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This Update Contains Partial Nudity | mrsmiley { March 03, 2005 }

Be warned! This update has some awesome art; stuff that only comes around once in a full moon!


For all you guys out there expecting something else... what were you thinking?! This is a family friendly art site! GOSH! Hehe, anyways, sorry for the late update this week. I have been very busy working on multiple video projects for several churches, and they are very time consuming. I suppose it's better late than never, eh?

You may also noticed I added a cool new news category specifically for fan art updates! This will allow you to easily browse all of our past fan art updates from one page!

Gallery Art

  • nmac2005
    "CyberJackal" { comment } This guy did a rockin' desktop with this scart Jackal a while back. Good to see more stuff from him!

  • Ionaki 'Rinasupuree
    "2-Inch Elite" { comment } This pic doesn't seem amazing, until you realize how small 2 inches is! WOAH!

  • Sparkie
    "Egyptian Hunter" { comment }
    "Combat Form" { comment } What art update would be complete with some awesome art from Sparkie?

  • akba
    "UNSC Cruiser - Colored" { comment } An absolutely fantastic coloring job of Deus's cruiser concept.
  • Dirge
    Dirge posted a thread with some of her latest artwork; including a cool "Arbiter Grunt", and a guest appearance by Foamy!

  • elryanman
    This definitly ranks high on the "creative scale!" This artists converted a bunch of Halo characters into the "Zelda: Windwaker" style of art! It rocks! Check out the thread for the pics.
  • Sketchbook Art

  • Spec.Op.Elite.
    "MC Plays Tennis" { comment } How could I not feature a pic of MC playing tennis?

  • she_ate_my_bus_accident
    "Love for Master Chief" { comment } Boys have their Cortana fantasies, but the ladies have the MC in mind!

  • Mr. Elite
    "Funky Elite" { comment } Once your eyes adjust, it looks freakin' cool!

  • Grunt_monkey
    "Ballerina Grunts" { comment } Surprisingly, this thought never crossed my mind before. ;P

  • Puma 'Raviolee
    Now this is cool. Metal etchings of an Elite and a Hunter! Definitly a unique form of art!
  • Halo Fan Strips

    Good news today, DemonSpawn77 finally updated his Journey to the Covenant Homeworld strip with #15! Be sure to start from the bottom up the post if you are new to the series. In other news lysergic started a great new sprite-based comic, which currently has no name. Take a look! Some other cool strips to check our are "A Day with Matta Chief" by she_ate_my_bus_accident, "The Cake by Ryley217, and even my own comic debute on the forums! ;)

    Happy B-Day, 7.0!
    In celebration of the one year anniversary of "Halo Babies 7.0" Skipper one of our most long-standing mods, posted a "Mr. Smiley and Gruntsbane Appreciate" thread containing quite a few pics! Check it out!

23 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | Gruntsbane says:

I tried to stop Smiley from posting this smut, but he screamed something about "the revolution" and disappeared into the ether of the internet.

2 | Halokid23 says:

Yay!Second post! This art is awesome and so is this site.

3 | Ripper 714 says:



4 | Ripper 714 says:

They all suck.

5 | Mendoza says:

HAHAHAHA! I can see why the Master Chief wanted new armor.

6 | Mr. Elite says:

w00t...My funky Elite got into the update! lol (When I opened to page...I saw Master Chief's ass...that scared me...)

7 | Dirge says:

lmao! I see London, I see France, I see MC's covie kickin ass! X3

8 | MechaRaum says:

Nice, but i though L&M would be in the update? :(

9 | mrsmiley says:

Oh my bad, man. I'll be sure to post something for the next one! :)

10 | the chief says:

BRILL!!!!nice ass! sum gr8 work dere

11 | Xashe says:

hmm... nice ass shot LOL... nice works guys!

12 | Wannabe Master Sgt. Johnson says:

eeeeewwwwwwwww...........MC is awsome and all but GOOD LORD!! DON"T SHOW THINGS LIKE THAT!!!!....oh God....lol.....nice one G-Bane.....you mind if I call you that?

13 | Sparkie says:

hehehehe Master Cheeks...I think I'll keep my comments to myself on that particular pic...LOL! Smiley, GB, Im workin' on some more pics of you that you might find entertaining...don't worry; you're fully clothed. :D

14 | Wannabe Master Sgt. Johnson says:

one more thing....why does it look like "enter" than "exit?"

15 | VarmintSlayer says:

hmm... I hope he has one for the front!

16 | evilguineapig423 says:

dude.........no.....thats not right.

17 | Machinedog says:

What he said^ and w00t dirge got in the update cool. Congrats!

18 | lysergic says:

Yay, I got in the update ^_^. Very nice art, although my eyes are premenantly scarred from that first pic >.>

19 | Ghost3021 says:

hmmm....i realy like teh blue elite sketch....the jackal grabbing onto(a ledge?) is cool t00...btw did we NEED to see the MCs butT? :s
great work, as always... ;)



21 | zack or lil huh huh read this says:

this sucked who in ther right mind
would even want to see this carlos
man of love crap

22 | Dork Force One says:

Get up the butt cortana. lol j/k

23 | Nuetral Chief says:

Sweet... Halo rocks... I'll be back... Later...

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