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HaloBabies Mob the Angry Peasants | Gruntsbane { August 04, 2005 }

Last Saturday, after a solid week of planning, HaloBabies and the Mob of Angry Peasants took center stage in a three game battle. After relentless practice, the Halobabies came out with a 2-0 victory. Our vigorous training proved to be the deciding factor as our well coordinated strikes and teamwork defeated Moap. Read on for a re-cap of the night's games.

Match 1

The Mob of Angry Peasants had the first selection of gametype and map for the evening. Chris547 selected Multi-Flag CTF Sanctuary. HaloBabies used excellent communication to locate the enemy sniper, sword, and flag defenders. Using that good communication, we were able to move the flag swiftly towards the center of the map into scoring position. Halobabies were hungry for that first win as this game only lasted for 6 minutes and 23 seconds. Thalomaster of HBN was the MVP of this game as he scored the flag all three times. DownfieldGrim later commented on this game saying, "We got kinda confused in the beginning with all the tactics and strategies you guy's had...because we don't have any at all". Halobabies took the first game, 3-0.

Game Stats
HBN vs MOAP / Multi-Flag CTF Sancutary / Game 1

Match 2
HaloBabies had the second pick of the evening and selected Single Flag CTF on Terminal. Once again, HaloBabies is all about teamwork. Do we have the rockets? Is the Wraith in or possession or destroyed? Is the enemy sniper down? Thats just a few of many questions we asked each other while the AngryPeasants regrouped on offense and defense. Im going to throw a few stats out here to show how well we did in this match. Thalomaster had 47 kills while DarkHalo5714 had 29. Bumski died the least (8 times) while every member of MOAP died over 22 times. DarkHalo5714, Preacher X Pain and Thalomaster all scored once. Our coordination was unstoppable as HaloBabies rolled 3-1.

Game Stats
HBN vs MOAP / Single Flag CTF Terminal / Game 2

Match 3

HaloBabies being up two games gave the final pick to MOAP. They selected a 6 round limit, Assault on Relic. This Assault on Relic is easily in the top 5 hardest games to score in. Neither team planted the bomb so it ended in a 0-0 tie. Thalomaster had 32 kills and Gruntsbane tied Chris547 with 20 kills a piece. Halobabies ended up with a total of 297 kills in three matches. Great work everybody as HaloBabies beat Mob of Angry Peasants two matches to nothing. Congrats HBN!

Game Stats
HBN vs MOAP / Assault on Relic / Game 3

Write-UP by Dark Halo

Halobabies Disbands the Marty Army | Gruntsbane { July 25, 2005 }

Last Saturday, after weeks of planning, The Marty Army and HBN squared off in a three game battle. We won all three of our games in dramatic fashion. This match goes to show you, when you play teamwork even through the worst lag you can become victorious. We sure proved it that night against Anelf and company. Read on for a re-cap of the night's games.

Match 1

The Marty Army had first pick of the evening. Anelf selected Single Flag CTF on Elongation. Nothing truly stands out about this game except the fact that HBN was on offense first and scored all three times for the victory. TMA had 17 more kills then us total but our well timed teamwork prevailed as HaloBabies took the first match 3-2.

Game Stats
HBN vs TMA / Single Flag CTF Elongation / Game 1

Match 2

HaloBabies had the second pick of the evening and selected Single Flag CTF on Terminal. This match came down to which team could control the heavy weapons and strike first. HaloBabies quickly got the flag out of the base on offense which gave the rest of our teammates a shot of getting to it faster. On defense, Gruntsbane grabbed the rockets and DarkHalo's tank skills proved valuable as HaloBabies rolled 3-1. Gruntsbane, Nrek, Preacher X Pain, and THaloMaster had 22 kills or over. The Final Kill total is HBN: 157 TMA: 99.

Game Stats
HBN vs TMA / Single Flag CTF Terminal / Game 2

Match 3

HaloBabies being up two games gave the final pick to TMA. They selected Single Flag CTF on Relic. HBN has a lot of experience with Relic but not a lot of luck as recent Team Preview games would show. Relic's flag setup is really complex to get to. I compare driving the warthog onto the enemy base while racing towards the flag to the Death Star trench run of Star Wars. Complete with obstacles and enemy fire, its really hard to get the flag off when the enemy is gathered around it. Once again, HBN obtained all the heavy weapons and worked fast on offense and defense as we rolled 3-1. Mad props to Toxic Spartan as she is the first HaloBabies female member to play in a major match. Congrats HBN!

Game Stats
HBN vs TMA / Single Flag CTF Relic / Game 3

Write-Up by Dark Halo

HBN Puts HBO in Diapers | mrsmiley { June 29, 2005 }

On Thursday night of last week, HBN Clan brought their A game against KPs HBO Spartans. We won all three of our matches after playing a long game of cat and mouse. Both teams didnt know what to expect of each other but when the moment was right, we struck. Read on for a re-cap of the night's games.

Match 1

Halobabies had the first pick of gametype for the evening and we selected multi-flag ctf on Containment. This game had one of the strangest starts to any clan match that Ive ever seen. Super Robot 7 and I were extremely nervous, SpraynPray was away eating pizza for the first 10 minutes and yours truly forgot to close the room. When everybody got back on the same page, we began to roll. Our clan learned real quickly to avoid KPs well-timed sniper shots and Retsamolahs ground game. We displayed true teamwork by attacking there base in groups of 3s or 4s while the rest played lock-down defense. Nrek and Super got the flag out of the base, Gruntsbane kept a cool composure in the tank while I ran into the trench with the flag screaming and yelling in excitement. Super Robot had 38 kills and Gruntsbane had 27 as Halobabies rolled 2-0 in game 1.

Game Stats HBO vs HBN / CTF Containment / Game 1

Match 2

This time it was Hbos turn to pick the gametype in which they carefully choose oddball on headlong. We had no prior experience of this gametype on headlong but we cleaned up quite nicely. The match started and both teams quickly met up on the turf below the I-beam. Hbo won that skirmish and took the ball back into the defense base. While their whole team went for the oddball, half of ours went for heavy weapons which was the main deciding factor of the game. They took the oddball into the back building near the airlift and then we attacked. We obtained the oddball and had rocket, sword and sniper coverage. SpraynPray and Nrek topped the games kill leaders and we won, 2 minutes to 50 seconds.

Game Stats
HBO vs HBN / Oddball Headlong / Game 2

Match 3

I handed the party leader over to KP, so that he could choose whatever final gametype he had in store. Also, Hbo was down a member so we gave them super robot out of courtesy. KP choose Team King on Lockout. We were joking around at the beginning saying that Super better do a lot of team killing which he didnt do. Gruntsbane and I had a strategy that proved to be the winning factor. If we had two people in the hill and the rest guarding, victory would be ours. Hbo huddled everybody together in the center where our frags took over. Hbn won big, 3 minutes to 1 minute and 17 seconds. Check out these stats though. Kills: Hbn 124 Hbo 69. Assists: Hbn 70 Hbo 32.Once again our excellent teamwork skills brought us to the promise land.

Game Stats
HBO vs HBN / Team King Lockout / Game 3

Write-Up by Dark Halo

Bungie Gets Beat by Babies! | mrsmiley { June 08, 2005 }

As Luis Wu already mentioned on HBO, we played Bungie for the Humpday Challenge yesterday. Although the games were close, we emerged victorious, winning 2 out of 3! Let me clear a few things up for you to get you ready for Bungie's version of the challenge...

Game 1: BR Team Slayer on Lockout [stats]

Before I go into this game, let me first say that we had neither Gruntsbane or abka with us when we started. GB was a little late, and akba forgot about the entire humpday challenge until it was too late! As many of you know, Battle Rifle slayer on Lockout is akba's best gametype, and we were really counting on him to lead us to victory with his mad no-scoping skillz. Gruntsbane is probably our second best player, so we were also counting on him. Phooey.

The game started out very close. Bungie was really good at staying together and taking us down as a team. It was back and forth for the most part of the game, but we managed to pull ahead for victory! I think the highlight of the whole night happened in this game, where I pwned shishka (and half the rest of the team).

Game 2: 1 Flag CTF on Burial Mounds (First to 3) [stats]

Ok, this is Bungie's apparent "win" out of the 3 games. Let me explain how in went:

1. We are defending, and Bungie is getting nowhere. Granted, we were just on offense, and we didn't do anything either.
2. Someone trips over the LAN cord in my house, and I lag out of the game.
3. Once I get re-connected, I get invites from Sketch and half my team. Not a single invite works for about 2 minutes.
4. Finally, I am allowed to rejoin.
5. About 5 seconds after I am back in the game, Bungie scores the flag.
6. Two rounds later, Bungie ends the game, "because it would have taken too long."


I understand Bungie decided to make it a 4 round single flag CTF game (without telling us), but if Bungie needs us to be a man down to score, so be it! ;) (Note: I'm not saying this to insinuate that Bungie was cheating or anything, I just like to give Sketch a hard time. =P)

Game 3: Team Snipers on Coagulation [stats]

I learned something during this game. I SUCK AT SNIPING ON THIS LEVEL. Although my 4 kills may have been as much as Achronos and Sketch combined, I have no excuse for my inadequacy at actually hitting people with my bullets on this level. I probably would have had an easier time throwing my gun at them. My accuracy in this game was 12%. Ouch. However despite this, Gruntsbane pulled it together and lead us to very close victory.

Although the games were all pretty quick, I had a good time playing with Bungie. They were quite a bit better than I expected, and I think if we had a rematch, we would definitely have to work harder to win! Thanks for some good games, a racing pulse, and sweaty palms, Bungie!