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Master Chief Theater 3000 Season 2 Finale | mrsmiley { January 01, 2009 }

The final Halo 2 episode of MCT3K is online! Stay tuned for Halo: Combat Evolved in January. :)

PAX Episode 3 Contest Winner! | mrsmiley { November 21, 2008 }

The results are in, and the winner of PSO's first ever contest has just won himself 1600 MS Points! Check out our announcment vid for the answers, results, and commentary by all three of the PAX guys (myself included of course). Did you miss out? Be sure to subscribe to our channel on YouTube so you can stay in the loop for future video-related contests!

Keep in mind that the video interview with Grunstbane (HBN comic artist) is coming soon!

PAX Episode 3 + Gruntsbane + CONTEST!!! | mrsmiley { November 14, 2008 }

PAX Episode 3 is out. It's late, but it's worth it. Why? Because we finally tracked down the incredibly allusive Gruntsbane and wrestled him to the ground for an interview (literally).

Also, in a fit of rampant absurdity, I decided to turn this week's episode into a contest worth 1600 Microsoft Points! What are you waiting for?! Go watch and see how to win! (And maybe subscribe while you're at it?)

Pyrosmile Interview | mrsmiley { November 13, 2008 }

Pyroman and I were both interviewed on Skype for Machinima.com. Only reason I'm mentioning it here, is me talking a bit about Halo Babies during the interview. Check it out if you like! :)

Machinima Pyrosmile Interview

Smiley's PAX Adventure - Episode 2 | mrsmiley { September 30, 2008 }

Watch 2 MCs battle in out in Episode 2 of my little series. Hopefully you'll get a few lols out of this short and sweet episode. ;)

Smiley's PAX Adventure - Episode 1 | mrsmiley { September 17, 2008 }

I just released the first episode of my PAX road trip series today. You guys may want to keep your eyes on this one... in about an episode or two, there will be a special guest who will be of interest to all of you...


MCT3K Season 2 has Started! | mrsmiley { September 06, 2008 }

Season 2 of Master Chief Theater 3000 has started today. This season features cutscenes from Halo. Check out the first episode here!

On a side note, I will not be announcing normal episode releases on HBN anymore. If you would like to stay up-to-date with my Pyrosmile video projects, you can check out Pyrosmile.org, or subscribe to the Pyrosmile mailing list I just launched today. Thanks!

MCT3K Season 1 Finale is Online! | mrsmiley { August 20, 2008 }

Pyroman and I are proud to announce the closing episode of our Halo 3 riff-through for Master Chief Theater 3000. You can check it out on YouTube! Be sure to swing by Pyrosmile.org to register and check out the extra content for this episode! :)

Master Chief's Cutoffs | mrsmiley { August 08, 2008 }


The MC wear's cutoffs!? What a nice mental image that is!


I'm actually referring to the new members only Extras section over at Pyrosmile.org. We just launched the section today, with the first "Master Chief's Cutoffs" episode. Basically, these are outtakes and unused riffs from part 1 of the Master Chief Theater 3000 series finale that will be released later today. Aside from the cutoff videos, we will also be posting other goodies from time to time, so be sure to swing by PSO and register! :)

On a side note, part 1 of the MCT3K Season Finale is now out. Check it!

Pyrosmile.org Launches! | mrsmiley { July 25, 2008 }

Pyroman and I would like to welcome you guys to check out our brand new site! This will be the home for the latest news on the Master Chief Theater 3000 series, as well as any new projects we start in the future. We definitely have plans for exclusive content and other goodies as well.

We have a lot of great users here at HBN, and I would love to see some familiar faces over at Pyrosmile. We both are excited to have an environment that's much more personal than Youtube to get feedback and ideas from fans.

Also, Episode 8 of MCT3K is out today as well. Check it out! :)

MCT3K #5 | mrsmiley { July 04, 2008 }

Master Chief Theater Episode 5 is now available on YouTube. Go check it out, and don't forget to rate/comment! :)

Master Chief Theater 3000 | mrsmiley { June 27, 2008 }

I has a new project. Thank God, this time it's not by myself!

I've teamed up with the talented Pyroman to bring you guys the new Master Chief Theater 3000 (MCT3K) series on Machinima.com and Youtube. It actually already has 3 episodes out, but today's episode is the first of many that I will be co-writing/voicing. Be sure to check it out and leave some feedback here in the comments. I would say leave a comment on YouTube, but there are TONS already I like the more personal feedback. :)