A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Xerro says:

Thpse sticky bullets or whatever they're called really pack a punch. And that elite looks awesome. Keep up the good work.

2 | ........i used to know i swear says:

good comic...whens the chief gonna get on the cruiser?!?!

3 | Ross Mills says:

Elly Urgomee...

I don't get it...

4 | Gruntsbane says:

It has something to do with http://nikon.bungie.org/misc/stuntmutt/l337name/ but now that I look back, I messed it up! I guess thats what I get for doing these at 3am :)

5 | SKIDMARKtm says:

Yeah... Could you tell us what's supposed to be funny about this one? The artwork's great, but I don't get the joke.

6 | sniper01 says:

this is so damn funny. oh is this based offa halo1 or 2 i know it soounds stupid but what if they cant draw mark 6 battle armor

7 | InSaNe1024 says:

Let me explain: The Chief is making fun of the Elite's name. Geez...you guys are so freakin slow.

8 | gothkiller says:


9 | Isna Noselee says:

Never thought elites had dog-tags.

10 | The Burninator says:

How exactly do those things kill elites? and stop spamming, i mean it says it right up there in big letters.

11 | Mintz08 says:

I don't get it. Maybe it has some kind of reference to Metal Gear Solid, when you can collect the dogtags from enemies.

12 | Hunter_Killer says:

asdf, stop spamming now along wit you other spamming Dumbasses!

I thought the comic was hilarious! lol =)

13 | Spartan088 says:

lol...not as good as the last 2 or 3...but still funny

14 | haloelite says:

I'd hate to know what his middle name is.

15 | says:

I like it, the names of the elites in the books are mediocre really... :)

16 | Ioza 'Kuzadee says:

uh... how did the elite die from getting shot with darts?


17 | Chris says:

that was great guys! keep it up!

18 | Cheddarbob117 says:

Ever Heard Of One Called "Cumin Ontomee"? Great comic nonetheless.

19 | evilguineapig says:

Hey, this one is ok. I think there have been better.

20 | Fusion1 says:

Man, have you guys ever read First Strike or The Flood? All of the elites names are funny like that. He's making fun of his name. Great artwork aswell.

21 | Mr Elite says:

oh lol. very funny. chief sneaks up and shoots the heck outa him with a dart gun and then looks at his dog tags and goes "what a stupid name"

22 | mekey says:

lmao one of the funniest ones yet nice job =)

23 | running man says:

this comic doesnt make any sense

24 | Mr. Elite says:

Elites have dog tags............................................O_o....i guess they couldn't tell eachother apart.....

25 | Kanman-075 says:

Good comic, not the best but good. I think I'll pick up a nerf gun next time i play halo! Keep up the good work Gruntsbane!

26 | halo boi says:

Elites have dog tags?
i never wouldve guessed
great comic

27 | um i think its............................................................................. says:

ya its a pretty good cpmic but i mean an elite getting killed w/ a dart gun? i probobly shoulden't take it apart like that and i know it adds to the halo "babies" feel but seriously. a dart gun? does it like suck brains or something? w/e...... anyway how do elites have dog tags? i mean those were invented by humans and elitesand other covies hate humans. in one of the books it said that mc once saw a jakel use its barte hands instead of an assult rifle laying at its feet. so wouldent an elite being all honerable be the same way w/ dogtags? lol sry for takin it apart like that but u guys are really startin not to make sense......

28 | warthog freak says:

i thought it was kinda funny if the elite was right behind the chief with three darts in his head looking angry when chief said his name was stupid

29 | FUELRODGUN says:


30 | Kira says:

Your comice are always fun to look at. Though I never commented until now. Heh i like this one alot. Keep up the awesome work!

31 | EIlte Marker says:

Okay Elites doint have actual "metal dogtags" like how humans do, but they do have something similiar to that. Instead of a metal closing they have this type of crystal that shows the name in this holographic light. But heck it would be eaier for Guntsbane to draw a humn dogtag instead of a covie dogtag.:)

32 | Liviticus says:

Why are yall makin a big deal out of this? Great comic keep up the good work.

33 | Amse 'Derudee says:

Ok, its halo babies (darts instead of bullets)and the comic is just wow elites have dumb names! I thot it was funny but sum people cant look at it the simplistic way!

34 | Esteban says:

hahaha... i don't understand...

35 | Warpaxx says:

i think the comic is great the joke however could be beter, like
gotit'informee or gonna'pummelmee
or something like that
still keep up the great work

36 | letslive says:

who though up dart gun and water bomb grenades n e way;

get mc to do a stealth mission and he melles a couple of elites; then a grunt spots im n all hell breakes loose; that would b a good 1

37 | ansomble28 says:

I thought the comic was drawn incredibly, although i didn't necessarily get the ploy on te name. Guess I'll have to visit that website. I think the dart guns and water balloons are hilarious. AND HELLO! WHOEVER SAID ANYONE DIES?!? GEEZ, you really do get some SLOw ppl in here.

38 | doc_mad_hasley says:

lol nice one... sumthing from another comic rite? i swear i heard this joke somewhere..... anyway... isnt the elite supposed to have armor on its jaws too?

p/s first post for moi... go hasley go meetcha in halo2...

39 | Halo fan...natic says:

Hey Warpaxx, next time come up with some original names. those are straight out of 117!

anyways, great comic! probably in the top ten!

40 | Wolf says:

We cant help it that the covenant send females to war.

41 | my mommy says your the very best one and you are not it............... says:

good comic it was very good art but the elite scereaming looked a little bulky. like kindof like the mandibles werentv exactely seperated from the head as mucj\h as they should be. but your the artist!!! and i like the new story thing your doin. very good

42 | Nathan says:

LOL! OMG an elite wearing dog tags? well more like "grunt" tags

43 | Spartan_117/John says:

hmm...i gotta get me one of them there suction-cup dart thingymabobs in Halo...that or rig up a Fuel Rod Cannon and go Hunter huntin' *bwuhahahaha*

44 | The ME(Master Elite) says:

WORT ETCIU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

45 | Shigles says:

if i get hit in the head with suction darts, id scream and die too...

46 | Kilted Fury says:

What ever.

47 | Invader ZIM says:

Man, I wish I had NERF guns like that. They'd be awesome. Especially the SpNKr NERF gun.

48 | Vincent says:

This comic is is pretty good.If you don't catch the punch line you're a freakin' butt-head. This comic rocks so keep them comin'

49 | Mr Fish says:

who actually has halo on Xbox...?
Well, I hope you're all pleased with yourselves.

50 | Yayap and Zuka says:

i bet they have a nerf cruise missles too...

51 | Taylor says:

ahhhhhhhhhhhh wait thes are darts he he

52 | GRUNT RULAH says:

darts u think that can hurt me wort wort wort

53 | theGRUNT1000 (aka wortwortworthog says:

I have halo on xbox and I play it all the time even if we have like 10 other gamez anyway! o yeah as i was saying uoyr site rocks! and so do all ur comics! especially this one...you know that would be cool if you could really kill an elite with darts! ^_~

54 | theGRUNT1000 says:

W a A A A a a r R R g H H!
Thats all We have to say!

55 | botchboy says:

dude u should hav actually have him punch him that sucked

56 | koreanboy86 says:

ahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahhahaahhahaahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahhahahahah... i dont get it.(JK)

57 | MAX PAYNE says:

darts?????????? i cant die

58 | koreaby86 says:

for those peeps who dont get why the mc uses darts is because its halo BABIES... goodness the bulletz are just too violent for the lil ones.

59 | MC says:

he needs the dog tags for a disguise. oh, and its like the elite is a baby, so a close-range dart to the head would damage his brain. funny ha ha...

60 | Shiro says:

Erm... Couldn't be also like Humans when their being trained to become marines? Y'know? o.o

And maybe the darts kill to make a Mockery or just to be completely stupid on purpose. The Elite Name is also trying to be very random if you think about it c.c
And something like that can be funny you know. I thought it was

61 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

I went to the site Gruntsbane had on comment #4 and my Elite name is "Eibe 'Niqaree" and my rank is black (Spec Ops BABEE!!!!).

62 | Ttva 'Niludee the Black says:

He should run across that elite later as they try to get out of the ship. Make sure thay find it wearing a pair of boxers or something.

63 | Funky_Cow says:

I think it's a reference to R. Lee Ermy, the actor/ drill sargent

64 | grunt-gt says:

after studying the autowhatsa-magiger i found that the 'Urgomee has to do with grunt and now i just need gruntsbanes real name and city to find out if baby chief was making fun of him :)

65 | 'Suka Ramamee says:

Damn...you just had to start killing my men. Yes, I am a Ship's Master (gold armor with headdress).

66 | Elly 'Urgomee says:

that elite stole my dog tags! Give them back! :K

67 | the arbiter says:

shut up

68 | Hot n' Sexy Elite says:

you know I used that name as a profile name in my game.

69 | Doubl3 H3lix says:

hey u could take the elites dog tags off? Wait, how do aliens get the idea of using dog tags unless they had already been to earth. Roswell, New Mexico 1950.

70 | Cristy says:

hmmm... the elite got killed by those darts ? ...

71 | HALO FAN#1 says:

lol thats very funny how the elite looks when he gets shot.so funny i love comics especily the art.

72 | ultima halo fan says:

lol that funny yet the name just baffles me

73 | ozzy rocks!@#$ $$$ says:

halo 2 suck out loud

74 | Masterchief evil says:

i get it urgomee like u got me

75 | MC baby says:

what kind of guns do the humans use? I want some!!!!!

76 | MC baby says:

are they nerf?????????

77 | Slade8 says:

Stop taking it so literally. In HaloBabies, they replace the real stuff with dart guns and water baloons to make it less violent. Three headshots from the Halo 1 pistol are lethal. And about the dogtags, the MC wouldn't be able to find out the elites name and say the punchline. Geez, don't be such literalists.

78 | Slade8 says:

I GET IT! Gruntsbane said it had something to do with HBO Elite Namelizer. He said he messed up. I put in Joel, Gruntsbane, Lynnwood, into the namelizer and got "Elly 'Urgotee. Gruntsbane is saying in the comic "What the!? The namelizer said my elite name would be Elly 'Urgotee?!" But he messed up the spelling and accidentally put "Elly 'Urgomee." LOL! Hilarious comic! I guess these explanations come from my exploring eggs and doing stuff I'm not supposed to like egg-sploring Cairo station from the outside.

79 | newton mistoble says:

ummmmmmm ok then what the hell thats all i have to say really.... what the hell!

80 | caboose says:

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

81 | cabose says:

stop the madness

82 | maggi_noodls says:

hahaha! that comic was funny!

83 | maggi_noodls says:

hahaha! that comic was funny!

84 | maggi_noodls says:

helloooooo! im all alone out here!

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