A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!

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1 | Falcon says:

Great idea, Ryley217! I like the face of the marine, it reminds me of an anime character. Although I wouldn't hold the monitor while shooting at him. ;)

2 | Ryley217 says:

I'm glad you like it Falcon. That's how I draw em anime style! There's more to come=^.^=

3 | DevilDario says:

I think monitor is dead !!!!
yIPPIE =D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 | Morpheus says:

Ironic, isn't it? The monitor can survive a wildcat destabylization of the POA and the beautiful nuclear destruction of Halo, but one crack with the bat...

5 | SParTan 199 says:

Work on your artwork!!!

6 | SParTan 199 says:

Work on your artwork!!!

7 | Wort says:

Sorry for the double post but the drawing was great too.. kinda anime-ish if you know what I mean...

8 | hi says:

nice i like the anime it looks awsome

9 | M. A. loser says:

thats some skrewed up manga...

10 | M. A. loser says:

or anime srry watever. but work on your drawing skills....its insultive.

11 | haloman8120 says:

it stinks the drawing is not to good either

12 | sausages says:

i just didn't like it...

13 | spike says:

that suked big time youdid nice on the head but the hands are to small try to get better or ill kill my self.

14 | Ryley217 says:

How about no I make my comics the way I like them. If you dont like it then dont tell me cuz i dont care if you dont, and Im not changeing my style to suite you loser's who think it sucks. Thats to freaking bad for you!!

15 | Bebop117 (my Gamertag) says:

Draw the hands bigger. Don`t show the teeth themselves individually, and only 1 vain thing on his forehead.

16 | Bebop117 (my Gamertag) says:

Only 12 darts. Nice attention on that detail. Also previous post...Other than those things GOOD JOB!

17 | THE TRUTH TELLR says:

well we dont want u 2 be an idiot next time whenu darw a comic! hand ned bigger and dude da face is kinda wierd if U FIX IT it woold br good but WERE HELPING U....or u can do this....DONT POST 1 cuz LOSERS like u cant take it! so suk it up or suk it

18 | Ryley217 says:

How about fixing your grammer

19 | Caboose says:

i like how you drew it anime/manga its a first never thought anyone would try it

20 | CrazyMan says:

Sorry to say, but i think you might want to improve ur drawing and ur attitude about what people think of ur drawing. Comments can only make you better.

On other news, i think the concept is kind of okay. could be better ;)

21 | grunty loves a lot says:

hey ryley i love the way u did that strip1keep up the good work!;)

22 | Prophet you should Regret says:

Its a shame you do see marines shooting Spartans but i neverd thought he was on my side!

Guilty spark you traitor good destroy him green elite er i mean Spartan.

Good one that marine hes some pic! Ill never draw that one.


23 | Flood Human Form says:

Were not turning that stupid marine into a flood. NOT DANG FUNNY HE SUCKS.

24 | Austin Trapp says:

ok this one is very stupid the marines don't look freaky like that master cheif is very badly drawn

25 | WTF!? says:

This strip is so fukin gay! How to use moniter 3!?! WTF!? Honestly!

26 | The Unknown Soilder says:

Ryley theres nuthin rong with it but u should add a rocket the more suffering the better

27 | elite major says:

man, you know how many damn bullets i've wasted on that thing....

28 | Slade8 says:

Nice, and "WTF!?," watch your language.

29 | imacoolguy says:

That was soooooooo dummmmmmmbbb! It was a dumb joke. The anime makes little kids cry, its so bad -1264 out of 10!loosser!!!!!!!

30 | GoldenFox says:

Hey, you posted this on my birthday! Hehe, nice!

31 | kraid17 says:


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