A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Xerro says:

Why do i have a bad feeling about the disguise as well. The second frame looks pretty good i like the jackals and the lift. But the strip wasn't funny. But then this one probably wasn't meant to be.

2 | mrsmiley says:

Unfortunately it is somewhat of a "cliffhanger" type strip.

3 | _-.(]=[).-_ says:

Meh. Cliffhangers suck.

4 | Isna Noselee says:

A tank, flamethrower, & some marines could get past that much covenant.

5 | Necromas says:

I wonder how he's going incognito? an elite isn't enough like a human for wearing ones armor to work, grunts are to small, and hunters too big. Jackals dont even wear armor. Maybe he is going as a stealth elite? that would be asy to do :)

6 | Polite says:

I say he's going in disguised as one of those purple comm. boxes...

7 | Ireesha says:

this is stupid. Get a real fuckin comice will ya. Your jokes ain even funny. Get something that actually makes me laugh. The coloring stinks. The pictures are a piece of crap. Do better next time. Thanks-Bye

8 | halo boi says:

chief in discuise how come i have the feeling cheifs gonna go as a grunt?

9 | newnab says:

or maybe he is going to wear some beads and tell them its mardi gras.... i thought it was an ok comic, not funny granted, but ireesha, id like to see you do better. keep up the overall good work gruntsbane!

10 | agent_CDE says:

Ireesha's right. Halobabies sucks. Ireesha's work is much, much better.

Yeah, right. This, of course, ignores the fact that Ireesha hasn't actually publicised anything.

GJ, Gruntsbane.

11 | Mista_B says:

Woah, big party down there.

This is story mode folks, you walk gut-bustin funny, you go to One One Se7en. ;-)

12 | warthog freak says:

i hope she doesnt make him a grunt... on the other hand a seven foot tall grunt sounds funny

13 | Matt says:

personally, I like the idea of a nice story arc. Nice job man. As for Ireesha's comments...there's a fine line between constructive critism and just plain being a jack ass. and you...are bein a jackass. If you are indeed as good as Agent says you are, perhaps not being a pompous asshole would help your credibility some.

14 | mrsmiley says:

Ok folks, let's ignore Ireesha's commens, and get back to your own!

15 | evilguineapig says:

Calm down, guys! Hey, nice job on the drawing. I love the animation and artwork. It appears you guys really put alot of work into drawing and plotting this one! The jackals look awsome and so do the sleeping grunts. Way to go. Drawing is a 10/10.

16 | Mr. Elite says:

thats alot of grunts......0_o

17 | Yoozel says:

I hope there is a follow up....

18 | Kanman-075 says:

This comic isn't really funny, but it makes me think of what disguise he might take. Good job with the mystery Gruntsbane, keep up the good story =].

19 | J. Flame says:

I like where Halo Babies is headed with a plot. Random funny is funny, but plot and funny rock. As for One One Se7en.....that may be the worst comic I've ever read. But that's my opinion. Anyway, can't wait until the next strip!

20 | Spartan_117/John says:

*has gone up against more FLOOD than that* it seems Star Wars has leaked into Halo XD

21 | Nathan says:

I like it though not funny it sets up the next comic like in the halo books. he could be a muskrat and dig...

22 | Gruntsbane says:

Hey guys, as many of you noticed this one was supposed to be a set up rather than make a joke, but hopefully you'll stick in there to see the results ;)

This Ireesha guy picked an odd one to criticize the art on. If he can submit a panel like #2 that he did in an hour or two I'll be happy to switch it out for mine, heheh.

Anyway watch out for the next two weeks comics and see how this disguise works out.

23 | mekey says:

whats there a punch line that i missed... cause if there was one i didn't c it... or i just didn't get it.

24 | haloelite says:

Master Chief becomes Master of Disguise?

25 | ansomble28 says:

Why do I have the feeling that her "suggestion" for a disguise is disguising himself as a 'nade throwing, rocket whipping, covenant plowing, assault badass with a nack to attach plasma grenades to people's crotches and hide in corners and laugh?

26 | Trigun says:

You guys that said this sucks are a bunch of idiotic, n00bish retards.

This was a "set-up" episode to the comic for the next one, god you people lack a good storyline, good work grunt..

- Trigun

27 | InSaNe1024 says:

If I remember correctly, Chief also has a bad feeling after Cortana tells him that it will take a substantial amount of energy to transport them to the T&R for the "Keyes" level. And based on the fact that Chief has an energy shield and armor, I think that Cortana may disguise him as an Elite, and have him walk through the Grunts, taking advantage of their poor sense of smell and self-preservation (and posibly eyesight).

28 | David says:

I hope it's as funny as some of the things I've thought of! :)

29 | Armyofone says:

okay in the third strip there seemed to be a pastry on some grass, I wonder if it's like a golden elite's birthday or something and that's like his cake and possibly maybe MC is the suprise in the cake? Hmmmmmmmmm...makes me wonder.

30 | Mista_B says:

Sorry for the second comment, but I just realized - Cortana has holographic emission capabilities, right?


31 | Wolf says:

Please, don't they have ground attack planes in 2552. PS the elits are females.

32 | Dudeman says:

Too many Covenant to take on by myself, ha, I laugh in the face of the Covenant!

*Actually LOOKS at ALL the the Covies down there and pees pants*


Keep up the great work guys!

33 | this site sucks badddd says:

oh my god the marines look like shit the art is shit its not funny it makes no since AND WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MCS HEAD

34 | yayap says:

shut up, halobabies is great, like to see you do better

35 | Alite Fusionist says:

yeh man i'd say if ya don't like it den don't bother writting anything and u probley coudn't do anything near dat pic it's premo

36 | ash the psycho bunny says:

To MC: cmon you all that armour, i mean ive got better armour than that and besides the covies are a bunch of *MC points towards Covenant* ... holy s*** ... you first Chief

great work guys :)

37 | wort wort wort says:

maybe he'll go as a brute

38 | bob the flood says:

why do i have a feeling a grunt is going to wake up missing his methane pack?

39 | ash the psycho bunny says:

uh...how often is this updated?

40 | gruntsbane says:

Every friday.

41 | wannabe Sgt. Johnson says:

eh.....Cortana better not be suggesting to try an fit himself inside the body of the elite he just killed...or wounded, whatever....yah.....bad thought right thier....oh the mental images....

42 | sniper01 says:

man if chief does that than i'll be a happy man and will die complete

43 | steven says:

I bet he paints himself blue and calls himself a hunter.

44 | S2K577 says:

I'll bet he'll put the Elite carcass on top of his head, MGS3: Snake Eater style... you know, where Solid Snake has a crocodile on his head as a disguise?

45 | dan says:

all i have to say is that the fact hes sookin like that. is gay cmon this aint exactly legendary

46 | wannabe MC says:

hey shutup what if it is... think about it theres probably 50+ grunts down there and at least 25 jackals... MC's gonna need one hell of a disguise

cant wait till next comic


47 | Sooperpuper says:

dude hes gonna dress up as a grunt and its gonna be real small... and they probably wont even notice...or...they will

48 | Thundero says:

I think this ok but I don't understand what happen he's just scared of cortana just kidding it was awwwwwsommmmme!!!!!

49 | hooo hooo whooo hooo says:

I think cortana should quit scaring masterchief with her crazy ideas actually you know what it makes more interesting with cortana's crazy ideas

50 | Marines are ready says:

I with | Isna Noselee she right marines could through that many covenant if they had that and Masterchief it would have been easy.

51 | Wolf says:

Idiots, he just put a elit to rest, he will take her/its armor.
PS elits ARE femael.

52 | bonfire says:

he should dress as a cardboard cut out of him self it's never failed me

53 | clown_fish says:

what a unfunny comic. the writer must be really unfunny in every way, shape and form. it doesnt make sense...

54 | Gruntsbane says:

Haha, Peter. Get back to work you bum ;)

55 | SNIPER01 says:


56 | BioHazard Audio says:

Great... hmm.. what shal I say?
heh, perhapse hide under a turret and use that to walk about in :p

or, even better... use cortana's holo-projection thingie to create a studly male Elite to lure all the females away... do the same for the grunts and for the jackals, re-create "Duck Hunt" :p

Keep it up man, and you douches that hate this... go read Non-Sequitor -_-

57 | Kilted Fury says:

Hey BioHazard, that just might work. As weard as it may seam I would give it a shot.

58 | Armyofone says:

or maybe just maybe he can do what he always does, lucks out.

59 | evilguineapig says:

Mabey, JZR. Just mabey. That or he dies an awful horrible death.

60 | koreanboy86 says:

ireesha get a life you frickin jealous idiot.dont blame the peeps who have ALL the talent YOU want... you prostitute

61 | Shiro says:

You guys probably know that Ireesha and that guy who hates the site arn't probably returning to the comics and readin these?

But the thing is you should learn to appreciate other's artworks and opinions. Except when the opinion has become something like that. Even those comics made by that other guy weren't as great but yet were great because teh person actually TRIED. It can give themself a great self confidence till a jackass like them shoots you back down. As my art teacher told me: "You could do much better if Motivated" and Confidence plays a great role. And taht's all i can say I guess.

62 | Shiro says:

BTW, from that point, Great Sniper opportunity >.>

63 | 'Suka Ramamee says:

Kudos to my security teams ever since we realized humans prefer the cover of night... wouldn't matter anyway, we got floodlights everywhere.

64 | Doubl3 H3lix says:

Those jackals look like X-mass lights!

65 | Masterchief evil says:

lol she's going to look weird!

66 | Masterchief evil says:

lol she's going to look weird!

67 | QueenGhid says:

All of my comments seem to revolve around the fact that your artwork is adorable, but I can't resist it! Master Chief is *peeking* for glory's sake! ^o^

68 | celexa says:

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69 | personals says:

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