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Belated Chistmas Merryness | mrsmiley { December 26, 2007 }

A little late Halo Babies Christmas art for ya. This little piece is well deserving of the front page, and was done by up-and-coming Halo Babies artist, The Ancient. Click the picture below for the full (desktop size) version, and click here for some other great Halo Babies fan art from him!

MSPaint God | mrsmiley { October 16, 2006 }

I normally don't feature single forum art submissions on the main page of HBN, but this is the single most amazing piece of MSP art I've ever seen. Be warned... you may need new pants.

UPDATE: Apparently I've had the Pro Gallery set so that art can only be viewed by registered members. I never intended for it to be like that! I've changed it now so that all of the artwork can be viewed publicly. Sorry!

Art is Back: Part 2 | mrsmiley { February 21, 2006 }

Now I know you're probably thinking, "Wait a minute, I don't remember part 1!" Well, that's probably because it happened more than a few months ago. After a brief break, I think I'm ready to get things running again here at HBN! Enjoy over 40 featured art pieces from September through December of 2005! (More recent update coming soon!)


Etoli never ceases to amaze us with her top-notch artwork, in many different styles! I smell an artist feature coming... ;) If it seems like a left some works out, or if some of you think you should have been featured... sorry. There was so much art to sift through, I'm sure some things got left out! Big thanks to admins Polarbear and Skipper for the help!


  • The Ancient
    "Ninja" { comment }
    Splinter Cell-inspired ninja drawing.

  • Raptor 27
    "Raptor 27" { comment }
    Humorous spartan self portrait.

  • Sparkie
    "Bradley Golem" { comment }
    Sweet female metal warrior.

  • Compassghost
    "Kelly" { comment }
    Contemplative pic of the famous female Spartan.

  • Enma Damatee
    "Female Spartan 102" { comment }
    Stunning pic of a lovely but deadly Spartan!

  • Etoli
    "Lil Elite Girl" { comment }
    Elites were never this cute!


  • LegendaryThunder
    "The BR Man" { comment }
    A neat, rather abstract, pic of the Chief.

  • lord of the doubt
    "Enormous Battle: Clones vs. Covies" { comment }
    A Halo/Star Wars crossover battle pic. Cartoony, and a lot of fun!

  • Puma 'Raviolee
    "Chief" { comment }
    A pic of the Chief. Nicely done.

  • Enma Damatee
    "Elite" { comment }
    Very well done front shot of an Elite.

  • Compassghost
    "Chief Rocks!" { comment }
    Cool pic of the Chief... with rocks!

  • gerbil in a coke can
    "ODST" { comment }
    A nice colored-pencil pic, drawn during math class!

  • ShadowElite951
    "Elite Doodle" { https://halobabies.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10349 }
    Nice Elite pic.


  • Gruntsbane
    "Cortana *WARNING: Mature Content*" { comment }
    It's Gruntsbane. It's Cortana. It's "mature." Need I say more?

  • 2phast
    "The Sapper" { comment }
    Awesome MSP work inspired by CoD!

  • KloHunt3r
    "Strongbad Sarge" { comment }
    Probably the coolest thing ever!

  • DemonSpawn77
    "War in the Shadows" { comment }
    Fantastic MSP pic of a very possible game scene!

  • Enma Damatee
    "Elite Head" { comment }
    Elite bust profile. Very nicely done.

  • Drizzit
    "Couple of boys, one with hair" { comment }
    We don't get many pics with Brutes. This is well done!

  • Sparkie
    "Bring It On" { comment }
    A rockin tribal drawing of a Hunter. Would make a great tatoo!


  • Enma Damatee
    "CIS BattleDroid" { comment }
    Stunningly realistic drawing of a Star Wars battle droid!

  • Spartan_112
    Two great elite pics! One cute, one scary!

  • Dragoon
    "Game Over" { comment }
    Woah, that Elite is toast!

  • KloHunt3r
    "Spaceesqu Ninjaesqu" { comment }
    Cool robo-space-ninja thingy.

  • Invisty
    "The Arbiter" { comment }
    Absolutely oozing with coolness. Awesome style!

  • Enma Damatee
    "Maiden Guard" { comment }
    Very nice femail Elite guard concept.

  • The_Noik
    "Grunt with gun problem" { comment }
    The gun may have a problem, but this pic sure doesn't!

  • Etoli
    "Siblings" { comment }
    Probably one of the coolest Elite submissions I gave ever seen here at HBN. Words cannot describe...

  • junolover
    "Mewtwo" { comment }
    A very slick pic of Mewtwo from Pokemon.

  • Rogue Elite
    "Sora Salute" { comment }
    I'm not really sure what this is... but it's swell!

  • Enma Damatee
    "Carbine Elite" { comment }
    Now THAT's one badass Elite!

  • 2phast
    "Bruke" { comment }
    2phast has finally found Photoshop.

  • Halo
    "Shadow" { comment }
    Real nice pic of Shadow the Hedghog.
  • NAME
    "Anika" { comment }
    Fictional female Halo character based on the Arbiter.

    And that's all till the next update, folks!

Art is Back: Part 1 | mrsmiley { October 25, 2005 }

After about 5 months of consistant art submissions in our forum's Gallery, I figured it was about time to get my act together and restart up our weekly art updates! To keep things simple, I will be splitting the Gallery and Sketchbook updates apart from the Fan Strip updates. In other words, every week there will be an update soley commitment to the many amazing comic strip series' that we have right here in our community! Artists spend quite some time on these, and they deserve their own recognition. So, if you are a comic author, be assured that your comic will get front page mentions as long as you keep things updated! =)

So this is Update number one of two. This update spans the time period between July 1st and August 31st. I apologize if I missed anyone's submissions, but Joel and I had to sift through SO MUCH art! It blows me away how active some of you people are! But that is a good thing, trust me! ;) It should also be noted, that due to the massive ammount of good artwork, we had to be quite picky with these 2-month updates. Sorry, it just had to be done. So on with it!


nmac2005 has always been one of those artists that doesn't submit anything for a long time, but when he does, it's always totally awesome! This picture, along with another pic of an elite were submitted sooooo long ago. But he definitly deserves the top spot of the #1 update! Thanks for your awesome art, and thanks for your patience!

Gallery Art

  • zero
    "Josuke-V2" { comment } A very cool manga character concept!

  • Spartan_112
    There is too many great pics to post them all here, just be sure to check out the compilation thread. Great chibi style!

  • gerbil in a coke can
    "Medium Carrier" and Heavy Cruiser" { comment } Some sweet side-view pics of human battleships.

  • junolover
    "CJ attacks Half-Jaw" { comment } So precious!
    "Half-Jaw" { comment } Very cool headshot (as in portrait) of the Elite from Halo 2.

  • odstchee
    "UNSC Rei" { comment } A very nice Oni-like female marine.
    "Left Behind" { comment } Nicely styled piece of completed pencil work.

  • Sparkie
    "Chibi Hog" { comment } This is my fav pic in this submission, but there are plenty more!

  • methados
    "Zealot Killing a Grunt" { comment } A damn good Starcraft crossover pic! Too bad it's not bigger, but definitly worth a look!

  • Sparkies Boyfriend
    "Steam Mecha" { comment } Totally cool mech based off the movie Steamboy.

  • spiderfreak
    Spiderman and Venom... this guy has a knack for super heros! Great cell shading!

  • Sketchbook Art

  • Vendau
    "Mark VI Wookiee" { comment } A wookiee in Spartan armor. Need I say more?

  • ShadowElite951
    "RAWR!" { comment } He eats children.

  • Nrek
    "Arbiter" (from Grunt Rebellion fanfic) { comment } Wow, can't wait to see the whole pic!

  • Sparkie
    A whole thread full of Sparkie goodness... and a Lion King reference OMGWTFBBQROFLCOPTERZ!!!!

  • The Ancient
    "Heretic Grunt" { comment } Holy shat. That is one scary grunt! O_o

  • Etoli
    "Old Rivalry" { comment } Awwwwwe... ;)

  • Halo
    "Chibi Chief" { comment } A definite surprise to me... I am diggin' the style!

  • Grunt_monkey
    "Me Spartan" { comment } How did this get overlooked? Totally cute spartan chick pic!

  • Enma Damatee
    "Female Spartan 102" { comment } Woah, like a cross between Halo and Joanna Dark!

  • L33t-Elf
    "Sonic and Knuckles" { comment } Wow a really cool Sonic pic. Brings back memories...

    For all you fan strip creators out there, I want to inform you that I will be starting a new weekly feature, that will follow all the strips that have updated that week. It will also cover new strips, and even individual strips that are submitted during that week. For those of you that are the creator of a comic series of some sort, I need your help! I need you to create a banner for your comic that can be posted next to your update as a link to your strip. This will attract more attention to your work, and will make the comic updates look nice! =) Here are the details...

    - demensions: 198x48 (without a black border) or 200x50 (with a 1 px black border)
    - filetype: gifs are preferred, but you can use a jpg if you are using MSP to make your banner. (MSP sucks at making gifs!)
    - filesize: shouldn't be a problem since it will be small
    - it should be similar to the thumbnails we use for our strips

    Please send your images to me via a PM, or by e-mail. Thanks! I will be posting the comic update as soon as I receive a decent ammount of images. Not submitting an image does not mean your comic won't be featured, it just means it won't stand out as much. ;)

    Thanks for reading! Update part 2 is coming soon!

My Art Ate My Homework | mrsmiley { May 10, 2005 }

It has been almost exactly one month since the last art update here at Halo Babies. Why? Life. Many of you know that I have several jobs, my most time-consuming trade being video production. I dunno why, but April/May is always crazy in this area. Having finished up my main load of work, I returned to find the forum bursting at the seams with new art! Here for your enjoyment is over 30 new features!


Angel Elites, transforming Halo vehicles, Aliens, Samus... it's all here this week! Read on for tons of great gaming art!

Gallery Art

  • Etoli
    "What a Spartan!" { comment } A simply well drawn/colored pic of a spartan. Good touch with the ground.

  • KloHunt3r
    "For Metroid Fans" { comment } Wow. I thought this MSP pic was a CG render!

  • Jaxx
    "AvP My Way" { comment} Absolutely astounding alien vs. predator pic!
    "Uprising" { comment } Is a description really needed? It's Tina Leyk. It's amazing.

  • elryanman
    "Hoof to Toe" { comment } It's short. It's fast. It rocks!

  • Sparkies Boyfriend
    "Samus" { comment } Great pic of Samus from Metroid!
    "Halotron: Digital Hunter { comment } This just rocks. Never even imagined it looking this cool!

  • mtnspringwater
    "Jiralhanae { comment } As if Brute's weren't scary enough!
    "Unarmored Elite { comment Very cool "naked Elite" pic.

  • Sparkie
    "Modded Mouspad { comment } So clever, and so cute!

  • fairlyodd
    "Elite" { comment } Good job with pencils.

  • The Ancient
    "Angelic Elite" { comment } Absolutely fantastic winged elite. So detailed!

  • 2phast
    Halo Transformers: Ghost (comment) | Warthog (comment) These are so cool it makes me sick! ;)
    "The Few, the proud" { comment } Really good MSP of a marine.
  • Sketchbook Art

  • Dark_Dorment
    "AVP { comment } Another awesome AvP work!

  • mtnspringwater
    "Heritic Elite" { comment } Great concept of the heritic leader!
    "Brutey" { comment
    Hmm... I never thought of brutes being cute...

  • squeak117
    "General Grievous" { comment } Our very first featured Star Wars fan art! And really good, too!

  • Sparkie
    "Draconic Jackal WIP { comment } A good start to a very bird-like Jackal.

  • Gruntsbane
    "Newt and the Shroom" { comment } No, newt is not having his first trip! Another concept drawing from GB's collaborated CG movie coming out this summer!

  • nmac2005
    "Amnesty" { comment } Great artistic "space ballad" piece.

  • The Ancient
    "t3h oGRiFo" { comment } Oooo... cool pic. I hope this gets colored!

  • Etoli
    "Spartan" { comment } Very "sleek and smooth."

  • Mr. Elite
    Go here and (especially) here }for some awesome elite sketchwork!
  • Halo Fan Strips

  • Halo: COLOCS | The master chief has to move in with some Covies... hilarity ensues!

  • Chief and Covie: Episode 1 | The chief sure does like him some Skittles!

    recently updated forum series

  • MC & Cortana: Season 3 | Finally an update to this hilarious series! This comes in the forum of an unexpected guest strip. Check it out!
  • Covenant Child | 2phast, the creator of the most popular series on this forum, has posted an important announcement concerning the future of the strip. w00t!

  • Midnight Flare Chronicles | This strip is crazy! Check it!

    new forum series

  • MC_Elite brings us laughs in one of the first Splinter Cell comic series. Check out "True Teamwork here!

  • By far our biggest update yet. Hopefully the next ones will be smaller. I will try my best to keep up! (-_-) Keep on drawing!
    [Please send me an e-mail if you experience an error with this update.]

Short and Sweet | mrsmiley { April 11, 2005 }

Not a very big art update today, but definitly some cool stuff to check out - including our first featured video!


Ha! I bet you weren't expecting to see a ferret spartan any time soon in your life. I suppose he is good at slipping into bases via small holes unnoticed? =P I didn't just make this a short update because I am tired, I also... ok well maybe that is the only reason. But, we will be releasing something REALLY cool next week. A special site edition that I'm sure you will all enjoy. So check out the bits of art we have today, and stay tuned for next week!

Gallery Art

  • master_chiefette
    "Human Elite" { comment } t3H s3x4Y self portrait as an elite! Front view can be found here.

  • HumanShield
    "Yuna { comment } Another outstanding female game character from HS. One for you Final Fantasy fans.

  • Donut
    "Master Chief Masterpiece" { comment He doesn't need Photoshop to make the MC look good. A hard-earned and well done feature.

  • Dirge
    "Red Bull" { comment If you don't get this pic at first... you will soon! =D

  • 2phast
    "Go Tell iIt on the Mountain" { comment } This guy continues to whip out incredible MSP stuff. Nothing phases him!

  • Gruntsbane
    "Beasty" { comment } An insane school assignment: color this picture (artist unknown). Man...
  • HPC: Where Grenades Actually Do Something

    Quite a few people ahve submitted videos to our forum Gallery. Some are ok, but the majority are pretty run-of-the-mill collage vids. (Mr. Wu, I feel your pain!) However, this one really stuck out from the crowd. It's a collage, but time and effort were actually put into it... what a concept! Great editing, great song, and some awesome grenade work on Bloodgulch!

    Cha Cha Cha!: Obsessed with frags on BG | by PlasmaFire | comment
    (thanks to thatweasel.tv for hosting) I will post a mirror if I have to.

    That's all folks. There really is some cool stuff in our Sketchbook, as well as some cool new Fan Strips, but you'll just have to find them for yourself. I hope everyone gets more sleep than I do! =)

Sam Fisher He Ain't | mrsmiley { March 31, 2005 }

I know all of you guys are probably glued to your Xbox Live headset playing online co-op for Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, but come on. Give the MC a bit of your time, and check out this 2-week art update!


2phast brings us the usual amazing MSP art. Not a bad no-helmet representation if you ask me! I skipped last week's update because we seemed to be lacking in the "good art" department. I think people took the week of for Spring break. Well apparently everyone's back with full force! A lot of entries in the last few days. I sort through them so you don't have to! Enjoy!

P.S. Sorry about being late, but happy Easter everyone!

Gallery Art

  • Rebirth Shadow
    "The Elite and the Assassin" { comment } A lethal duo... watch out, MC!

  • Ryley217
    "Vinx" { comment } Totally cool MC drawing using pencils!

  • Etoli
    "Sunset in the Valley of the Makai" { comment } Absolutely GORGEOUS pic done for a school project; also in pencil. B&W included.
    "On the Hunt" { comment } Yet another fantastic Elite pic.

  • 2phast
    "Salvation for a Savior" { comment } Yet another MSP masterpiece. They keep getting better...

  • mtnspringwater
    "Dinner Time" { comment } Rockin' pic of some Brute brutality. Also posted on HBO.
  • Sketchbook Art

  • she_ate_my_bus_accident
    "Guitar Playing Elite { comment } A weird idea, but drawn so well!

  • Ionaki 'Rinasupuree
    "Angel of Prayer { comment } If is saw this in Halo 2, she would have killed me in the moments I was standing in awe.

  • Donut
    "MC { comment } Yet another really cool colored pencil pic!

  • Nala'Zorodee
    "Grunt WIP { comment } The start of a superbly detailed Grunt pic.
  • Halo Fan Strips

    Not a ton of activity as of late, but a few cool things happened, along with some REALLY cool things to come!

    Forum Series *updated this week*

  • Covenant Child: This is THE coolest MSP comic I have ever seen, as is by far the most popular on this forum with almost 11,000 views! Better yet, 2phast just released a nice teaser for the next part of the series, that will apparently be animated. I can't wait!
  • Featured

  • Xbox Live Chronicles: 2 very funny strips so far. Get it off! seems to have stumbled on a great strip series!

  • The Defense of Eridanus II: Another fairly new series by Get it off!. A slow start, but looks promising.

  • Real Halo: Season 3: Season 3 starts off with a bang, with MechaRaum introducing a wicked cool new Covenant race; the "Shredders." This looks like it's gonna be good!
  • That's all for this week. Be sure to swing by next week, when we bust open one of the coolest Halo fan projects of all time!

Leyk, Keyes, Staten... OH MY! | mrsmiley { March 16, 2005 }

We have a very packed out art update for you guys today. Some things to look forward to inside, a new forum series, a bunch of other comic strips, a totally hot pic of Ms. Keyes, and the best damn MSPaint works you will ever see. Period. Oh, and did I mention Joseph Staten as a sexy grunt?


Yes. The above picture was done completely in Microsoft Paint. Every once and a while a new artist appears at Halo Babies that wows all our members with their incredible artistic talent. This is "KloHunt3r." He does in MSPaint what most people have trouble doing in PhotoShop; he creates 3D realistic Halo artwork. For those that may remember, 2phast lead the "MSP Revolution" in this forum a while ago with some of his incredible works. Several other fairly good MSP artists rose up after, but KloHunt3r has beat them to the punch! This stuff has to be seen to be believed!

*images in .png are not directly linked, but rather are linked to the forum post containing the pic. this is because a direct link usually requires a download rather than opening in-browser.*

"Fight or Die"
"Up Close and Less Personal"
"Grunty Hunger"

Ok... after you pick your jaws up from the floor, we can move on to the main part of the update! (So your jaw can fall back again...)

Gallery Art

So... Much... Art...

  • Grunt_monkey
    "Tiger Spartan" { comment } Totally cool MC anthro.

  • MechaRaum
    "Real Halo Preview" A cool looking character from his upcoming strip update.

  • Master Chef
    "Master Chief Pwned" { comment } Shocking pic... but cool style!

  • DemonSpawn77
    "MSP Shading" Another crack at shading with MSP.

  • MookieRah
    "Frucker" { comment } Don't let the name fool you. Totally cool FF piece!

  • Sparkie
    "Sexy Joe" { comment } I really hope he sees this. =P

  • Dirge
    "Anthro Wolf MC" { comment } Another cool anthro pic!

  • ElKabong
    "Sick of ReaBreather" { comment } He may be a little old looking, but a cool no-helmet pic!
  • Sketchbook Art

    We have 3 features from some of our best artists in the sketchbook this week. Enjoy!

  • HumanShield
    "Miranda" { comment } She was never this hot in the actual game!

  • Etoli
    "Shooting Lessons" { comment } Beautiful pic of a father and son Elite. Awesome.

  • Jaxx
    "Dre'al" comment } Ok, this WAS a work in progress! Check out the finished pic! Usual Leyk greatness.
  • Halo Fan Strips

    Forum Series *updated this week*

  • NEW SERIES! The Midnight Flare Chronicles: I just made this a forum series. It is funny, and well-made with a unique style. I hear a new strip is coming soon!
  • Featured

  • Invader Halo #1 An Invader Zim/Halo hybrid comic?!? And it's actually good!?!? SWEET!

  • Matta Chief vs. Gold 2 Woah, an animated comic using action figures! Well done, and quite funny!
  • That's all folks! (As if that wasn't that much. I hope you guys remembered to keep a towel handy to wipe up the drool!)

When Art Updates | mrsmiley { March 08, 2005 }

Although these art updates tend to take quite a bit of work on my part, I always love the results! As always, we have tons of great art in this week's update. We also have a bunch of cool new Halo fan strips for you to check out!


This week there a few great non-Halo related pics. I love when I see people doing other characters besides Halo. Don't get me wrong, Halo is great, and there are certainly a lot of good pics, but every now and then something else is rereshing! =)

Gallery Art

  • Sparkie
    "Angelic Arbiter" { comment } Where would we be without the usual creative/awesome stuff from Sparkie?
    "Halo Welding Helmet" Sparkie decided to take her skills to a new canvas... a welding helmet! She somehow manages to pull anything off well, even with only an X-acto knife as a tool!

  • Raptor 27
    "Nightmare" and "Sheol" { comment } Very cool and unique Conevanant characters!

  • MookieRah
    "Crazy Master Chief" { comment } This just plain rocks! New artist alert!
    "Old Stuff" Gallery
  • - Some great gaming work; a slant towards SSBM.

  • Akba/Sparkies Boyfriend
    "Veritech Sparkie" [color, original] { comment } Sparkie guest stars in a sexay Veritech pic!

  • 2phast
    "New Style MC" { comment } Just when you thought MSP couldn't get any better...

    Sketchbook Art

  • Etoli
    "Feminine Elite Character Sheet" { comment } She is "leaning" towards a feminine looking Elite; seems like several artists are doing this nowadays.

  • elryanman
    "Elite Sketch { comment } Sweet sketch - over some other cool sketches... XD
    "Spec. Ops vs. MC" { comment } If only the MC could do that in the game... ;)

  • MookieRah
    "Tachyon WIP" { comment } "Megamanesque"
    "Mario is a badass" { comment } Wow, he really is! Lookin forward to seeing this finished!

  • lysergic
    "Hunter Sketch" [color, original] { comment } Very intricate drawing, and good job on coloring. (No shading, but still feature-worthy!)

  • Master Chef
    "Master Chief Again" { comment } Wicked cool style for this WIP. Done in MSP, too!
  • Halo Fan Strips
    I'm organizing this section a bit different, since there a bunch of new quality strips that have popped up. Hopefully this will be more convenient for you to navigate! Here is a break-down of the new categories:

    - Forum Series: An established comic series on this forum, that ranks relativly high in artistic quality, activity, and is well-received among members.

    - Feature: A one-time comic, or a new series that catches my eye; whether for artistic, or comedic purposes.

    Forum Series *updated this week*

  • MC and Cortana: Session 3.0 - Part 4

  • Journey to the Covenant Homeworld - Part 15

  • NEW SERIES! Leet and Masta. This is a hilarious new series by long-time forum member, MechaRaum, with a unique artistic style. It has been around for a bit, but it is now a Forum Series!
  • Features

  • Midnight Flare Chronicles: Part 3

  • Pimp it, Smiley!
  • Already, as I finish up this update, I see at least 4 or 5 new features for next week... GOSH!

This Update Contains Partial Nudity | mrsmiley { March 03, 2005 }

Be warned! This update has some awesome art; stuff that only comes around once in a full moon!


For all you guys out there expecting something else... what were you thinking?! This is a family friendly art site! GOSH! Hehe, anyways, sorry for the late update this week. I have been very busy working on multiple video projects for several churches, and they are very time consuming. I suppose it's better late than never, eh?

You may also noticed I added a cool new news category specifically for fan art updates! This will allow you to easily browse all of our past fan art updates from one page!

Gallery Art

  • nmac2005
    "CyberJackal" { comment } This guy did a rockin' desktop with this scart Jackal a while back. Good to see more stuff from him!

  • Ionaki 'Rinasupuree
    "2-Inch Elite" { comment } This pic doesn't seem amazing, until you realize how small 2 inches is! WOAH!

  • Sparkie
    "Egyptian Hunter" { comment }
    "Combat Form" { comment } What art update would be complete with some awesome art from Sparkie?

  • akba
    "UNSC Cruiser - Colored" { comment } An absolutely fantastic coloring job of Deus's cruiser concept.
  • Dirge
    Dirge posted a thread with some of her latest artwork; including a cool "Arbiter Grunt", and a guest appearance by Foamy!

  • elryanman
    This definitly ranks high on the "creative scale!" This artists converted a bunch of Halo characters into the "Zelda: Windwaker" style of art! It rocks! Check out the thread for the pics.
  • Sketchbook Art

  • Spec.Op.Elite.
    "MC Plays Tennis" { comment } How could I not feature a pic of MC playing tennis?

  • she_ate_my_bus_accident
    "Love for Master Chief" { comment } Boys have their Cortana fantasies, but the ladies have the MC in mind!

  • Mr. Elite
    "Funky Elite" { comment } Once your eyes adjust, it looks freakin' cool!

  • Grunt_monkey
    "Ballerina Grunts" { comment } Surprisingly, this thought never crossed my mind before. ;P

  • Puma 'Raviolee
    Now this is cool. Metal etchings of an Elite and a Hunter! Definitly a unique form of art!
  • Halo Fan Strips

    Good news today, DemonSpawn77 finally updated his Journey to the Covenant Homeworld strip with #15! Be sure to start from the bottom up the post if you are new to the series. In other news lysergic started a great new sprite-based comic, which currently has no name. Take a look! Some other cool strips to check our are "A Day with Matta Chief" by she_ate_my_bus_accident, "The Cake by Ryley217, and even my own comic debute on the forums! ;)

    Happy B-Day, 7.0!
    In celebration of the one year anniversary of "Halo Babies 7.0" Skipper one of our most long-standing mods, posted a "Mr. Smiley and Gruntsbane Appreciate" thread containing quite a few pics! Check it out!

Eye Candy | mrsmiley { February 22, 2005 }

We have some more great stuff for you this week. No, I mean some really cool stuff. Read on and give your eyes a treat!


First off I want to say that I have been slacking big time the past few months. In case you didn't know, this site has an official Halo Babies Fan Gallery. I have been totally neglecting this section! Great Halo Babies art, such as the one you see above, deserves a permanent place on this site. I will be making an update to this database over the next week or so. It is a lot of work, as it bascially means going over every art update we've ever had, and finding the best Halo Babies fan art to post. We have had a lot of great artists in the past, and have even more now! I want to give them the recognition they deserve for their Halo Babies contributions! So anyways, expect that soon... now on with the art!

Gallery Art

  • tanqexe
    "Halo 2: Ambush" { comment } This is by far one of the coolest fan pieces I have seen in a long time!

  • The_Eliminator
    "Jackal Terminator" { comment } As if they weren't scary enough on their own! Check out the thread for a second version as well!

  • Ryley217
    "ODST Chibi" { comment } A very cool "babyfied" ODST Trooper.
  • Sketchbook Art

  • HumanShield
    "Commander Keyes" { comment } Another *ahem* "bust" of a Halo 2 woman. I wish he would finish one of these!
    "A very 'Skinny' Elite { comment } Woah, definitly a first for me!

  • Sparkie
    "Valjir" { comment } I didn't know Elites could be so sexay! Sparkie does it again...

  • Nala'Zorodee
    "The Balloon" { comment } This has nothing to do with Halo, but is a very cool pic!

  • Grunt_monkey
    "Manga Elite" { comment } Very cute manga elite!

    Fan Strips

    Got a couple new strips up this week. Check out "Matta Chief vs. Goldy the Elite" by she_at_my_bus_accident, and an absolutely hialrious comic by Sparkie called "Innuendo!" Ryley217 also brings her homegrown art style to life again with a new strip of her own.

    That's all for this week. It's now time to get started on the fan art update... *groans*

Polar Bears, Bugs, and Smilies... | mrsmiley { February 15, 2005 }

What do these 3 things have in common? They are all part of today's art update!


This update definitly isn't near as large as the last one (thank God). The benefits of staying on top of things, I suppose! ;P

Gallery Art

  • Compassghost
    "The Origin of MisterSmiley" - When you make a flash animation about me, I post it in the art update! ;)

  • Deus'
    "All of my work" { comment } Holy crap! Crazy new concepts of the Master Chief's arsenal!

  • Sparkie
    "Squish" { comment } Sparkie works her magic again, this time on one of Halo 2's "bugs". This is the first fan art piece I've seen featuring these creatures!

  • elryanman
    "conflict" { comment } Very cool artpad drawing. Good use of transparency.
  • Sketchbook Art

  • MSBartist
    "Grunty Gallery - Some good stuff in there!

  • [Wod]Archer
    "That's gotta hurt" { comment } That elite got pwned.

  • she_ate_my_bus_accident
    "Free time drawing" { comment } Very cute self portrait of a talented new artist!

  • HumanShield
    "Practice Sketch" { comment } I like her hair! XD
  • Fan Strips

    Not much going on in this section. Part 2 of the MF Chronicles is up. There is also a pretty cool Half Life 2 series that uses the new "Gary's mod" to construct scenes of a story. It is called The Escape, and is pretty damn cool! A warning though, it takes quite a while to load, even with a fast connection!

    That's all for this week. Thanks for all the great art!

Biggest. Fan Art Update. Ever. | mrsmiley { February 08, 2005 }

Oooh boy, I waited way to long to post this art update. I had at least 4 pages of Gallery artwork to sift through in the forum, not to mention the other sections! You guys are goin crazy! There are quite a few impressive new artists, and some fantastic new fan comics! Read on for the goods!


Ok ok, so I have been slacking a bit around here. ;) To make up for it, today I come to you with 13 pieces of featured Gallery art, plus a bunch of others! Sit back, relax, and don't look too closely at your screen...

Gallery Art

  • Ionaki 'Rinasupuree
    "Me in MJOLNIR" { comment } A stunning self portrait of a killer new artist!

  • akba
    "Slim Chief" { comment } This was posted over 2 months ago, and I forgot to feature it! It rocks.

  • Archangel
    "Finished: 3 Chiefs" { comment } A great job finishing Gruntsbane's original image.

  • Sparkie
    "Amadeus: Celestial Armor" { comment } A very "heavenly" take on Elite armor.
    "For the Ladies" { comment } LOL! Only Sparkie could pull off something so unexpected!

  • Grunt_monkey
    "Baby Elite" { comment } Simply well-drawn!
    "Baby Hunter" { comment } Coolest. Baby Huner. Ever.

  • 2phast
    "Halo 2 Marine" { comment } Way cool version of a Halo 2 marine. NOT in MSP; the style rocks!

  • HumanShield
    "Victory { comment } HS brings his unique art style to the table with this solemn piece.

  • Compassghost
    "Macross VF-1 Valkyrie" This post has a bunch of cool stuff. Check it out!

  • zero
    Wow, haven't seen this guy in a while! zero returns to us with 2 mind-bending works done via art.com's "Art Pad" feature! They both rock! (56K users should click "Skip to End")

    "Blue Elite" { comment }
    "Abstractish MC" { comment }

  • Speaking of cool stuff using the Art Pad, Gruntsbane posted a very cool pic of the MC using the tool. A cool way to check out how he draws the Baby MC!

    "Tutorial?" { comment }


  • she_ate_my_bus_accident
    "Ragnarok" { comment } Wierd name. Beautiful pic!

  • Sparkie
    "Sentinels" { comment } Somehow Sparkie can make anything in Halo seem cute.

  • Ionaki 'Rinasupuree
    "Halo Structure" { comment } Woah, I hope this gets finished!
  • Halo Fan Strips

    This section is just as active as ever. Some strips have kinda slowed down, while others have boosted their activity! A few active series strips that I recommend checking out are Journey to the Covenant Homeworld (strip 14 posted) and Real Halo (strip 9 posted), and The Defense of Eridanus II (strip 3 posted). There have been a couple new series strips that have just started and show good potential!

  • The Midnight Flare Chronicles by VampyricTurialim [current strips in series: 1] The first strip, and already a Pokemon reference. w00t!

  • Samus vs. Chief! by Sparkie [current strips in series: 2] A hilarious look at the imaginary match up!

    While you're at it, check out these great individual strips!

  • "Wrong Sniper" by VampyricTurialim

  • "Banshee Boarding Gone Wrong by DemonSpawn77 (previously canadian_sniper_god)

    Well that's all for this week. Hopefully next week's update will be smaller, cuz I need some sleep! =P

Fan Art, Finally! | mrsmiley { January 07, 2005 }

Sorry for the lack up fan art updates the past couple weeks. The holiday season was very busy for me! I'm doing this one today, cuz I didn't do it Monday. Lots of good stuff this week, check it out!

*All this artwork and more can be viewed and submitted in our Forum.

Gallery Art
It is getting tougher and tougher to choose features nowadays; there is so much great art! Just so all of you guys know, I am really narrowing the number of selections I feature. No offense meant to beginning artists, but I just don't want to post 10 features at once anymore! =) I will probably limit each update to about 5 gallery features, unless there is more than 5 really good pics.

  • fairlyodd
    "Halo" { comment } Cool pose, and great perspective in this colored pencil pic of the MC.

  • Ryley217
    "Animal Marines" { comment } Suprisingly cool furry drawings of Halo marines.

  • Grunt_monkey
    "Random Elite" { comment } Gm shows that she can draw well without going chibi

  • JacksDeformity
    "MC with Rocket" { comment } A stunning B&W by a worthy newcomer

  • 2phast
    "Sgt. Avery Johnson { comment } What update would be complete without something cool from 2phast?
  • Sketchbook Art
    There is always cool stuff brewing in our sketchbook. Much of it eventually turns into a Gallery feature, but either way, I like to point out some cool works in progress!

  • Grunt_monkey
    "Chibi Covenants" { comment } Four different chibi covies... great art, and SO cute!

  • Mr. Elite
    "Why Grunts Don't Fish" { comment } Very funny!

  • JacksDeformity
    "My Elite" { comment } [WARNING: Large Filesize] I hope this one gets finished!

  • MSBartist
    "Grunt Ghost-Writer Sketch" { comment } This could turn out to be one awesome, and hilarious pic!

  • nrek
    You really have to view the whole thread to see all of his work, but here is a quick example of nrek's usual 3-D prowess. It's good to have him back, uh... rendering again!
  • Fan Strips
    We really have some talent in this forum for graphic novels! 3 of these have been updated with new episodes, so check them all out!

  • Covenant Child by 2phast

  • Journey to the Covenant Homeworld by canadian_sniper_god

  • Real Halo: Season 2 by MechaRaum
  • That's all for this week, we'll have some different things for this Monday, since we probably won't have enough art to feature. Swing by again then! =)

Oh Baby! | mrsmiley { December 20, 2004 }

Two weeks worth of art in today's update; including a new sexy Cortana desktop, and some beautiful spartan ladies! (#^_^#) Check 'em out!

We have quite a few exceptional pieces of art today!

Gallery Art

  • Spec.Op.Elite.
    That was a close one! { comment } A cool inked B&W piece.

  • Ryley217
    Chibi Arbiter { comment } A cute babyfied Arbiter!
    The Arbiter { comment } After viewing the first picture by Ryley, this one will shock you!

  • The_Eliminator
    Lego SMGs { comment/view more pics } They may not be the most accurate, but a fun idea! ;P Update: Check out even more weapons in this post!

  • Sparkie
    Draconic Elite { comment } A very unique "dragon elite"!

  • blinxhunter
    Statue of Xbox { comment } A hilarios Photoshop job in the Statue of Liberty!
  • Sketchbook

  • Donut
    Spartan Sketch { comment } A good start to a new MC pic.

  • MSBartist
    Marine VS Zealot Elite { comment } Great style on this battle pic!

  • HumanShield
    Anime-Stylized Arbiter { comment/view more pics } A great start to a cool anime Arbiter!
  • Fan Strips
    We've got a new installment to Ryley217's "What to do with the Monitor" series today, as well as plenty of great new work in the Halo Fan Strips section of our forum. Some noteable updates include episode 10 of "Covenant Child," part 5 of "Journey to the Covenant Homeworld," a new season of Real Halo," and a cool new series featuring Halo action figures! Check those out and more in the forum!

    Random Flash Movie
    Compassghost gives us a cool lil flash clip of a an Elite getting PWNED.
    Headshot { comment }

    Heeey Ladies!
    There are 3 new pieces of art that all had me drooling. They all feature some insane artwork by some of our best artists! And they are all of women... sweet. As a bonus, each image comes with a pre-release version. Enjoy!


  • tanqexe
    Girl with a Big Gun | pre-release { comment } A very moody painting of a female spartan!

  • v2
    Linda 058 | pre-release {comment } A stunning representation of the famed female Spartan.


  • v2
    tEh s3xay Cortana desktop! v2 ROCKS! Three different resolutions:

    800x600 | 1024x768 | 1152x864 { comment }

    Pretty sweet, huh? Here's an early sketch for ya!

    *Wipes up Drool*
    What a great update! Thanks for reading, everyone! :D

Fan Art - Now Comes with a Movie! | mrsmiley { November 30, 2004 }

We have the usual large batch of fan art features to check out today. However, different from most days, we have a superb Halo 2 video this week! Come in and check out all the cool artsy goodness!

Gallery Art

  • Grunt_monkey
    Chibi Brute { comment } I didn't know Brutes could be so cUtE!

  • Super Grunt
    Punisher Grunt { comment } Cool artwork, crappy picture.

  • 2phast
    Grunt Mech { comment } Now that's a scary grunt.
    MC Mech { comment } Robocop or MC? You decide.

  • zero
    Always Time for Halo { comment } w00t! Master Chief!
  • Sketchbook Art

  • MSBartist
    Grunty X-Mas { comment } Have a grunty Christmas!

  • Red8ball
    Elite { comment } Cool elite sketch.
  • Halo Fan Strips

  • 2phast
    The Chief's Newest Weapon! { comment } I want that for Christmas!

  • canadian_sniper_god
    Preparing for War { comment } A good start to what looks to be a detailed adventure strip!

  • zero
    A Rare Moment in MC's Life { comment } Well when you gotta go...
  • New Movie!
    One of our best forum artists, zero, decided to try his hand at film editing, and he did a great job! This vid pieces together a bunch of Halo 2's gorgeous cinematics to form a solid experience that is definitly worth the download!


  • "Orchestrated Chaos" by zero
    Windows Media | 43.5MB
    MPEG | 46.9MB

    That's all for this week! Thanks, guys!

Fan Feature Crazy! | mrsmiley { November 23, 2004 }

The Fan Gallery has been absolutely off the hook as of late with tons of great art submissions! I don't know how you guys are pulling yourselves away from Halo 2 to draw, but keep at it! Tons of featured art inside!

Fan Artwork

  • 2phast
    MC Flood { comment } Suck it, Gravemind!
    Amber Clad { comment } Another moving piece in Halo 2's New Mombasa.

  • Compassghost
    Hippo Shells { comment } Awesome rendering of Halo's exclusive "Hippo Shotguns".

  • Ryley217
    Master Chief vs. Gold Elite { comment } Very well-done B&W picture with a cool perspective.
    Elite Trio { comment } Full-color chibi elites!

  • Spec.Op.Elite
    MC Hanging { comment } Let's hope the MC doesn't miss with his SMG...

  • MSBartist
    Grunt Sex? { comment } Don't worry, it's not what you think - very funny!
  • Fan Desktop
    New member, rebeljon, has shown some good editing skillz. He used a pre-made explosion pic, made some modifications, and BAM! 343 Guilty Spark Pwning Earth. (1600x1149) { comment }

    Fan Strips
    We have had an unusual ammount of great Halo fan strips in our forums as of late! They are definitly worth a look! Here are a couple that stand out to me:

  • zero
    Halo 2 Ending { comment }

  • blinxhunter
    LAN Party #1 { comment }

  • 2phast

  • Chief's New Armor { comment }
  • Don't forget to check out Ryley217's latest installment of his "What to do with the monitor" series in our fan strip section!

    Finally, I thought I should feature a couple exceptional "Works in Progress".

  • Grunt_monkey
    Chibi Brute { comment } A great start to a "babyfied" Brute!

  • Vendau
    2 Spartans in a Hog { comment } Looks like the star of a great desktop!

  • zero
    Mourning Chief { comment } Wow. Just wow.
  • Well? I told you it would be big! We have some real talent on this site, keep it up!

If Kirby Ate Master Chief | mrsmiley { November 01, 2004 }

Woah! Halo meets Super Smash Bros...

Hehe, don't you all wish! Even though that will never happen, I couldn't help but mention KloHunt3r's Kirby Chief, even if it isn't quite a feature! MMmmm... pink and green goodness... on to the update!

Forum Art

  • MechaRaum
    Trick or Treat! { comment } No Halloween would be complete without at least one themed pic! Very clever camera work! (A funny second pic is available if you sroll down his forum post!)

  • Spartan 067
    On the Beach of Zanzibar { comment } A promising up and coming artist. Great attention to shadow detail.

  • 2phast
    Fido-117 { comment } Wow. You'll have to see this to believe it!
    Sanctum of Heirarchs { comment } Beatuful portayal of a scene from Halo: First Strike.
  • Fan Strip

    Bigcortana's strips seem to just keep getting funnier, and her Adobe skill is getting better! Check her latest strip in her "Grunts will Rule" series!

    The last strip of our series is coming in 4 days! O_o

Art Update Part 2! | mrsmiley { October 26, 2004 }

We've got a bunch of great fan images, a new 3-D desktop, and a movie... AND A SPOILER!!!!!11

OMFG TEH SP0LI3R! Hehe, just a funny lil image from the newly created MisterChief.com! (Image by c0ld)

And now on to all the featured forum art this week that is NOT by 2phast! ;)

Forum Art

  • Archangel
    The Real ODST { comment } An awesome drawing of and ODST shock trooper!

  • Timber_Wulf
    Courage { comment } A very well-done MSP drawing, with a great quote!

  • Compassghost
    Fire Downrange [Forum Post] Compass never ceases to amaze with his incredible flash work! He does great things with the Scorpion tank!

  • Donut
    Master Chief { comment } A very well drawn colored pencil, er... drawing!
    Dead Elite { comment } Drawing of a dead elite using the same style. (You may also want to check out his MSP Halo logo!)

  • Grunt_money
    MC Hamster and Grunt mouse { comment } SOOOO CUTE!!!
  • Forum Movie

    Whencowzattack posted a hilarious "stop-go" movie featuring Halo/Halo 2 action figures. It is very well done, and has been getting great feedback in the forum. Check it out!

  • (Right click and 'Save as' to download) Halo Figures | 6.43 MB | Windows Media | Hosted by Mythica

    Fan Desktop

    We've got another 3-D desktop by nrek today! Check it out!

    Woah! That was a big update! Enjoy!

'2phast' for you! (And more!) | mrsmiley { October 25, 2004 }

Today's art update is so huge, that I am gonna have to split it up between today and tomorrow!

There were SO MANY great art entries this week! 2phast was workin' over time on all of his MSP pieces. Because he had so many awesome works, I decided to just post his today, and then post the other artist's stuff tomorrow. (There is other great art too, but this is just easier!)

Featured Forum Art

  • Earth City Under Attack { comment } Very cool perspective on the Covenant invasion of Earth.

  • Halo 3 Chief/Weapons Concept { comment } Already thinking about Halo 3, eh?

  • Luxery Hog { comment } "Style now has wheels."

  • Fresh Ownage { comment } Blue team gets a plate of it...

  • MC With No Helmet (funny!) { comment } The funniest thing from 2phast yet! See the pic and be scared!
  • Fan Desktops
    nrek has also been working over time for us! He sent me four 3-D desktops yesterday. I am releasing 2 for you today, 1 tomorrow, and the final one this Friday! Check them out!

    Fan Strip
    Bigcortana seems to be starting mini-series with her new "Giant Grunt" strip!

    That's all for now! More coming tomorrow! :)

Art Knows no Rest | mrsmiley { October 18, 2004 }

And neither do I! This update, will be short and sweet cuz I'm tired! ;)

We have 3 new fan strips today! Check 'em out!

We also have some featured forum artwork by 2Phast (MS Paint Master) and Compassghost ("Halo Madness" flash Master!). 2PHast awes with the usual MSP insanity, and Compassghost hooks us up with a rockin' preview of his upcoming movie!

w00t! Nap time for me!

Halo Babies 3-D | mrsmiley { October 13, 2004 }

Our fans are amazing. Every day I log on and check out the art sections of our forum I am blown away. There is one artist, however, that has pioneered a whole new way of doing things the Halo Babies way; nrek does them in 3-D. (Read on for new content!)

Nrek did not raise the bar on Halo Babies fan art, he created a new one all together! While others have dabbled with the idea, he plunged in head first. Viewing his progress has been a blast, but to see his finished work on this site absolutely rocks! nrek takes great care in creating 3-demensional characters that still ramain very loyal to Gruntsbane's original artwork. Check out some examples:

Although Halo Babies has always played off of it's cartoony look as a comic, this really is a neat change of pace for fan art. Today, we are releasing nrek's first two 3-D comics strips in our fan strips section, as well as 2 new 3-D desktops in the fan desktop section! Be sure to swing by the art sections of our forum for the lastest of nrek's projects!

Monday Fan Art Features | mrsmiley { October 11, 2004 }

Our forum is being taken over by MSP! No, not an online virus, I'm talking about Microsoft Paint! We have so many talented artist who favor this program over Adobe and others art editing programs... and they do a damn good job! Time for the weekly fan feature update!

Fan Strips
We have 2 new strips up today; both by canadian sniper god.

Gallery Features
Not as many as last werk, but that is due to the fact that nrek's art won't be released until wednesday... hehe... ;)

  • Point Blank Chief by 2phast
  • | A usual, an awesome MSP pic - but a very cool twist on the current Halo Babies character!
  • HBN ODSTs by Archangel
  • | Very cool take-off of our previous released marine sketches and poses.
  • Halo Babies 'Madness" by compassghost | I can't wait to see the finished product...
  • Coming Up...
    One word: nrek. This guys produces 3-D Halo Babies artwork like it was the PoA on 'easy'! I already have 2 new desktops and *gasp!* 2 3-D fan strips; most of which I will be releasing this Wednesday!

It Just Keeps Getting Better... | mrsmiley { October 04, 2004 }

I leave for a few days on a camping trip, only to return to insanely good artwork posted in our forum! There are quite a few featured images this week, including a new one by Gruntsbane, the first art post of Jaxx (Tina Leyk), and Halo Babies gone 3-D!

Since we have a bunch today, let's get right to it!

We've got a new fan strip from big-cortana. Apperently Cortana's locating abilities aren't as good outside of the Chief's armor. ;)

And now for our featured Gallery artwork:

  • Fred (Final) by Crazy Fox 15 | A very cool piece of furry/Halo art, based on Star Fox for Nintendo. A sketched verseion can be found here.

  • Slayer by 2phast | This amazing artist continues to blow us all away with his vast talent in MS Paint! That Ghost simply looks stunning!
  • Batcave by Gruntsbane | An incredible homework assigment that the Halo Babies artsist absolutely nails! Does he ever get less that an 'A+'?

  • H2 Baby MC vs. Elite by Jaxx | Mere words cannot describe this incredible Halo Babies tribute by the famous furry artist turned active HBN member! Go see it to believe it! (Hopefully a desktop will be coming soon...)
  • After being blown away by those amazing entries, you had better buckle your seatbelt for this one! Recent forum member 'nrek' has spent the last 2 weeks or so working on a Halo Babies 3-D project! There is an entire thread dedicated to his work. (Be sure to scroll down to see his progress!) So far he has completed a Baby Chief, a Grunt, and is working on a Cortana model! After viewing his online portfolio, I have no doubt that great things will be coming from this talented member!

    That wraps up this week's featured art. Keep 'em comin!

Now Featuring... You! | mrsmiley { September 27, 2004 }

From now on, every Monday (aside from the usual Halo Babies fan art), Gruntsbane and I will start choosing some of our favorite art pieces that fans have posted in our forum's Gallery for the week to feature in a news post. So if you wanna be seen by thousands on our front page, get crackin! (Continues...)

The art section of our forum has been rockin' so hard with great new artists, that I have decided to open a new Halo Fan Strip section for those artists that feel so inclined. Remember, these are for Halo comic strips. Any Halo Babies fan comic strips should be e-mailed to artAThalobabies.net (AT=@)! Without out furthur ado, here are our picks for this week!

  • MC and Cortana Tribute by 2phast | This guy is awesome at MSPaint. Period! He is waiting, like many of us, for MCandCortana.net to re-open!

  • Beach Spartan Pencil Drawing by Spartan 067 | A great up and coming artist in our forum. In only 6th grade, she seems to increase her skill with every new drawing!

  • Halo 2 Gots Squid by Spec.Op.Elite. | Tentacle or not, it's a great pencil drawing!
  • Quick Note: Non of these entries are Halo Babies related, so they won't actually be posted on this main site. However, they will remain archived in our forum!

    Thanks for all the great artwork this week! Keep 'em coming, and don't be discouraged if you don't see yourself on here. With hard work, you may!