everywhere!

74 | Hawkeyefile says:

funny marathon 2/infinity joke
btw it's one of da best titles bungie has ever released (1st to halo). get a mac you guys and play all three marathon games

75 | hawkeyefile says:

the simulacrums say: im out of ammo!, frog blast the vent core, dont shoot, thank god it's you! (from the first marathon), and other wacky things you gotta hear the vac bobs.
btw im a marathon junkie. blow me doom! (doom no plot or story line).

76 | poop says:

how did u draw that?

77 | Doubl3 H3lix says:

Pass phrase... pass word wooda sounded cooler, but its probibly an insider joke.

78 | Krayt'heili says:

You can't be a Bungie fan and not know what "Frog Blast the Vent Core" means. In marathon, the Pfhor had Selfcestuct BOBs and they wouldn't act like normal humans and say weird stuff like "frog blast the vent core"! Dur

79 | hehehe says:

trying 2 look cool eh...

80 | moleboy says:

frog blast the vent core was shouted by some simulacrums in the marathon game. they would run at you and explode and damage you. they also blead yellow blood and wore GREEN ARMOR (hint hint). and when they came up with "frog blast the vent core" they asked the voice actor for the BOBs (Doug Zartman)to say something random and that just came out of his mouth.

81 | crazy 1337s in disguise says:

HHAHAHAHAH that was amazing.

82 | ibookworm says:

All you guys who didn't get the "Frog blast the vent core" thing... You aren't real Bungie fans. Go away and leave Bungie to us true fans. We love you Bungie, despite the sell-out to M$! Marathon Pfhorever!

83 | Morpheus says:

how hot................................................. is that..

84 | Masterchief evil says:

haha i thought it would be like that weird green but wow !

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86 | Ultra Elite says:

Ugh! He raped him AND put on his clothes! Ugh!

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90 | DirkGently says:

Frogblast the Vent Core is from Marathon, one of bungie's first games. Frog-blasting was a term that refered to gernade jumping, because you looked like frogs when you did. In one of the levels there was a thing called 'vent core' and you frogblasted on top fro a secret stash.

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