A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Kai_chan says:

yeahhhhh i got the first comment!!

2 | PeterPiperArbiter says:

Yeah, I get that feeling a lot too. Though I don't see grunts.

3 | Lost|nHell says:

haha :D

4 | D3ViL says:

Yay #3 :)
Nice one!

5 | bashar says:

nice one

6 | Dead 2 Brutes says:

Dude thats so (censored) true!!!
Never happens to flood after i killed with Energy Swords :P
Woot 6th post

7 | Wannabe Master Sgt. Johnson says:

eeeewwwww......yeah i found that disturbing too.....especially how they just continue floping long after they are dead....good job G-Bane, never seen anyone put the physics angine in a comic.

8 | beebegun91 says:

So true. Don't ya love it on Xbox Live when your dead body goes up the lift on lockout, then back down then back up then it flops off the level.

9 | Wannabe Master Sgt. Johnson (again) says:

oh and, heh heh, i get the "havok" part...nice little inside there...for the rest of you, you should find out easily.....just go to Bungie.net

10 | Isna Nosolee says:

i found that disturbing ingame too..NOO!i thought i killed you!noo! dont eat my brain!

11 | Tucker-RvB says:

The truth all the way, but i thinks its cool cause the grunts are all zombified

12 | Kain292 says:

I love it when that happens. Love this commic. =D

13 | Ace says:

Yes! top...12? (anywho, good comic!)

14 | RedRaptor says:

Lol, that happens all the time!
Next time, Bungie, get Valve to let you use Havok II (read: the Half-Life 2 physics engine)!!!

15 | ansomble28 says:

Lol, NJ GB and smiley! I'm glad you got your thinking caps back on! Pretty funn-YAY. I laughed after reading it and that was a plus. I always like it when no matter how grand or miniscule my laugh is I actually LAUGH at the end. THX GUYS! Keep it up!

16 | Covie_Lover says:

Meh, I just pass that off as nerves jarking randomly. That happens when something dies somethimes. :)

17 | Master-Arbiter says:

I wanna see what the smg and battle rifle look like like halo-baby-fied. Good comic by the way.

18 | ansomble28 says:

Oh yeah guys, SRRY for the big dibacle last week over my opinion. I just felt as if I was dissatisfied with the comics that were surfacing and I felt as a long running devoted fan "since the buttsock days" I should address what I thought wasn't going well. I feel that comics needn't be explained for everyone to enjoy even if it takes you a minute to think about it. Once again guys no SERIOUS harm intended, just a little constructive, profanity-exempt, criticism! NOW BACK TO THE FUNNAY!!!

19 | Agamemnon says:

hehehe very true

20 | Mr. Elite says:

LOL!!!!!! Nice comic ^-^

21 | Stuntmutt says:

The pun is a very low form of wit.
The Havok joke feels very engineered.

22 | gruntsbane says:


23 | Mendoza says:

I don't really get it.

24 | Owm says:

Hehe, I dang near had a heart attack when a dead Hunter popped up in my face on Gravemind. O_O Though I agree with Covie_Lover, I think it can be explained as a postmortem brain fart ;) Great comic!

25 | Dirge says:

HAHAHAHAHAHA, That's so funny it's true!

26 | sam says:

funniest comic to date

27 | LegendaryThunder says:

One time I went up to a dead elite and said "Get up so I can kill you again!"

He obviously heard me cause he flew 3 feet into the air and I nearly emptied my Smg clip to ensure he was ded.

28 | Slimby says:

Yes, it shows all the symptoms of a good one one se7en. Nausea, blindness, general hilarity. Great job!


29 | eliteghost01 says:

So dead people..err..aliens can move!WTF! dead bodies twitch way too much in Halo 2. I have stood next to dead covies numerous times for like, 5 minutes and they'll, out of nowhere just roll/flip over. It's especially weird when it happens to a brute or hunter. But the tang helps me forget about it. Thank u tang!

30 | Lord_Halo99 says:

To be dead and NOT rolling... or dead and rolling? That is the question. I prefer the latter. Still a definate one one se7en. Good job Gruntsbane

31 | Loknar64 says:

Lol! I remember I killed a hunter and its body got stuck in a door. When I continued on in the level the door opened and the hunter lunged at me!

32 | xenomorph64 says:

do you relize how much ammo i wasted on those friggin' flop'ers? do you? HEY IM ASKIN' YOU A QUESTION!! i despise them flop'ers. gives nice effect though, just like the music does. :j

33 | SuperDragonYoshi says:

"AAHH!! THE GRUNT IS MOVING AGAIN!!! POKE IT & MAKE SURE ITS DEAD!!" This was my response to the new body physics of Halo2, this strip is just lovely. Please excuse me while I play 'Yoshi's Touch & Go' for tonight... YOSHI!

34 | Zareus says:

Like i say when you see something move shoot it when you see something stop moving shoot it again :)

35 | evilguineapig says:

haha......helter skeltor.......

36 | arby says:

it scares me when it does that
i think its coming back to life or something
freaky O.o

37 | Spartan058-HaloGeeky says:

haha...*twitch twitch* roll over and play dead...see?

When the marines say " get up so I can kill you again", don't you want to say "SHUT UP! KNOCK ON WOOD!"

38 | Tryan Shootamee says:

nice nice...They even do that on the movies. like if you kill an elite too close to the bomb on the first level, then when chief move it, the elite start twicthing...funny stuff...

39 | Grizzled-Ancient says:

HA! laughing till i die...

40 | xxctlxx says:

very funny.... once i killed like hecka in a room and then when i got to the check point they all flip!!!

41 | SilentKnight says:

Poor Grunt. I shall avenge him!
Still, very funny.

42 | Dev says:


I love it when they do that.. I think of it as spontaneous twitches myself..

Great comics, gruntsbane! Keep up the good work.

Am I the only one that thinks it would be interesting to see the Spec. Ops Leader featured in a comic? That guy cracks me up. Today I was playing around in the "second" arbiter level, and for the heck of it, I killed my two Elite allies? And SOL pulled out his sword and laid the beatdown on me. I laughed at that, too. :)

43 | Kitsune says:

hah the mc is going crazy xD
but then in real life when you get shot at, sometime signals from your brain is still traveling through your body and you tend to twitch around, then you die...but thats just me :P

44 | Karnage says:

heh heh heh, it's funny because it's true

45 | One-Chief-Army says:

To Dev:

No, you're not the only one. that would be soooo cool. I didn't know that if you killed your allies in halo 2 that they would shoot at you, like in the first one. I used to do that too,(for the heck of it cause of boredom) but now the allies in halo2 are toooo helpful. the A.Is in this game are really advanced compared to the first. In the first game, they didn't make a real difference...

46 | mooching sack of death says:

that pisses me off how you like shoot a guy dead and they twitch and then go all still but when you go to leave they like fly up and super twitch and scare the hell out of you. Karnage is right, it's funny cause it's true

47 | mooching sack of death says:

someone needs to watch me when i die and tell me if i do that

48 | evilguineapig says:

*loads shotgun* alright, i'll let you know.....

49 | twitch says:

on delta halo i killed all the drones on the bridge wit a sniprifle... i backed up and they jumped at me... scary...

50 | Tryan Shootamee says:

I wonder how chief does manage to keep his sanity...you know his life wasn't peaches and cream...

51 | Hellfirefanatic says:

Lmao... That's so true... It's scary when random dead bodies flop around in their "death throes"...

52 | a voice behind you says:

Funny, funny stuff! :) It's creepy though, you kill an elite, he twitches for 1/2 an hour, and you're sitting there shooting him and then some little (infection forms? Jiffypops? Spiders?) flood come up and eat him, but you're out of ammo... [[REVERT TO SAVED!!]]

53 | pooped on you ()()()()()()()()()() says:

you guys suk ass

54 | One-Chief-Army says:

What? that is totally random "pooped on you blahhababal"
what was that for?

55 | Yayap and Zuka says:

Ha ha ha! Those silly Halo 2 rag doll physics...

56 | halofreak44 says:

I love it how the bodies just roll all around. one time, i was playing the last level and punched a body down a hill, and it rolled all the way down the hill!!!!LOL!!!!!

57 | Jaxx says:

Yeah, the corpse twitch is creepy....

58 | A random mad halo fan(not so random) says:

Hehe,never happened to me before but it's still funny! \(^_^)/ yay!

59 | The Marine says:

yeah ussaully when that happens i get sicko thinkin there still alive and open a can of some major whoop @$$ if you know what i mean

60 | AnotherHaloFan says:

that comic rocked!!! yeah, I think that what the MC said was true. Its freakin hilarious with the ragdoll physics and the guts splattering...

61 | Falcon says:

Wow! Great Comic! Keep them coming!

This comic is true, Bungie worked so hard on the bodies, so now they roll downhill even though they're dead, wow!

Mrsmiley, there is BLOOD in your latest Halobabies Comic strip! I thought that in the beginning you wanted your website to be "kid-friendly." Well, it looks like this latest strip is really pushing your policy to the limit. I'm not trying to say anything offending, these comic ABSOLUTELY ROCK, I'm just saying that you need to consider kids' minds when something resembling violence manages to infiltrate your comics.

Sorry if I'm a pain in the butt, I just wanted to point that out. Anyways, this comic kicks butt! So , keep these awesome comics coming Gruntsbane and Mrsmiley!!!

62 | gruntsbane says:

Blood in a comic based on an M rated video game? Where did that come from?!

63 | Ghost3021 says:

M-Rated game for: Blood, gore, and violence means that : blue blood---not violent!

when something resembling violence manages to infiltrate your comics

a puddle of blue goo is not violent. a comic of a deranged mass murderer running people into walls with a minivan and watching them explode is violent. not a poke-fun towards ghey karma-physics.
woot 63rd post!
keep up the good work! dont listen to falcon, they no know what they be talkin about. :)

64 | Northern Warrior says:

One time I hit a friend of mine in the back while he was crouching and taking cover I walked away but we could all here his corpse making this rustling noise, I walked over to his corpse and is upper part of his body is underneath the catwalk but his legs are sticking right up and they are moving upside down like it was running a marathon, it was hilarious! Great comic, this is brining back many great memories!

65 | Falcon says:

I'm sorry, maybe I have no idea what i'm talking about...

66 | Tryan Shootamee says:

...I know where you are comin from Falcon...Why does everyone have to be so hard on people? and THAT's kid friendly? hypocrites. I mean really. someone spells something wrong, and you guys jump all over people...ease up a little.

67 | Somebody says:

I was playing on legendary on Gravemind, i had just killed the last group of brutes, and then, when i kill the last one, i back up, shock, but realize it was just the door, and then see a brute jumping (havok engine ) and, i swear i jumped by the surprise, it was so fricken scary!!

68 | Gruntsbane says:

Falcon was just joking, I was just joking, let's not get worked up over nothing.

69 | Grizzled-Ancient says:

I kinda funny how every posting thingy we do there's some sort of misunderstanding, or fight/disagreement blah blah blah...but what do you expect...no one can hear your tone of voice on anthing...therefore they can not tell whether or not you are joking...

70 | Falcon says:

Actually, I wasn't joking.

It was more like...a misunderstanding, or confusion.
I misunderstood the humor. Sorry, everyone. And i'm also sorry for posting three comments. Just wanted to make it clear to everyone. Jeez.

It's just goo, it's just goo, it's just goo...

71 | blade says:

lol haha lmao

72 | Spartan-6193 says:

It always freaks me when they do that. Besides flipping and flopping, in some cases I find the grunt once blasted into the air via grenade, he ends up bouncing off the walls before finding a nice corner to flipflop in. It's disturbing.

73 | Tryan Shootamee says:

I knew it...

74 | Grizzled-Ancient says:

I agree with Tryan Shootamee:

lay off each other...calm down

75 | SPARTAN 117 says:

UMM i think .... that has never ever happened to me. Great job though.=)

76 | sp 112 says:

first time a grunt did that was at delta halo. it jumped and i waisted 2 or 3 runds of smg on it.

77 | evilguineapig says:

man, the next person to say "Lay off each other" "or i'm sorry" is getting pimp slapped. Sorry for what? Just harmless fun? Some kids are too modest.....Well...Anyways, if you go to high impact halo.org theres one about this marine that goes through the floor and dances upsidedown. Its great...So lets not say anything too mean fellas. Nice job. The first time I myself saw it, i stuck a sticky on its ass and freaked out.

78 | Ryley217 says:

LMAO that is so true when yah see the bodies flopping around thats not normal right? lol nice comic!

79 | Runtylime says:

So True,I myself have wasted full clips of ammo on rolling grunts,elites,brutes,jackels, and even hunters! One time I killed A hunter and it fell on its Knees Like it was bowing and stayed there!

80 | Hot n' Sexy Elite says:

it was an OK comic.

81 | sgt dan says:

yeh why is the grunts armor (armour) gold on the back and blue on the front? but anyways yeh it's a great comic thats very true

82 | says says:

wow..... thats kind of funny......
i meen punny...... jp, i hate puns.

83 | One-Chief-Army says:

What's up with calling everyone who doesn't agree with you a "kid"? how do you know? How do I know you're not 12 year old or something? that's inmature thinking that you're the "superior". let them do what they want, except what it says in the rules (duh)

84 | Spartan058-HaloGeeky says:

isn't the main purpose of being here, is for being a total halogeek?

85 | halofreak44 says:

..........I am 12...........

86 | John 117 says:

lmao that happens all the time to me

the first time it happend i was lik holy crap he getting bak up! but a few grenades solved that problem...

87 | bite me says:

halo sucks

88 | Laughing Man says:

I think what people are talking about here is that the corpse twich too much. You shoot them, and they twich and flop about for 5 minuts after death. All that talk about nerve impulses after death, you stop twiching after about 5 seconds. I like HL2's ragdoll physics better, but thats just me. But still, it's really funny. The first time I noticed that, my firend pointed it out to me. "IT'S BACK!!" We had just killed off the commanding elite in the scarab, just so you know where we were. I said, "What? The flood arn't untill next level!" "BUT IT'S MOVING!" I solved the problem real quick. Rocket launcher at close range. Unfortunetly, there were some other grenades from the other twiching dead bodies, and I killed myself, set off the grenades, and killed my firend. When we got back there, we noticed all the other corpses were tiwching too. We just left them to twich.

One more thing, if your not here to post something about the comic (i.e. "bite me") then leave this website the f*** alone.

89 | Hacker888999 says:

yea that happenned to me on live when someone was corpse humping my body then i started twitching like heck scared the freak out of the humper

90 | Line of Fire says:

You know i thought about this and remembered the time i killed an elite that was standing on the bomb in the end of Cairo. The elite, dead, layed on top of the bomb and stayed there for nearly the rest of the cut scene...then when MC and the bomb go into space the elites body flopped off...it was quite funny..

91 | Ruiner87 says:

I've had that happen so much I just walk past a jackal and it flops around then I kill myself with a sticky death,damn it's annoying.

92 | Keyes says:


93 | Snarf Da Baddass Grunt says:

I love that. They flop forever. When you have grunt birthday party on, you can shoot a dead one in the head, and he'll fly straight up in the air. Keep shooting him in the head, the higher he goes! I got one to the size of a flea in normal view using the battle rifle and sniper.

94 | Covenant Emperor says:

To Halofreak.....

I suppose you're not the only one who is 12 around here (that would be me), but...I suggest you don't randomly come in a random topic and randomly say, "Im 12......"

Anyway, I suppose I like the way the bodies twitch. One time, with Sputink Skull effect on, and Grunt B-day effect on, I shot a Elite in the head when it's sheilds where out, and it flew across half of the bridge (I was on Metropolis.) Pretty sastifying. When I got to the body...it began twitching. I also liked the way Bungie actually made the bodies more lifelike. Say, when they fall from a high cliff, Say the high cliffs on Gravemind and instead of just flailing their arms around, they just fall, loosely spinning in the air.

One more thing....you all should try killing the sniper on Gravemind, the location right after the Inn Amber Clad crashes and releases the Flood, if you're invisible (by using the invisible skull) and if you time it right, while the Jackal is running on the ramp, about when it's on the ramp, shoot it and it will fly about half way in the air, dead before it hits the ground.

Just to get on topic here....excellent job on this strip, Gruntsbane. Keep em coming.

95 | eliteghost01 says:

to post 53:

The infection forms are evil mushrooms!!! It's so freakin' obvious!!! I mean, come on!! Haven't you ever been walking in your back yard and gotten attacked by a little, 1 foot tall, yellow/green/tan mushroom with tentacles or is that just me???

(Dude, this job IS wreaking havok on my sanity, but then again, I'll always have Tang. ah, sweet sugary tang......)

96 | DuRaAnDaL says:

I thought they were swarms of evil, irradiated, mutated popcorn puffs.....?

97 | RuntyLime says:

MMMMMMM...I like tang to...AAAAAAAAAA!Grunt's are drinking my Tang!BAM,BAM Die!
BAM,BAM!.......no tang. Help me! Eliteghost I need TANG! Faaaaast! uhhhh,everything dark....whats...that A light? Help me I need Tang!

98 | RvB iPud says:

Ya. I've tested this one: one time i spent about five minutes studying a dead flood, then all of a sudden- FLOP! (insert blood-curdling screech here). I tested it, and it happens every time you spend a long time looking at a dead flood. I'ts very creepy :p

99 | RvB iPud says:

BTW: if u get the sputnik skull u can make 'em flop and push them places. it's especially fun to do with hunters.

100 | Snarf Da Baddass Grunt says:

Yay, 100'th post!

Runtylime? That your name? Me like this tang! Brutes no know how make good tang...But brutes make goooooood brownies! Ever had brute brownie? I like brownies! what's your name again? My name Snarf! I like say my name...Snarf, Snarf,Snarf,Snarf,Snarf,Snarf,Snarf,Snarf,Snarf,Snarf,Snarf,Snarf,Snarf,AAH! Here comes elite! Run away!
Quiet, imbecile! What is this, thing?
What? oh, that? That tang! it good, you see?
Silence! How dare you drink the nectar of the prophets! You are worthless! get out of my sight!
*grunt snaps*
*chunks of elite fall in a precipitation of sweet sugary tang*

101 | RuntyLime says:

MMMMMM....Tang is a good breakfast drink....I'm glad I found some in my lunch box. Whats that..a Brute?AAAAAA!, My Tang!!
"Bra,ha,ha,ha" says Brute, aaaaaa,says Runtylime, the sweet smell of stupidity, as the box of tang (which is a nuclear grenade descised as a tang box explodes)

102 | eliteghost01 says:

actually, I was talking to post 52 in my last post,sry...but,anyways, next time you see a mushroom, jump on it and smoosh it into the ground with your feet? hooves? whatever, and scream the following: "DIE YOU EVIL MUSHROOM! YOU'RE NOT GONNA INFECT ME! I'LL NEVER BECOME ONE OF YOU! NOT AS LONG AS I HAVE MY (insert Halo 2 object name here)! (insert evil laugh or girlie-scream here)!(run away evil-y laughing or girlie-y screaming)

Remember , try to do this in public where everyone is watching .trust me, it's always got me a lot of attention...

103 | funkygrunt says:

haa dont get it

104 | dark hunter 91 says:

Halofreak...am 14 and a girl so your not the only young person here... anyway good comic my friends awayway make fun of that.

105 | dark hunter 91 says:

i meant allways

106 | SilentKnight says:

That got disturbing after a while. But not as disturbing as when dead bodies in HALO 1 bent to the edge of an incline. THAT was disturbing right off the bat. I hope Bungie fixes the flip-flopping body problem for HALO 3.

107 | the ex-arbiter(deceased) says:

those gas-suckers always do that when they die

108 | MC117 says:

LOL, that is so true!

109 | halo_boi says:

I thouught you didnt have blood in this serise of comics

110 | Roadkill says:

I hate that, hunters do it to me all the time :shivers: gad i hate that, specially in like legendary ahh so freaking hard only can beat that on the second one in co-op

111 | Doubl3 H3lix says:

FLOP FLOP FLOP? couldn't ya add a THUD or somethin'?

112 | gold spartan says:

ya a thud would be a lot better

113 | sausages says:

ever seen chiefs arm twitch like crazy in multiplayer?

114 | Xerro says:

Sometimes i get a lil trigger happy when that happens, i mean u gotta b sure the guys dead

115 | Mackon says:

I hate it when that happens. Esspecially when it is Brute's after you thought you killed a rampaging one. Keep it up guys!

116 | Alhadis says:

As always, Gruntsbane's wording of this comic made it outstandingly hilarious. XD And yeah, sometimes I find it rather unnerving to watch as well, although the most disturbing instance of this happening to me was after I took down Tartarus, and I was teabagging his corpse. He actually flopped around on the floor in perfect synchronization with my crouches, making the act of sodomy more... uh... real. o_0; I don't think I've ever felt right about teabagging another brute ever again.

117 | the great pie says:

w00t w00t w00t! I have post no. 117! I am blessed! HAHAHAHAHA!

118 | Masterchief evil says:

ya really

119 | bungie says:

hmmmmm whay is wrong with that grunt and whats wrong with you 2 no.117 and no.118???

120 | Yo mama says:

This is dumb do youguys acually talk about anything serious?

121 | L.t Starkiller says:

The amount of times that happend when I killed brutes on gravemind is unbeliveable they looked like they were runnig on the floor i was shooting so much fricking plasma slugs in a dead brute a bloody marine started cracking jokes about it. it was so Imbarisig becase i was playing co op with my mum

122 | stail vagina says:

this site fuckin sucks dick i fuckin hate this site these comments are fuckin stupid why the fuck would you waste your fuckin life making these stupid ass comments grow a dick and some balls and fuckin get a date and a life you guys are fuckin lame
thanks alot for wasting my time you cunts

123 | the grunt dead on the floor says:

hey Stail Vagina shut ur mouth befor i break it if want to discus ur corupted mind and small body parts tell some skrewed up person like just like u goodone halo babies

124 | gruntsaresocut101 says:

good thing those damn assholes cant swim

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