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An explanation... | 2phast { October 18, 2008 }

Hello my friends. As I'm sure most of you have seen, I have not updated LtM since the early part of September. And I'm sure most of you are anxious to see the new comic. Life has thrown many, many exciting, and regrettably upsetting, things my way these past few weeks. College studies have been grueling, art has been fantastic, money has been scarce, and life has been up and down. I'm getting involved in quite a few projects these past few weeks. My current art endeavors involved me collaborating on a MASSIVE collaborative mural, with several other artists. That, along with my other series of paintings that I have in the works, have been keeping me quite busy. So busy that I've faultered on one of the things that I loved doing most, being apart of this community, and making great comics for everyone to enjoy.

So, here's the plan... If all goes well for me, in the following weeks you can expect an update with FIVE COMICS. Along with this, I have many compositions worked up for backgrounds, avatars, as well as various bits of Larry-related artwork. I know this is a lofty goal, and I've made promises that I haven't delivered on before, but trust me guys; I love doing this comic series, and I appreciate your support very much. You've all been patiently waiting for the newest release these past few weeks, but I must beg you be paitient just a little longer.... You'll be rewarded soon.

Aside from that, wish me luck; these next few weeks will test my ability to maintian a career in art. I'm turning in several resumes and portfolios of artwork to studios and design services in my area, so I may be soon getting an entry-level job in art. Also, I will post images of my newest projects soon too.

"FINALLY" | 2phast { September 05, 2008 }

... is exactly what you're all thinking. For those of you who were patient, thank you.

Free time? What's that? | 2phast { August 27, 2008 }

Summer time is usually full of those boring, lazy days where you literally have enough time to do anything... well, not me. Work has kept me away from home, college registration troubles have kept me busy, and money troubles have kept me stressed. As such, no LtM comic has been posted since the 10th. My sincerest apologies for the delay(s), but rest assured, I WILL post a comic soon. I just need a little bit more of your patience, folks. Hang tight.

O TEH NOES | 2phast { August 11, 2008 }

The Squad just doesn't get a break...

Sorry about the late post everyone. As you guessed, I've still getting my butt kicked thanks to work and other troubles. Don't expect this to continue much longer. I'll be getting better shifts soon... hopefully. Ugh.

Back on track... kinda. | 2phast { August 01, 2008 }

So, many apologies after last week's set backs, but I'm proud to anounce that I've posted one of the two comics I promised last week. Expect number two later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Ironically, and much to my dismay, my art project that I was having to work on for the county fair has been canceled; not by my own doing mind you, but rather the Fair Commision Office's incompetence on communicatin when I needed to have met the deadlines. I'm out of the fair this year, after I worked so hard on my painting too. Ugh. Oh well. Now I can get back to LtM at least, haha!

Set backs | 2phast { July 26, 2008 }

If you were disappointed there was no new Larry comic yesterday, I truly hate to add to your dismay, but I'm going to have to skip the new comic this week. I'm sorry. I've had an entire variety of issues this week that threw off my scheduele, including even some medical problems, and my recent task of taking on an art project for an upcoming fair. To add to this, work has been killing me... in fact, I raced home on my break to make this news post, and now I hgave only 4 minutes to get back uptown.

To be fair, expect TWO COMICS next week. You guys have been more than cooperative with my inconsistant comic-posts, and you deserve a treat. See ya next Friday guys! And wish me luck; I can't afford to take much more stress *_*

Mayday! | 2phast { July 19, 2008 }

Today, things get bad for Larry and the gang...

Whump! | 2phast { July 11, 2008 }

The battle begins, in today's comic. Larry needs to get his act together....

Friday's it is... | 2phast { July 04, 2008 }

Friday seems to be a more appropriate day for comic releases, with my work scheduele how it is now. So, with that, I bring you today's comic... Larry REALLY screws this one up.

Happy 4th of July everyone! Be sure to blow up alot of stuff today, all in the name of THE YOONITED STAITS OF AMURKA HELL YEAH!

Seriously, Happy 4th ^_^

See ya next Friday!

Change of plans | 2phast { June 30, 2008 }

Howdy guys. I regret to say that there will not be a new Larry comic today, as I'm having to change the release day to Thursday, instead of our usual Monday comic releases. Why the change, you ask? Quite simply: work. Summer hours for my job began this week, so I get to work early, and come home late. On top of that, I have a variety of art-related projects that MUST be done. So I'm constantly having to balance those with work. I have little time in between to post new comics, as well as make them. Thursdays are my days off, so rest assured that you'll have a fresh new comic waiting this Thursday!

Sorry for the inconvenience guys. See ya later in the week!

As for me, I'm off to work now. No rest for the weary, haha!

Crouching tiger? | 2phast { June 24, 2008 }

Larry and the gang encounter the Covenent in today's comic. Let's hope he actually does something about it...

Here's trouble | 2phast { June 16, 2008 }

The -blam!- hits the fan today guys. Things are gonna start heatin' up soon...

How it all began again... | 2phast { June 10, 2008 }

Larry and the gang are thrust into combat, in today's conclusion to the How It All Began series.

Sorry about the delay. A brief hiatus with my computer being crappy, as usual, caused me to post this late. Sorry 'bout that, haha!

Graduation | 2phast { June 02, 2008 }

Larry and the gang get ready to become true Marines, in today's comic. Larry screws up as usually...

Last week, I did promise there'd be two comics today. I need make some changes to the conclusion for next week. So hang tight for now guys :)

Getting serious, for just a moment... | 2phast { May 26, 2008 }

Here at HBN, we've prided ourselves in producing some Grade-A humor for years, and in recent months with Larry the Marine. As a community, we also pride ourselves in our deep gratitude and respect for those who are serving in active duty, and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. As such, when a holiday like Memorial Day comes around, we do our best to observe those brave men and women who devote their daily lives to defending us here at home, as well as those who gave their lives throughout history. Today's comic isn't exactly a comic, but rather a reminder, about what this holiday is all about.

Expect the "How it all began" series to be concluded next week, with two comics!

No turn signal | 2phast { May 19, 2008 }

It's Vehicle Orientation Day at boot camp today guys. Enjoy!

Late, but worth the wait... | 2phast { May 13, 2008 }

Serves me right for not saving my work in Photoshop... after 3 hours of work, PS crashes and I lost the newest comic.

Anyways, seems Command doesn't have much confidence in Larry. Enjoy!

It's all uphill from here | 2phast { May 05, 2008 }

Larry and the gang begin Basic Training today. Oh, how the fun begins...

I hate my car... | 2phast { April 29, 2008 }

Today's comic is a day late, but for sufficient reason. Seems my car's transmission decided it wanted to crap out on me last week, setting me behind about $3000 dollars that I don't have. On top of applying for a loan today and scrambling around to get any sort of money that I could, paying for my grossly overdue car insurance, an college-essay deadline happened to sneak up on me last night, and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning writing about the historical impact of Voltaire's Candide.

Forgive the whining, but I hope you guys can understand this being late. Don't expect this to happen too often as I'm a man dedicated to my work. Anyways, enjoy. I hope your luck is much better than mine.

Gumbo, stew, sammich... | 2phast { April 21, 2008 }

Our heroes begin to come together, in today's comic. Either it's incredibly uninspired or a brilliant homage. You decide!

Continuing these shenanigans... | 2phast { April 14, 2008 }

T.J. joins the ranks of the UNSC in today's comic. This is the 3rd, and most certianly NOT final, installment of how our beloved Marines came together. Stayed tuned next week for me!

My ISP fails... | 2phast { April 08, 2008 }

... no really, it fails. Alot. Over 12 hours of downtime.

My frustration aside, I've uploaded today's comic, continuing the story of how our 3 "heroes" came to be battle-hardened Marines. Seems Manny was born for it...

Larry will be Late | mrsmiley { April 07, 2008 }

2phast wanted me to make a note that today's Larry the Marine strip will be a bit late today. Apparently his ISP is having some pretty bad issues, and he's not sure when they'll be back up. Sorry!

In the beginning... | 2phast { March 31, 2008 }

... things weren't much different.

This week, we're debuting a mini-series for Larry the Marine. We're going to show you how Larry, Manny and T.J. all came to join the UNSC, and end up stuck together in the same squad.

Hope you're all enjoying your Spring breaks!

It's a bit choppy | 2phast { March 24, 2008 }

Larry addresses a serious impracticality issue in today's comic.

Seein' green | 2phast { March 17, 2008 }

Larry may enjoy St. Paddy's day too much... be safe and have a wonderful holiday guys!

What's with all the gravity? | 2phast { March 10, 2008 }

So, apparently tank beats everything.... o rly?

It's better than the last idea... | 2phast { March 03, 2008 }

In today's comic, Larry is once again devising ways to defeat the Covenant.

A whole bunch of... well, you know. | 2phast { February 25, 2008 }

Larry's got a good idea... albeit a horrifying one.

It's a fact... | 2phast { February 18, 2008 }

... Wearing a red shirt in combat will get you killed. Let's hope Larry learns that in time...

LOOK OUT! | 2phast { February 11, 2008 }

In today's comic, Larry better hope the Covenant is as dumb as he is...

Happiness by the bullet | 2phast { February 04, 2008 }

Larry gets his hands on the UNSC's newest weapon in today's comic. Enjoy :)

Larry Cameo | mrsmiley { January 29, 2008 }

It turns out the Larry the Marine is getting around these days (no, not like that!) He makes a stand-in appearance in today's Another Halo Comic Strip episode! This is an awesome series, so be sure to check the rest out after looking at today's. :)

Forgery | 2phast { January 28, 2008 }

Larry's full of surprises, as today's comic demonstrates. In other LtM news, expect to have concept art, wallpapers, and a bio of myself up later this week. Larry and the gang are taking off like a rocket, so you guys can expect to see some cool stuff in the coming months. Stick around!

If only this happened in Halo 3 | 2phast { January 21, 2008 }

In today's comic, Larry learns something new... at the cost of personal injury. Enjoy : )

Needs more what? | 2phast { January 14, 2008 }

Comic 4 is up folks. Amidst the wonderful comments I've received, I've been consistently told "needs more cowbell"... so, ask and ye shall receive ; )

Mother knows best! | 2phast { January 08, 2008 }

Howdy guys, 2phast here! 3rd comic is up. Hope you enjoy it. Expect exclusive LtM artwork, sketches, and wallpapers soon. VERY soon!

Larry the Marine: World Premier | mrsmiley { January 01, 2008 }

It is with absolute pleasure and pride that I announce the official world premier of a brand new Halo-based comic series birthed right here at HBN. Say hello to Larry the Marine!!!

Click "more" for a full artist interview and more info!


A chat with 2phast...
...the artist behind Larry the Marine

mrsmiley: As always, the first thing I must ask is how you came across Halo Babies. So, uh... how?

2phast: I learned about Halo Babies back in early 2004 from an article in Electronic Gaming Monthly. I made note of the URL and checked it out.

We were in EGM?! What the crap! No one tells me these things. What made you stay?

I enjoyed the artwork, and the quirky humor, and the site's community was very inviting, so after about 4 months of random visits, I decided to create my own account on the forums.

You are somewhat of a legend with MSP. What made you decide to pickup MSPaint and use it the way you did?

Truth be told, I didn't have Photoshop, or Corel, or even a scanner, so if I wanted to share my artistic prowess, I needed to use the only thing I really had: MSPaint. But, this created a new hurdle... MSP was an awful medium. It was old and clunky. And if I wanted to make good artwork, I needed to utilize it as best I could. So, everytime I created art using MSP, I wanted to try to 1-up myself each time, to do better and better. And later on in life, I learned that's what becoming a better artist is all about.

What is your past art experience and/or schooling?

I've been drawing and painting since I was even able to hold the tools to do so. My mother is an artist, as was her father, it kinda runs in my blood. I loved drawing pictures and doodling on paper. I took classes in Elementary school and Middle School, and through High School. Now, I'm attending college, hoping to get my degree in Illustration and become a graphic novelist, or the highly-coveted career of "concept artist". I'm a Sophomore at my current college now, and upon receiving my AA degree, I'm going to transfer to Western Washington University, and strive to get my Bachelor's there.

What are your inspirations for Larry the Marine?

Larry and the gang was the product of both my own humor and how I perceived the average-Joes of the Halo world. I wanted to make a story about the guys that aren't the heros, that aren't the tip of the spear, but still have an interesting story to tell, and how it even fits in with the general story of Halo. The original comics were made about 2 years ago, and become an overnight hit on the forums.

Larry was inspired somewhat by myself, and how I have a somewhat short attention-span, and how my timing is impeccable to make things humorous in the most serious of situations. Manny and T.J. became his companions, to affirm that the story needed the square-jawed gung-ho Marine who got stuck with two guys he hates (Manny), and the cool-laid back optimist who doesn't take his job too seriously (T.J.).

Sounds like winning sitcom idea! How has Halo Babies effected your artwork over the years?

Joel Casebeer (Grunstbane) is certainly one of my favorite artists, and I'm glad to see his career has taken flight. Halo Babies was a wonderful thing for me, and I could relate to it easily, being both an aspiring illustrator and a Halo-fan. I often saw through Joel's artwork, how with each comic his skills got better and better. I thought that doing the same thing might help me become a better artist too. Every time I make a piece of art and post it on the forums, I'm met with both praise and criticism, and I use both to make better art. And over the years, it's shown.

And that "better art" is what brought you to where you are now; your very own comic series! What are your future plans for Larry the Marine?

As far as the series itself, I'm excited to get it going, because it will challenge me to push myself, and make my artwork consistent and improve it each time. I'm excited to give something back to HBN, after all that it's given me. Grunstbane put us on the Halo-map with Halo Babies, so I hope we can do just the same with Larry the Marine. I have high hopes for Larry, Manny, and T.J., and their story will be quite enjoyable.

Stay tuned to both HaloBabies.net and LarrytheMarine.net for plenty of activity and future updates this year!