A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Mista_B says:

Mmm, torture.

Must be pretty cozy inside that armor, eh Cortana?

This should be interesting...


2 | Junpei says:


3 | Kanman-075 says:

Well, finaly Cortana rides with the Chief. Good comic, i also agree with the Chief, what a name for such a ship, but hey, it's HaloBABIES.

4 | Gholsbane says:

Woah, since when was this Truth and Reconciliation?

5 | akba says:

How does he plan to kill the grunts and elites? Will he shoot them in the eyes with his darts and hope for the best? Or does our cuddely little friend have a drakside after all?

6 | Halo fan...natic says:

he probably has high explosive darts or something... either that or baby covenant are wimps. anyways, very good. i give it a 95%. i would give it a hundred but i don't think babies are smart enough to know how to torture people.

7 | fltm says:

that is funny, is this a reference to Halo 2? will we be getting an extra SPARTAN added to our team? i hope so!

8 | says:

This is according to me one of the best Halo Babies comics ever. Really. The middle square atleast hehe.

9 | Mr Elite says:

lol! oh that is hilarious. personally ive never done that but its still funny.

\\ //
proud owner
// \\

10 | Nathan says:

ha ha i love it.

Do you really think babies can tourture???

11 | Mr. Elite.....The Real One says:

O_o............hehe i still get a kick out ov "Calm and Cooperative" XD

12 | Fusion1 says:

Once again, a kick-a$$ comic. I agree with Mr.Elite....heheh....the Calm and Cooperative....

13 | KandyMan says:

yeah, and isn't he suppost to have the black captian, and some other Marines with him? oh well, it is still pretty kool!

14 | Halo fan...natic says:

Calm and Cooperative... heh, i was expecting it to be the exact opposite of The Truth and Reconcilliation... the False and... what does reconciliation mean anyways?

15 | mrsmiley says:

*Ahem* I believe it's the "calm and cooperative", not the "truth and reconciliation!" =)

16 | Claw says:

He wasn't saying it WAS the Truth and Rec, he thought it would just be the opposite of the Truth and Reconciliation.

17 | Xerro says:

I believe reconcilliation means to recon an area, but then i might be wrong. Anyways great comic, MUST HAVE MORE!

18 | Kev says:

Thats pretty cool. I bet master chief is pretty parinoid about now. I would be if I were him.

19 | agent_CDE says:

I think I figured out how the covvie babies intend to torture the prisoner.

(Some random grunt pokes him in the arm, telling him to surrender the keyboard)


(Grunt does it again)


(Grunt does it again.)


20 | David says:

I am grateful for the switch pelican trip, and can't wait to see the story proceed at this much-improved pace.

21 | Bob says:

reconcilliation- to reconcile, to settle differences

22 | Armyofone says:

akba your right, how the heck does he expect to kill the critters with suction cups I mean come on
*MC loads a couple darts off, hits the elite in the leg or somethin' elite suffers a tramatic experience falls down dead*
now I know it's a possibility(i think i spelt that right)that it might happen but chances are not waving towards that direction.Unless they're super secret darts that is..........

23 | Cullen says:

Who said anything about anyone dying?

24 | ansomble28 says:

OMG, PEOPLE!! Get a grip would you?!? It's a funny comic that makes you laugh! That's all it's supposed to do! Not give you any secrets on Halo 2 or make you think it's another chapter in Halo! IT'S JUST A FUNNY "COMIC"!!! Wow, all the 13 and 14 year olds who visit this site need to get a grip. Geez.
Great Comic! Stop being so friggin' critical of everything that goes on at HaloBABIES. I mean, how serious can it be? It's modeled after a VIDEO GAME!!! (For crying out loud, some people...)

25 | Volc 44 says:

ansomble, you need to calm you're self down. I think that medication you're taking isn't working. who cares what they think, let them talk.

26 | Fred says:

I agree with Volc 44. Thats what I think.

27 | Lt. Set says:

Interesting comic so far, some are funny, others, well I just don't get. The art is cute, and this is one of the better comics.
Oh, and reconcilliation does not mean "angry" or to recon the area. It means to make ammends, and if you don't understand what to make ammends means, that means to fix what you did wrong so to speak.

28 | MasterNeoChief says:

Great comic, as usual!

@ ansomble28, you're right though, many people think this comic goes, deep, but it's a comic for fun!
And it rocks!
I'm thirteen, you mean something withat?! :P

@ Lt. Set
We know that, but someone expected the OPPOSITE of Reconciliation, which probably means angry.

29 | TAO_Tipz says:

Well, the double weapons,peeking ability, and vehicle hijacking is good enough for me

30 | HALO_PLAYING_MASTER_GOD....i_always_win_MAN says:

i think it is pretty kool ||

my name is Matt, and i will kill all who oppose me

31 | Random Halo Player says:

I know how they torture them - having a baby of any species running around screaming will drive you insane eventually.
Little grunt running around screaming after marine refuses to give him info. Maine gives in after half an hour or so just to stop it yelling.
See? Simple.

32 | The Knight In Green Cybernetic Armor says:

Can't breathe... Laughing to much!

33 | Isna Noselee says:

These plot comics are starting to get a bit intresting, keep up the good work Mr. Smiley!

34 | Man with an MA5B and an attitude says:

The dust in the first frame makes it look like there's a grunt sitting in the rear left seat.
BTW, if you get poked again by that grunt, the methane tank looks like it could make it very easy to stand him on his head. hehheh

35 | MJOLNIR117 says:

@agent_CDE You're so right!

(grunt pokes him again)

You little...

(Draws a sniper rifle)

That hould take care of him

(feels a poke)

Oh my god, no!

36 | Kyfe says:

I think this latest comic is suppose to be about Abu Ghraib, but still VERY funny.
(Hunter pokes me in the head)
(Pulls out pistol, jumps over hunter, shoots in the back, hunter charges, repeat until pleased.)

37 | Gruntsbane says:

Kyfe says: I think this latest comic is suppose to be about Abu Ghraib, but still VERY funny.

No, this comic has nothing to do with the Abu Ghraib incident. It's just an unfortunate coincidence.

38 | Marine says:

haha Xerro got screwed!*hops in banshee* Wait am I forgeting something?*gets out of banshee**grunt hops in**looks up from coffee*Hey you little [TRANSLATION NOT FOUND]!

39 | halo boi says:

you guys are damn good at drawing pelicans!
btw: this sorta looks like the truth and reconciliatin starting only theres no marines

40 | halo boi says:

this is my second message because some guys up there wanted to know the oppisite of Truth an Rec.
reconciliation is confession at church so id guess its...sin i guess
The False and Sin doesnt sound too bad eh future readers?

41 | Sardaukar says:

This one is a classic. You find yourself wondering why the cruiser is named Calm and Cooperative with the MC, and then Cortana's last statement just drops a satyrical needle into your thought bubble :D.

The latest Halo novel points to getting three more Spartans to play with in Co-op mode, if you're wondering, Fltm. But then, it seems that a lot of people take these comics overly seriously... might be wise to place a conspicuous "We are not official related to Halo! HB was an April Fools Joke!" thingy somewhere...

42 | De Huntersitter says:


43 | mendoza says:

dude no more! the torture is too much! no video games no macerana NO!

44 | koreanboy86 says:

cortana makes me suspicious... nahh shes right mayb the ships name IS reffering to that meaning...

45 | the king of grunts says:

reconciliation means two tnings

1.The reestablishing of cordial relations
2.Getting two things to correspond

which I have no idea what either one means

46 | 'Suka Ramamee says:

Actually, the ship name often refers to the general attitude of it's master; in the case of The Calm and Cooperative, me. Of course, that's only when there's a prophet in the room. HEY?!? WHO THE F%$# WROTE "suka is a pudu-head" ON MY ANTI-GRAV HARNESS?!

47 | ediotbox says:

MasterNeoChief, the opposite of Reconciliation would not be Angry, Reconciliation means to reconsider, so I'd say the opposite would be... not to consider? anyways, great comic!!!

48 | Insane Master Chief says:

Ansomble, I agree with you, but I'm 13. Don't make sweeping generalisations about us based on no evidence.

49 | The Hunter with the MA5B says:

Reconciliation actulally means: Restore to friendship or union and make consistent, acording to my dictionary!

So I think it should be Lies and Nonfriendly?

50 | The Hunter with the MA5B says:

Reconciliation actulally means: Restore to friendship or union and make consistent, acording to my dictionary!

So I think it should be Lies and Nonfriendly?

51 | Doubl3 H3lix says:

what kind of gun is the chief carrying? looks stupid.

52 | gold spartan says:

the gun ship`s name is dum

53 | mickey her says:

it cool men to see killing with kindness

54 | Blaxon says:

Ansomble you are so right. If people keep thinkin to deep in this "Funny" comic then they need to be slapped in the mouth. lol

55 | Masterchief evil says:


56 | ako says:

what?? killin wi kindness? wats tha gotta do wi the comic????? sumone tel me wat its about

57 | arbyter says:

RVB RIP OFF!!!!! thats copying what happened with captain flowers in season 3, his last words were herk bleurghh and tucker says 'i got dibs on his armour'.

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