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Comics back online with downloads + extra content! | mrsmiley { May 27, 2008 }

Due to an issue with an update of our content management system, the official HB comics have been offline the past few months. I had worked for hours trying to find a resolution, and eventually humbled myself and contacted the mighty forerunner of this website, Gholsbane! It still took him a lot longer than expected, but he got them up and running. You rock, man!

Read on for more info, extra content, and more news!

By popular demand, I have finally added both a full comic archive download, as well as a download for just our popular story-driven series. Included in the series download is the original script we used when Grunstbane and I wrote it! In it, you will find unused punchlines/scenes, as well as a brief introduction by yours truly.

Finally, I re-enabled commenting on all of our HB comics, so take a trip down memory lane, and let us know if they're still as good as they were back then. ;)

Check it all out on our comics page!

Larry: The Beginnings... | mrsmiley { December 29, 2007 }

Since the secret "official" launch day of Larry the Marine is approaching fast, I went ahead and posted the first 5 strips that started it all. Nothing new if you saw them in the forums months/years ago. Either way, check them out and leave a comment!

Merry Christmas from HBN | mrsmiley { December 25, 2007 }

All the staff at HBN wish you the merriest of Christmases, and the happiest of holidays.

Oh, and here's a little gift.

Backend Upgrade Complete... Comic Posted! | mrsmiley { July 19, 2007 }

I am writing this as I finish fixing all the comic index files that got screwed up after the CMS update. Everything SHOULD be working. Please let me know if there are any broken/misdirected links anywhere on the site. I'll be making more changes, and I'll post updates here on the main page as I do.

Oh yeah, and I posted the One One Se7en guest strip that Grunstbane drew for Stuntmutt a short while ago. It's not new for those who have seen it already (duh), but it's a preview of what's to come nonetheless! Go check it out!

UPDATE: I added a scroll bar for the strip so those with lower res screens can view the whole thing! Sorry folks.

New Fan "Strip" | mrsmiley { June 03, 2006 }

Got another one for ya this week by Godius Propehtus. This one is very "stuntmuttesque" if I do say so myself. ;)

Holiday Over? | mrsmiley { May 27, 2006 }

We have a nice lil treat for you all today. Turialim, author of the HBN-famed Comics of Randomness, has provided us with our first new fan strip in a year and a half! Check it out, leave a comment, and then send me your own fan strips! If they're good, I'll post them on here. Maybe we can get this place active despite Gruntsbane's leave!

Something rank in here. | Gruntsbane { January 06, 2006 }

There is a growing epidemic on Xbox Live as the quest for higher rank has led to an online version of organised crime. But beware weary warriors, because you rarely get what you pay for. That is to say: nothing.

A Tense Countdown | Gruntsbane { December 30, 2005 }

Don't let this weeks strip fool you, it's not new year's eve yet. Though, perhaps to someone, this will be a chance to strike while the iron of irony is hot.

Last Minute Shopper | Gruntsbane { December 23, 2005 }

It's comic #117 but Chief forgot to finish his shopping for this weekend. Luckily he has friends in high places.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday season this year!

Like a Box of Chocolates. | Gruntsbane { December 16, 2005 }

Xbox Live gets a little crazier with the new Team Action Sack playlist and is badly illustrated in this comic. Warning: chicken suit not included for online play.

Bend it Like Bender | mrsmiley { December 09, 2005 }

This week's new comic features a very special guest...

Xbox Talks | mrsmiley { December 02, 2005 }

Those old Xboxs are getting pretty desperate to stay around in more ways than one. I, for one, can't get rid of mine!

After the turkey's gone. | Gruntsbane { November 25, 2005 }

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, I know the Chief did.

A Rising Filmmaker | Gruntsbane { November 18, 2005 }

Chief trys his hand at making a montage in this week's new comic. I have a feeling he should stick with his day job.

Smells Like a Sequel! | mrsmiley { November 11, 2005 }

Gruntsbane takes a look at the more "human" side of Master Chief in this week's new strip. It stinks.

DOA is JEALOUS | mrsmiley { November 04, 2005 }

Or if they're not, they sure don't act like it in this week's new strip! This one totally caught me off guard, but it rocks! =D

I promised myself I wouldn't say 'Halo-ween'. D'oh! | Gruntsbane { October 28, 2005 }

If anyone forgot that Halloween was coming up soon like me, I hope you dont end up like poor Sarge here. Try to have a good one anyway!

Egoboard | mrsmiley { October 21, 2005 }

In this week's new strip, the chief doesn't let this rubbish about the leaderboards get him down! =)

Lord of the Ringworld | Gruntsbane { October 14, 2005 }

By now, all of you should have heard that Peter Jackson will be producing the upcoming Halo movie. Luckily I had the chance to visit the set and record this candid exchange. I think we're just lucky he's not directing.

Grunts and Unicorns, Oh My... | mrsmiley { October 07, 2005 }

If you think this week's new strip is weird... well, you're right! But that's cuz we didn't write it! Today's strip was done by the final runner-up contestant of our recent RvB contest! Ripper 714 takes credit for this masterpiece. Go check it out... and either be amazed, or really confused! =P

Nintendo Helps Us Lose Control | mrsmiley { September 30, 2005 }

OMG! A Halo Babies strip about Nintendo?! That's right, Joel couldn't help but make a jab at the video game giant after this month's Tokyo Game Show. Check it out in this week's new strip!

P.S. Art Update. Soon.

Puma Fights Back | mrsmiley { September 23, 2005 }

A special new strip for you all today! Today's strip was written by PBDemon, who was our runner-up chosen by RedvsBlue! Check it!

Talking Heads | mrsmiley { September 16, 2005 }

The latest comic is now up! Gruntsbane reveals one of the oldest tricks of the trade! ;)

RvBvG | mrsmiley { September 09, 2005 }

The winning strip of our recent contest has been posted today as #102 in our collection! Nrek did an awesome job writing it, and Gruntsbane did an incredible job bringing it to life! The runner-up strip ideas will also be penned, but will be released over the next month or so. Stay tuned!

Warthog's Last Jump | mrsmiley { September 02, 2005 }

Gotta new strip today! I swear we're not sponsored by any insurance companies...

100! | mrsmiley { August 26, 2005 }

Our 100th strip is up! Trust me guys, this strip will take you where you never thought Halo Babies would go! I can't stop looking at it, and I've had it in my hands for a week! I would like to personally congradulate Joel for his absolutely outstanding work over the past 2 years. It is an honor to run such a fine operation!

As a gift to you all for our 100th, I have updated the long neglected desktops section with 3 new wallpapers featuring art from the strip! (Read the strip before checking them out, though!) Enjoy all!

Instant Classic | mrsmiley { August 19, 2005 }

That's all I can say about this week's new strip. All of you people who have been complaining about us wandering off the path of our classic Halo Babies style of humor will not be dissappointed!

Your entires to our comic contest must be received before 12:00am August 22. If you have submitted an entree, and have not received a confirmation reply, please resubmit it, and make sure you have included the appropriate info!

Kitchen Helper 4000 | mrsmiley { August 12, 2005 }

For all those avid Halo fans that love to cook, this week's new strip will speak to you!

Arbyter | mrsmiley { August 05, 2005 }

Hey all, haven't been around here in a while! I've spent the last 4 weeks with no internet whatsoever. 2 weeks in Europe, and 2 weeks in my non-wired apartment. GAH! Oh well, I'm back today to announce a delightful new strip! In the words of Gruntsbane, sometimes a comic idea is so bad... it's good! ;)

Delicate situation | Gruntsbane { July 29, 2005 }

When your friends list starts getting long you'll have to decide who stays and who goes. Just remember to use tact when booting some one off your list like the Chief here.

A sizable issue | Gruntsbane { July 22, 2005 }

I wondered why the tower in Relic was so tall in this weeks comic but one thing is certain. Somebody at Bungie thinks size matters.

Watch for falling warthogs | Gruntsbane { July 15, 2005 }

New comic for this week shows the Chief doing something right for a change. Well...mostly.

2 Tickets to the Needler Show | mrsmiley { July 08, 2005 }

Gotta great new strip up today for ya! Looks like the Chief gets pwned in this one... but in a different way than usual. Ouch!

Banhammer Home Delivery! | mrsmiley { July 01, 2005 }

This week's new strip shows what we think should be done to the guys who currently use mods on Xbox Live. This comic, however, did not start out like this. If you have donated money to the site at some point, check out the (horrible) original version in the sponsors section of our forum!

Map Packed with a Lie | mrsmiley { June 24, 2005 }

This week's new comic was a breath of fresh air to me. Bottom line: don't trust anyone but Bungie for Halo news!

When the cats away... | Gruntsbane { June 17, 2005 }

Smiley is gone for the weekend so it's up to me to post this weeks comic. Luckily it gives me the chance to slip this one past the screeners, hehehe.

Plan 7-7 | mrsmiley { June 10, 2005 }

I always new Bungie had an evil plan for winning the 2nd game in their humpday challenge against us! Blast you, webmaster!

Darth Chief | mrsmiley { June 03, 2005 }

After viewing Star Wars: Episode III, myself and Peter (GB's friend) thought it would be funny to see the Chief in a Vader mask. Thus, this strip was born. (Spoiler warning to those who have not seen the movie!) Check it out!

Bloody Quitters! | mrsmiley { May 27, 2005 }

Aahh... good to be back in the swing of things again. How about a new strip for today?

Booth Baby | mrsmiley { May 20, 2005 }

Greetings from LA! I bring you today's special E3 strip from our hotel room, where Gruntsbane, myself, and the rest of our group have returned from Star Wars: Episode 3. Today's new strip is not the only bit of new Halo Babies content coming to you from LA. Expect something else next week... size doesn't matter.

Puntacular | mrsmiley { May 13, 2005 }

If your a fan of Stuntmutt's style, you'll love this week's new strip. (If you don't like Stuntmutt's style, we apologize in advance! =P)

When you suck with the sword... | mrsmiley { May 06, 2005 }

Why not use it for other things? With the increasing number of people whining about different weapons being "unbalanced" in Halo 2 multiplayer (the sword in particular), we felt it right to show all of you guys some other uses. Check it out one in this week's new strip!

Magnum 1.1 | mrsmiley { April 29, 2005 }

New comic for you guys today. I'll let it speak for itself...

Superchief to the Rescue! | mrsmiley { April 22, 2005 }

Well Bungie may have fixed the sword glitch in Halo 2 1.1, but that doesn't mean we can't still have fun with it! See our latest strip!

Spamtacular! | mrsmiley { April 15, 2005 }

Many of you have never experienced the content in last week's strip, but I'm sure all of you have either laughed at, or been greatly annoyed by the topic of this week's new strip!

Halo 2 Spams! | mrsmiley { April 08, 2005 }

See for yourself in this week's new strip!

Off To Work He Goes | mrsmiley { April 01, 2005 }

Today's new strip really gave me a good laugh! If you don't have this type of work situation, you can replace the current pun with the phrase, "Time for Christmas shopping..." It works!

Very Punny | mrsmiley { March 25, 2005 }

Today's new strip may feel like a One One Se7en strip with upgraded graphics... but just be happy we are now doing strips that all you guys who haven't played Marathon or Oni can understand!

Se7enty Se7en | mrsmiley { March 18, 2005 }

Our 77th strip is also the last of our "Bungie Fundamentals" series. Coincidence? Maybe. ;) I think this one is my favorite, check it out!

t3H h07 cH1cXz! | mrsmiley { March 11, 2005 }

I mean, *ahem* "strong female characters..." yeah, that's it! It's time to lay down another Bungie Fundamental!

Go Boom | mrsmiley { March 04, 2005 }

Today marks the start of another 3-part mini-series. For today and the next 2 weeks, Gruntsbane will be showing you the secrets of Bungie's success. All you game companies out there that want to achieve Halo's greatness, be sure to check out the latest strip! Warning: People who are not familiar with Bungie games before Halo may not get some of the jokes. Oh well.

For the Ladies... | mrsmiley { February 25, 2005 }

Your never too young to woo the ladies. Learn from Sarge in this week's new strip! There is also a concept sketch oh our newest cast member!

That's no Tattoo... | mrsmiley { February 18, 2005 }

You guys want the Arbiter? You get the Arbiter, in this week's new strip. Sheesh, I better not hear anymore whining! ;) As a bonus (for no special reason), I just added two new elite concept sketches to our artwork section!

Bolling for a Halo Movie | mrsmiley { February 11, 2005 }

Ok, so apparently Microsoft has hired some guy to write an "alleged" Halo movie. But what about a director? I think the MC makes it clear who he DOESN'T want doing it in this week's new strip! (Quick fact: Gruntsbane made this strip before HBO mentioned the article. Oh well, at least we feel special!)

3 Years Wasn't Enough! | mrsmiley { February 04, 2005 }

Or at least that's what old Halo fans seem to be saying whenever someone mentions Halo 2's downloadable content. What I am talking about? Today's new strip! (I figure after that last one, we should put up one that Bungie can laugh at too!)

Decreased Loading Times | mrsmiley { January 28, 2005 }

Sorry Bungie, we just had to do a new strip about this. It's one of my new favs! :)

Fully Destructible | mrsmiley { January 21, 2005 }

Ever wonder why Bungie didn't make Halo 2's environments fully destructible? Check out our latest strip!

Earth Will Never Be The Same | gholsbane { January 13, 2005 }

Check out the new strip for a painful exposť of the woes of Live gaming. *Heavy sigh*

Taking the Back Pedestal | mrsmiley { January 07, 2005 }

Cortana comes to a humbling realization in today's new strip!

Now THAT's awkward! | mrsmiley { December 31, 2004 }

Today's new strip is special, it features the new Halo 2 baby Cortana! She is still a work in progress, but Gruntsbane and I think she came out pretty well. ;) Check out some new concept sketches of her after you read the strip!

GB is Back! | mrsmiley { December 24, 2004 }

That's right, Gruntsbane has returned from his much-needed vacation, and there is a brand new strip to show for it. And since it's the season of giving, he threw in a cool Halo 2 baby sarge concept sketch for your enjoyment! Happy holidays everyone!

Jaxx Double Feature! | mrsmiley { December 17, 2004 }

Today's guest strip features one of my favorite Halo artists, Tina Leyk! Also known as Jaxx on our forums, Tina is very active in both the Halo Babies and the Halo community together! It seemed only right to sit down and find what drives her passion of drawing. Read on for an interview with Tina Leyk (a first as far as I know)...

Jaxx really exploded onto the Halo seen a while back. She absolutely dazzled us with her unique furry style of artwork, funny Halo comic strips, and incredibly detailed artwork! It has a been a while in planning, but I finally got a chance to sit down with Tina and see what makes her tick! Enjoy!

Jaxx Blackfox, aka Tina Leyk

Online name: Jaxx / Jaxx BlackFox
Real name: Tina Leyk
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Location: Toronto, Ontario. Canada.

Where did you get your artistic abilities? Natural? Taught? Other?

I'd like to think it's natural, inhanced by being self-taught. I've been
drawing as long as I can remember, but haven't had much formal schooling.

So tell me, what fuels your love of drawing?

Everything! Music, games, books, movies. But Nature especially.

So what kinds of methods/programs do you use?

Practically everything. Real media such as watercolor, markers, colored
pencils, graphite, acrylics, ink. But as far as computer programs go, I
used Adobe Photoshop.

Wow! That's a broad variety! Who are some of your favorite artists?

Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo, Terry Isaac, Robert Bateman, Jennifer Miller,
Amber Hill, Samantha Whitten, and many others.

Ok, I know there are a lot, but which is your favorite self-made art piece?

Hmmm, that's a toughie. It's most likey one of my old dragon paintings
from '97, the one titled "Before The Storm." It's the one I remember most fondly. But as far as my Halo images, "Silent Guard." by far.

Woah, I haven't seen that dragon one before! *drools* So what pays your bills?

I worked as a Dog Groomer and Kennel worker, anything to just get by.
Currently I'm uh, "between jobs".

Hehe, I see where you get your "furry" ideas from. What made you decide to start the "Fur-Lo" comic series?

Playing co-op on the xbox with my younger brother Tim. We'd end up
laughing at random weirdness until our sides hurt. I made a single strip
one night just for the fun of it (I think it was "Get A Better Gun."), and
it just caught on and went from there.

That's awesome, but why did you choose the "furry" art style for the strip?

Animals are fun to draw, and lend themselves well to humorus comidic
roles; no one else was doing it in their Halo fan comics either. And... I
can't draw humans very well.

Haha, I can sympathize with that one! So do you think Halo 2 effected your art work at all?

It's not really changed or effected my art beyond giving me more awesome
subjects to draw. ;D

We all know you love art, but what other stuff do you like to do besides drawing?

Um, I like to read, play certian video games, sculpt, hike, and I love

...And long walks on the beach... =P Anything you want to say to our readers before you go?

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful a fandom the Halo Community is,
and how wonderful it's members can be. Thank you for making me feel
welcome in your midst.

Jaxx, you ROCK. Period. We're all priviledged to have you here on this site!

Be sure to check out the rest of Tina's art at her site!

The REAL Halo Babies | mrsmiley { December 10, 2004 }

Stuntmutt returns with a new guest strip this week. It's so true! Also, we have an excellent new fan strip by ripper 714 that has been buried for a while. Check it out! 2 strips in one day, w00t!

He's Behind You, Idiot. | mrsmiley { December 03, 2004 }

I apologize for the late news, but my internet decided to die on me last night right after I posted the new strip! In continuing with our series of guest artists for our strips, we have a new strip by Bluestone from EchoFourNineteen. The site is currently down for construction, but be sure to check out their new hotness soon!

BOLL Get's Some "Payback" | mrsmiley { November 26, 2004 }

At least, that's the title of our latest strip, drawn by BOLL himself. NOTE: It will probably be easier to understand if you read this strip and the few after it. Apparently BOLL doesn't like the idea of Mister Chief getting PWNED by a wimpy grunt... ;P

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a great T-Day! :)

Gah! | mrsmiley { November 19, 2004 }

We have a new strip today by Stuntmutt of the famed HBO comic strip, One One Se7en! Check it out! If you don't get the joke, don't worry - the artist is British! ;) (The comment sections for akba's two comics are currently offline, and I am working on a fix; don't worry!)

Also, we will have a quite large art update this Monday. We have received quite a few really good fan strips, as well as TONS of awesome artwork from our forum. That, and a new desktop from the 3-D master, nrek. Stay tuned! :)

UPDATE: Thanks to a quick fix by Gholsbane, the comments now work for the three Guest strips!

Gruntsbane is on Break, Our Strips Aren't! | mrsmiley { November 13, 2004 }

I apologize for the later update, I blame Halo 2! ;P Becuase Gruntsbane (the usual Halo Babies artist) is taking a two month hietus, I have called up some of the most talented artist/cartoonist/adobe masters in the Halo community to fill in the gap! This will allow us to continue releasing comics, and will allow for some different styles in the strips. To start us off, I have just posted 2 new strips from abka. They are hilarious! Goes to show what a bit of Adobe skillz can do for you! :)

Looking Back... | mrsmiley { October 29, 2004 }

The Chief seems just as confused as I am in our latest strip. Just a note to you guys, there is only one more strip left in this series! w00t!

Go Boom | mrsmiley { October 22, 2004 }

Apparently the Chief's "wussy" plan worked! Check out todays new strip! (WARNING: There isn't a punchline to this one!)

Lagging AI | mrsmiley { October 15, 2004 }

A new strip, that I guarentee discribes at least some of you right now! ;)

Easier than it Sounds | mrsmiley { October 08, 2004 }

She always has to do things the hard way. Maybe that's why AotCR is so long... New stip, check it out.

'It is inevitable...' | mrsmiley { October 01, 2004 }

An old friend visits us in this weeks new strip!

We have all wished this at one point or another... | mrsmiley { September 27, 2004 }

So newcomer, Ryley217, eloquently pens our thoughts with an excellent new fan strip! But wait! As an added bonus if you act now, we have thrown in a long lost fan strip (838K for you dial-up guys) by Spartan 067! The punchline may not be the funniest, but I dig the marker style! =)

Dead Man Robbing | mrsmiley { September 24, 2004 }

Our series continues with this week's new strip. Wow, the Chief sure is a quick thinker!

I swear this wasn't planned... | mrsmiley { September 17, 2004 }

To those who understand this week's new strip, it is quite a crazy coincidence! To those who don't, the strip still ROCKS! (And so does Baby MC's new look...)

Not Big Enough | mrsmiley { September 14, 2004 }

Bigcortana returns with a new fan strip about... *ahem* not being big enough. Take it how you want to... ;P

Going "Ribs" | mrsmiley { September 10, 2004 }

Poor Mister Chief, I'm sure he will be missed... or not... ;P

Grunt Assault! | mrsmiley { September 03, 2004 }

Our hero's adventure takes an continues in it's unexpected turn with this week's new strip!

OMG WTF!!! | mrsmiley { August 27, 2004 }

That's what many of you will be saying after reading this week's new strip. ;P

Big Cortana | mrsmiley { August 24, 2004 }

We have a new fanstrip today, showing an apparent dream that Cortana must have often. It also shows how simple and easy it is to make a decent fan strip! Get to it!

Mister Cartographer | mrsmiley { August 20, 2004 }

Maybe this mission just wasn't meant to be played in co-op... new comic!

Ladies First | mrsmiley { August 13, 2004 }

Baby Chief and Mister Chief (TM) continue their mission on board the Calm and Cooperative in this week's new strip!

Mistery Revealed! | mrsmiley { August 06, 2004 }

Who has baby chief gone to all this trouble to save? Find out in today's new strip! (Yes, the title spelling is intentional...)

50-Foot Cliff Hanger | mrsmiley { July 30, 2004 }

It's here! The moment you'll all be waiting for! Check out our 50th strip today, and prepare yourself for another seven days of mind-melting, heart-wrenching suspense!!!

Where's the strategy guide when you need it... | mrsmiley { July 23, 2004 }

We've got a new strip for you today. WOOT! It's not an inside joke!

Goin' Ribs! | mrsmiley { July 16, 2004 }

Comic #48 has been released today! You gotta love those Bungie inside jokes...

Yarr! | mrsmiley { July 09, 2004 }

Arrr! Thar be a new comic yonder!

Thanks for the help, Bungie! | mrsmiley { July 02, 2004 }

Without these scattered around Halo, we would all be screwed! What am I talking about? Check out this week's new strip!

So Convenient! | mrsmiley { June 25, 2004 }

In this week's new comic, Cortana shows that she always has things under control... How? We will never know...

Erre 'Ihcutee | mrsmiley { June 18, 2004 }

Last week many people gave their opinions as to whether or not the MC's disguise would work on the Covenant. Find out in this week's new strip!

Act Casual! | mrsmiley { June 11, 2004 }

I know that last week's strip left things hanging a bit, but the newest comic was definitly worth the wait! If only that could be worked into Halo 2 somehow... ;P

I'm Going Incognito | mrsmiley { June 04, 2004 }

Violence isn't always the answer. Check out today's new strip!

What's in a Name? | mrsmiley { May 28, 2004 }

As our baby MC get's closer to completing his mission, he must face many fearsome foes... and their slighlty less fearsome names... check out the latest comic!

Yellow with Envy | mrsmiley { May 21, 2004 }

After winning the Spoiled Sponsor Contest here at HBN, KRACKA truly has been spoiled in every sense of the word! Not only has he been drawn into this week's 6-panel strip. (Our 40th!) Not only will he be receiving a framed print of his cameo appearance. Nope, to top it all off, we hooked him up with the pimpest ride in Halo! ;)

Cruel to be calm | gholsbane { May 14, 2004 }

Joel and Matt are currently lounging in the heat of the E3 showfloor while trying desperately to attract the attention of the booth babes, so I've been left to man the ship. Without further ado, here's today's comic. Not sure if feathers work through Mjolnir boots.

We've also got some colour sketchings of Gruntsbane's process on this strip. You can find them in the strip sketches section of Artwork.

Here's to hoping the lads return from LA laden with swag, and also to me getting my cheque this month. I think I've earned it.

The Plot Thickens | mrsmiley { May 07, 2004 }

The next strip in our series has been posted! Captain Keyes gets things rolling with a convenient plot exposition... =)

Follow the Leader... Or Not | mrsmiley { April 30, 2004 }

Why don't those damn marines ever follow me into battle? Oh... I see. (New Comic!) On a side note, today is your last chance to donate to HaloBabies.net and get yourself entered in our Spoiled Sponsor contest! Tomorrow, I announce the winner! =)

Rindiendo Homenaje | mrsmiley { April 23, 2004 }

What? A Red vs. Blue reference in a new Halo Babies strip?!? Never...

Some Assembly Required | mrsmiley { April 16, 2004 }

Fifteen minutes, eh? I think not! Check out our latest comic if you have no idea what I'm talking about! (Or even if you do!)

Sand in His Pants | mrsmiley { April 09, 2004 }

The second comic in our new series is up today! I also want to let you know that Halo Babies has been a little slow lately due to some personal matters. However, expect the new content-0-meter to jump a bit over the next few weeks!

One more thing; I haven't received any fan art in a long time! What gives? You wanna get your work posted on HBN? Send it to me!

Halo Babies: Now Served with a Plot! | mrsmiley { April 02, 2004 }

There is something special about this week's new comic. It is the start of an official Halo Babies series! Basically, every new comic from now until the end of the series, will actually be following a plotline! Expect the same quality humor in these strips, but instead of just random sketches, each week will give you a bit more of this new adventure the baby MC will be embarking on. I am personally very excited about the upcoming storyline, so stay tuned to HBN!

On a side note, I want to apologize if anyone got offended by yesterdays's post about Joel's "incident". In case you didn't know, yesterdy was April Fools Day. Crazy stories were flying all over the Halo community. Joel getting attacked by crazed Halo Babies fans was just one of them. Honestly, I can't beleive how many people fell for it, but it's good to know that some people are genuinly concerned with Gruntsbane's health! Once again, apologies to those offended, next year's won't be quite as twisted! ;P

Two to Tango | mrsmiley { March 26, 2004 }

Ever wonder why Hunters always travel in pairs? This week's new comic sheds light on this well-debated mystery! It should also be noted that this comic was written by HBN sponsor, Murph MacManus, in cahoots with his friend, Fernando Torres. Thanks guys!

Mod Chip or Not | mrsmiley { March 19, 2004 }

Ever wanted to drive a wraith tank? Apparently the Chief does! Check out this week's new comic! It should be noted that this week's comic was written by HBN Sponsor, Deadsoul! Also, I have added 2 new Halo Babies AIM icons to the misc section. Stay tuned next week for more avatars from angrymouse14!

Beware of Fat Ones | mrsmiley { March 12, 2004 }

We've got a new comic for you this week. You all know this happened to you when you first met this guy! ;) There are also a couple of new fan art pics. Check 'em out!

The Flood is Coming! | mrsmiley { March 05, 2004 }

Preceding the official Halo 2 release date are many things... this week's new comic is definitly one of them! Have you become part of "the flood" yet? ;P

If Only It Lasted Longer... | mrsmiley { February 27, 2004 }

I'm am sure we all have thought that at some point while using the active cammo in Halo. In this week's new comic, the chief is thinking the same thing... (It should be noted that this week's comic was written by vmanjr. Hey, we actually use our fan's ideas!)

What?!? No New Comic?!? | mrsmiley { February 21, 2004 }

Ha! Guess again. Apparently this got passed over in all the excitement of the new site. In place of a comic this week, we have released a hand-drawn animated short! It is called "Tink", and I think it it is pretty cool! ;) Check it out in misc!

Pass the corn, please! | mrsmiley { January 29, 2004 }

We have a special treat for all of you today. First off, you may notice that we have released two new comics a bit earlier than normal! Basically, I am flying to Connecticut on Friday to play some Halo with Louis Wu (HBO) and the gang. This will keep me from posting on Friday, so I am posting the updates today! =)Our first comic was drawn completely by Gruntsbane as a submission to Halo.Bungie.Org's Plinth of Art contest. This contest featured many guest One One Se7en comics on the topic of art. Our second comic was drawn up by Stuntmutt to be put in our fan art database, but how could I let such a witty pun pass out of the limelight so quickly? Instead, I decided to release it along with the official comic to give it the publicity it deserves! =P Many thanks to Stuntmutt for taking the time to do this!

Grenade Jump | mrsmiley { January 23, 2004 }

As promised, we have a new comic for you today - our 25th! Enjoy!

This Pet Do Not Keep | mrsmiley { January 09, 2004 }

This week's comic presents another new character to Halo Babies. "But it looks so cuddly!" ;P

A... I? | mrsmiley { January 02, 2004 }

We've got a new comic for you today! What does the "I" in A.I. stand for again?

The Joy of Giving | mrsmiley { December 26, 2003 }

As a late Christmas gift to all of our awesome fans, today we have a new comic for you! But wait! There's more! Gruntsbane has been working on an incredible Halo 2 picture for a while now, and it is finally available - as a desktop! Go check out this amazing new work of art in our (MOXC) desktop section!

A Trip to the Drug Store... | mrsmiley { December 22, 2003 }

Because of your patience with our down time, we are giving you 2 new comics this week! The first one has been released today, and the second will come this Friday! Comic #20 describes every Halo fan's dream - and nightmare...

Hide and Seek | mrsmiley { December 05, 2003 }

It seems that an Elite's active camouflage is good for something more than combat...

Roasted Turkey | mrsmiley { November 27, 2003 }

With Gruntsbane wrapped up in the holidays, it was up to me to bring you a new comic. I have done it! Today, come celebrate Thanksgiving Halo-style with our newest addition! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (Because we are releasing a comic today, we will not have a new one tomorrow. We will, however, have some other cool things to release!)

Lag or Noob? You Decide! | mrsmiley { November 21, 2003 }

Have you ever been online and seen a fellow player do something really dumb and then blame it on lag? If so, you will relate to this week's new comic! (And even if you can't relate, the pictures are hilarious!)

Happy Birthday, John! | mrsmiley { November 14, 2003 }

Tomorrow marks the 2-year anniversary of Halo's release. What better way to celebrate than with a new Halo Babies comic?

Had Enough Yet? | mrsmiley { November 07, 2003 }

Well too bad! ;P If you haven't noticed yet, I have re-done the menu to make it easier to read. The words before were a bit blurry and smashed together. Also, I will only be thumbnailing 5 comics at a time, and the rest will be text links. I'm sure all of our dial-up fans will appreciate the lesser loading time!

Studs | mrsmiley { November 07, 2003 }

The next Halo Babies comic has arrived! I apologize for the late posting, but as you can see, I have been working hard on new content for this site! =)

Domainating Halo Babies | mrsmiley { November 04, 2003 }

As I am sure most of you have have already found, HBN has been a little lacking in the "activity department" lately. Basically, I switched the Halo Babies domain to a new web host. This means that I had to redirect all of the subdomain links on this site, as well as some file paths. If any of you were having problems accessing sites within HBN, this is why! Please if you experience any more site errors.

Also, I was unable to upload new data due to the server switch. Gruntsbane wasn't able to get a comic to me last week, but even if he did, I wouldn't have been able to post it! (I guess things worked out, right?) Anyways, I apologize for the lack of activity, and I promise we will give you at least something every Friday! To make up for our down time, I am not only releasing a new comic this friday, but also a sneak peek at the new Halo Babies chapter theme for the 7th Column! I may also have some other goodies for you all, so swing by Friday! ;-)

A CTF "Pro" | mrsmiley { October 24, 2003 }

We've got a new one for you today. It gives tribute to the sometimes grueling CTF matches of Halo. Check it out in our Comics section!

Hunter Daycare | mrsmiley { October 17, 2003 }

And YOU thought the Grunts were annoying... Check out this week's new Comic!

Legendary Tactics | mrsmiley { October 10, 2003 }

How many of you have played Legendary in co-operative mode? If so, I am sure that you will relate to this week's new Comic!

Original Prankster | mrsmiley { October 03, 2003 }

Even the MC falls victim to a little "cryo-pranking" sometimes. Check out this new Comic to see how!

Smileys get Angry | mrsmiley { September 26, 2003 }

Gruntsbane told me today that he was not able to complete a strip for this week's release. "Not able," huh? Well this is what happens when Gruntsbane doesn't have a strip: I MAKE ONE! Go check it out! Gruntsbane, please stop this travesty from ever happening again! =P

Sore Loser | mrsmiley { September 19, 2003 }

Our newest comic shows that the Master Chief may need to put in some more practice time... Check it out at the Comics section!

Poor Grunts | mrsmiley { September 12, 2003 }

After a short vacation, Joel (Gruntsbane) is back at the drawing board! He presents us with a funny little flick this week titled Daredevil. Check it out!

Elites are Gullible | mrsmiley { August 29, 2003 }

This is shown in the newest Halo Babies comic, Released Today! It features the first elite to appear in our series! Check it out! Stay tuned tomorrow for BRAND NEW SKETCHES! =)

Weak | mrsmiley { August 22, 2003 }

Halo Babies Comic #6 is up! Gruntsbane has created a very funny tribute to the the famous Halo movies produced by Randall Glass from Warthog-Jump.com.

Feeling Loopy? | mrsmiley { August 15, 2003 }

Halo Babies Comic #5 is now avaiable for your viewing pleasure! QUICK NOTE: I am on vacation this weekend, so any fan art submissions will be posted next week. Thanks!

Fire in the Hole! | mrsmiley { August 08, 2003 }

Halo Babies comic strip #4 is now waiting for the whole world to see! Go check it out!

New Comic | mrsmiley { August 01, 2003 }

As promised, a New Comic has been released! There are already more on the way, as well as more extra content! Currently, Gruntsbane is working on a little something for the Artist Info section. (Right now it is blank.) Swing by next Friday for #4!

Coming Up Next Week | mrsmiley { July 25, 2003 }

If you have enjoyed Halo Babies so far, just wait till next week! Next friday we will release another comic as well as more MOXC! (Members Only eXlusive Content) Feedback and suggestions are always welcome in the Forum.

Halo Babies Have Arrived! | mrsmiley { July 25, 2003 }

The official launch of the Halo Babies website is now! We currenty have 2 new comics available for viewing with a new one coming next week! Also, in our Members Only eXclusive (MOX) section we have various character sketches, and will be releasing a wallpaper soon! If you haven't already, join the Forum to discuss Halo Babies and other things. Finally, Bungie's Lorraine McLees (the founder of Halo Babies) is currently searching for some original Halo Babies material! We've got a lot going on here, so be sure to drop in now and then!