A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Kanman-075 says:

I agree with the Master Chief, i do not like yellow. Will the Chief find a silver one? Silver is good. Keep up the GJ Gruntsbane!

2 | Hunter_Killer says:

lol Cracka gets everything ;)

3 | Xerro says:

That banshee looks ugly when it's yellow, besides it must be so easy to spot especially at night, looks kind of glow in the dark like. Anyway congratulations kracka for winning the contest.

4 | The REAL Junpei (Dunno who the other Junpei is) says:

Good comic ::Thumbs up::

5 | Isna Noselee says:

Who knew the yellow banshee was so shiny, kudos go to KRACKA (Wow, seventh comment, I rule).

6 | Darkshadow says:

That's way too bright to be the Yellow Banshee. It looks more like the Radioactive/Bling-Bling Banshee to me.

7 | Justin says:

Just when you thought it it was safe......

8 | MJOLNIR117 says:

Anyways, I agree with Darkshadow. That banshee looks like a giant banshee-shaped bling-bling.

9 | Spartan088 says:

hmmm...its been awhile...but i can tell why...shweet comic dude(s)!

10 | Mr Elite says:

why the hell does Kracka always get the bloody everythings? and by the way, long weekend fer all u holy guys out there. As for all u public school shmucks, HA HA!

11 | SPARTAN-117 Master Chief says:

nice work Gruntsbane and good job winning that contest KRACKA

12 | Isna Noselee says:

Who knew that the yellow banshee was so shiny, Kudos goes to KRACKA.

13 | David says:

I love it! that banshee looks radioactive! lol.

14 | Yayap the grunt says:

Good, good, but what was that marine's name? And Kanman-075 is right banshees would look good in silver, by the way why don't you get a strategy guide in the game. It would be a big help in 343 Guilty Spark.

15 | KylerSpears says:

Hmmmm. . . You know you guys at hbn should make a contest for who can draw the best picture of somtin related to halo and enter it.O by the way good job winning kracka!

16 | Xerro says:

Forgot to say the real Junpei is the one that does the Mcandcortana comics. YOU ROCK! AND SO DO HALOBABIES!

17 | Kev says:

man, what if there was a yellow banshee?

18 | agent_CDE says:

Uhh... then we'd be flying in style, with our standard cupholders and leather interiors?

19 | hunterkilla says:

I agree with Xerro. Have something nice to say about the comics or don't say anything at all.

Great comic. keep it up

20 | The real KRACKA says:

I love the comic...but one thing...it kinda looks like i am black in it...and I am definately white. I am Irish...anyway thanks a ton gruntsbane I love it!

And by the way who is the fool who is impersonating people..it is real dumb...anyone who knows mw knows I always spell my name in all caps. So the first comment was not me.

21 | Mr. Elite says:

do the halo stratagy guides help you find the yello banshee?.......i want one O_o

22 | Gruntsbane says:

Hmm, I made everything darker because its supposed to be night. Maybe thats why you look black?

Anyway, this impersonater needs to earn some honor and stop hiding behind the internet to insult people.

23 | ansomble28 says:

Wow, looks like the "COMMENTS" section of this site has turned into a more crappier forum than the ones at Game Battles... pretty sad really. I really love the comic. The yellow banshee... what will they think of next?!? (desperately praying for Masterchief to take off his helmet and look just like Salma Hayek... fingers crossed.)

24 | Armyofone says:

hey man that'd be cool, a luxury banshee makes me wish I had one. And what's with this person who keeps on impersonating people I don't understand why someone would dis this site for any reasons. There's no reason to insult people for no reason expecially when you don't have as much mad skill as Gruntsbane, now he's a good artist.

25 | Gruntish Elite says:

Ah leave the poser alone. He's just tryin' to make hiself feel better cuz he has no life and NO ARTISTIC TALENT!

Kudos goes to Kracka. As for the 'who can draw halo stuff the best'..Id win cuz I can draw the halo 2 chief! I did a pic of him but he looks like a bobble-head, LOL! Nice work Gruntsbane! Keep it up!


26 | mrsmiley says:

Yay. I have banned 2 ips so far in just this one comic. Anymore?

27 | Realslimstevie says:

Maybe you look black cuz its a night, KRACKA, or cuz he figured you would wanna look black. Nice idea tho

28 | bananas are made of gold (hopefully) says:

hope its made of gold and not just painted yellow

29 | SPARTAN-292 says:

Actually, it looks a tad bright greenish..
Nice artwork, as always, Gruntsbane. And good job to KRACKA on winning the contest. I want a yellow banshee..*grumbles*

30 | Random HaloGamer says:

I want a yellow banshee too. Make that with leather seats (proper human ones), cupholders, mini-bar etc. And a personal pilot. Actually I suppose Cortana can fly it whilst I sit back and enjoy the view... and hope that nobody tries to shoot down my radioactive glowing yellow bashee in the meantime.
Great comic and artwork

31 | wort wort wort says:

when he drives the banshee how does he see?

32 | FUELRODGUN says:


33 | De Huntersitter says:

Wats next?The rainbow elite?Or the legendary green ghost?

34 | Torque says:

Niether, I'd think it'll be THE LEGENDARY PINK WRIATH TANK!

P.S. Ansomble28, please tell me who Salma Hayek is, you can give me a picture of him (My email address is ).

35 | haloelite says:

Maybe or maybe the poka-dotted grunt

36 | Claw says:

There is a missing comma in frame 5 after the word Anyway

37 | mekey says:

lol that made me laugh he he there i did it again.

38 | The Knight In Green Cybernetic Armor says:

Shoot! Ihaven't been to the site in like, forever, and this is all there is? Anywho, I WANT A YELLOW BANSHEE! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

39 | halo boi says:

OH MY GOD! a gamers pourpase in life if to witness the moment that he aquiers the legendary YELLOW BANSHEE!!! angels:ahhhh!!

40 | Sardaukar says:

Forget yellow luxury banshees.... give me a truckload of duct tape, a hacksaw, the pylons of a banshee, and a few hours and I'll have a REAL mans aircraft... the Flying Warthog! I think I'll call it... the Puma.

41 | Amse 'Derudee says:

lol, this is funny, I like the marine's face!

42 | n0x says:

why do you still call it halo babies? the drawings keep getting more realistic, and look, that marine has facial hair.

43 | deathcom says:

what so cool about it?come on all it is is gold 1m is all it go take. nox your right they are getting more realistic.

44 | KillerGrunt...1000 (aka wortwortworthog says:

all u do is critisize whoever u r "deathcom" what a weird name....

45 | Random Grunt says:

i swear on the halo box there is a blue banshee?not the 1 shooting the Hog but the 1 in the top left hand courner

46 | koreanboy86 says:

its funny but whats that purple thing in the last panel?

47 | .teller says:

it IS the Radioactive Glowing/ Bling Bling Banshee! Ive been looking for it everywhere!

oh, and the blue banshee does actually exist. follow the instructions on the Yellow Banshee site to find it.

48 | Random Covies says:

Sorry on be1/2 of our grunt.He meant the prima guide,not the game case.

49 | The Random Guy says:

is there really a legendary golden banshee cuz i know about the secret grun and the hidden marine and keeys glasses on one of the levels but thats it.

to get to the hidden marine on the level on the 343 guilty spark lvl keep throwing granades with a 1-2 second deley between each one. u wont be forced off the pelican so it will fly off to the edge of the map circle the around the whole map (takes about 3-4 mins) and ull eventualy find him. oh and go to the cave and ull see floating rifles. no marines but rifles right there. Do i get banned for this cuz i hope not i read the rules and it said nothing about spoilers.

---===End of Spoiler===---

50 | 'Suka Ramamee says:

*sigh*... so much for a custom paint job on my personal craft...

51 | Ramamee says:

HALO 2PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

52 | Ramammee says:

Ops! I ment halo 2-people any1 herd of a YELLOW warthog O and ya lookin for neet stuf go to www.1001cheats.com

53 | Ramammee says:

Neet comik by the way............nice texture

54 | other justin says:

where WAS the yellow banshee?

55 | Conor says:

Ramammee: you are a name thief! 'Suka Ramammee is much funnier and a better speller than you! Guard the Elite elitism with your life, 'Suka!

56 | Inuyasha says:

why does master chief allways where a half ton anmor suit?
**** this **** mother ****!!
is there a blue warthog?
**** you and anwser my question you bastard!!!

[GRUNTSBANE] Maybe if you add more explatives I'll be more inclined to answer your question. Or maybe this sarcastic comment will give a hint.

57 | Doubl3 H3lix says:

COOL, the yellow banshee is a reference 2 the yellow HOG that u can get on Headlong by modding ur XBOX!

58 | gold spartan says:

i think a gold banshe would be better

59 | Cristy says:

woah.. yellow... i'll prefer gold or silver...

60 | YBOX says:

Hi, I'm sexy.

61 | neon says:

theres a sort of golden banshee in halo 2...ok Im not going to keep saying what you know by now, because halo 2 has been out for a year.

62 | stewie griffin says:

lolololololololololol so funny cant breath NOOOOOOO *DEAD*

63 | spartan118 says:

does any body know how to get the yellow banshee please i heard u can unlock all the levels in halo 2 and be a brute, and prophet

64 | anonymous says:

I also hate yellow, except when it comes to Skittles, Starburst, and any other fruit-flavored candy, even though everyone says it's a bad flavor. Anyway, nice comic... 1st post!!!

65 | Masterchief evil says:

find what? i'll have to see the next one to find outi guess

66 | Master Chef says:

Why yellow? Why?

67 | Half-Jaw and Zawaz says:


68 | Slade8 says:

I couldn't help but look at the Halo game cover for a blue banshee (mentioned by Random Grunt.) What I found, however, were two banshees--either with the cockpit open or without a pilot, firing at a 'Hog. Hmm... Oh, Bungie! Listen to THIS.

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80 | spades says:

there is a golden banshee iv used it before... im not sure about this golden warthog iv heard about though

81 | spades says:

there is a yellow banshee iv used it before... im not sure about this golden warthog iv heard about though

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