A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!

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1 | grizz says:

Finaly a new comic!

2 | Godius Prophetus says:

1st Post! ..what?

It may be inspired by stuntmutt humour, but i am no match for his comedy talents, nor his art talents.

3 | The Grunt without no pants says:

I don't get the joke. Does it mean 'strip' as in clothing?

4 | Mastergunnz says:

Yes, since it is a guest comic strip, they made a joke and the Chief stripped *shudder* off his pants.

5 | osprey says:

hmmmmmm. I understand it, but i dunno. Im not falling over laughing...

6 | Damatee says:

The Chief Strip... Quick someone pass me the Mind Bleach

7 | Plasma_101 says:

Oooookkkaaayyy....*backs away slowly*

8 | spartan001 says:

LOL dude it took me a few seconds but i totally got it AWESOME MAN lol i loved it. and yes it is a tad bit stuntmutt style but i still lvoed it good job man

-Spartan 001

9 | XSDf says:

thats stupid

10 | Ace of Aces says:

That made no sense. BTW 10th post!

11 | squattingb says:

hahahahahahahah, oh man, I find that hilarous :P, I can just see that now...

12 | tex mex 88 says:


13 | MrAlexZander says:

WTF? "Godius Prophetus"?
We all know it's you GP. Stop hiding behind all these different names. Geez. Nice Comic btw.


havent seen a new comic in soo long
good job, it made me rofl

15 | Newbzilla says:

That was hilarious nice comic!!!!

16 | Morpheus says:


17 | HoboBOB says:

Heart boxers!

-That's random-ness for you....

18 | S-117 says:

funny new comic make even more funny comics making fun of the gaystation3

19 | Mastergunnz says:

Hey guys, ever notice the reflection in his visor? I'm pretty sure that's from the Halo 3 trailer.

20 | MrAlexZander says:

Mastergunnz says:
Hey guys, ever notice the reflection in his visor? I'm pretty sure that's from the Halo 3 trailer.

Easter Egg mb?

21 | Turialim says:

Funny I like it...
And I am currently in the process of making my 2nd guest strip!

22 | Mendoza says:

22nd comment!

23 | Morpheus says:

I see London, I see France...


24 | Dick_Butter says:

HA HA HA! Thats so funny it is yes! I like the chief master when he is all armor green! He butt showen! HE EH EH!

25 | Bean says:

Chief...without pants...ARGHHHHH! THE HORROR! AHHHHHHH

26 | Halo mad man says:

Hahahaha!"guest strip" i get it. nice work!

27 | connor says:

i do not get wtf what is it i dont get it

28 | MC_Elite says:

Good work GP!

Oh, and for those of you detracting and critisizing with no merit, lets see YOU do better. Nubbins.

29 | Sparkie says:


Totally great.

30 | Linkteen says:

Heh heh heh. Simple, but funny.

31 | derek the drone says:

next time take off the helmet

32 | elite major says:

Wort Wort Wort?

33 | Slade says:

Oh... KAY...
I get it but it isn't the kind of "ROFL THIS IS SO FREAKINHILARIOUS!!! OMG LOL!" type of strip.

34 | sgt. johnson says:

right on cheif

35 | perez says:

that is fucking stupid

36 | The Great Pie says:

Uh... What was the above three posts about?

37 | The Great FRUIT Pie says:

(smiles) Hey! the great FRUIT pie doesn't have to say anything!

38 | mckenzie says:

I like pronouncing different halo charcters

39 | Perez, McKenzie, Johnson, Keyes, MC, MC Hammer, Silva, Dubbo, McKay, McLon, McKenzie, McDonald's are says:


40 | Blemo says:

Okay, why do people do that, on top?

41 | arbiter5000 says:

This crap sucks man!

42 | kraid17 says:

*wolf whistle*oh god!

43 | kraid17 says:

*wolf whistle*oh god!

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