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Happy Halodays Round 1 Winner | mrsmiley { December 10, 2008 }

The votes have been counted, and out of only 12 entries, the winner of round 1 has been chosen! He will receive a code for 1600 MS Points! It's not too late for you to enter, as there are still 3 more rounds left. Read the official contest post for more info! Read on for the winning screen shot, as well as the two runners up.

It was a close race for 1st, but in the end, Bootsman came out on top with his epic screenshot. Congrats! You'll be receiving a PM on the forum with your MS point code soon, and will be automatically entered for the grand prize! Check out his and the two runners up, along with some comments from our judges below.

Round 1: Teamwork

Winner: Bootsman

"Me and my teammate of the year, Sleazi, posing in the midst of all the action."


"Epic as a leathal weapon sequel."
- Gruntsbane

"Words cannot explain the epicness of this picture. The colors, the shading...win!"
- Kap2310

"Catches the eye very well.. very simple and easy to decipher the subject of the screenie. good job!"
- Shay-monyou

1st Runner Up: Gilver

"Teamwork...it isn't just winning together."


"Because it is SO true.. and people often forget that fact."
- Shay-monyou

"Funny, and a creative spin on the theme... dying together!"
- mrsmiley

"Gilver truly managed to express not some glorified image of teamwork, but the reality."
- lord of the doubt"

2nd Runner up: ShmaeGirl

"Teamwork... guaranteeing you'll pwn."


"Overkill + standing on someones head = hilarity."
- Gruntsbane

"Quite simply, it made me laugh. :)"
- Shay-monyou

"I also got a good laugh from this one. I can imagine 3 dead bodies about 1 second later haha."
- mrsmiley

That wraps up round one! Stay tuned for Round 2 winners next week. Don't forget to get you entry in NOW. Deadline is every Sunday night!

6 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | NthroSptn says:

Finally they're announced! I'm really looking forward to Round 2, congrats on winning this one Bootsman!

2 | iceking003 says:

Oh teh noes!
Well, time to spend 3 more hours playing with traffic cones.

3 | ShmaeGirl says:

woot! i'll take third lolz. time for traffic cone madness! =D

4 | adrenaline says:

i logged in, but it says im not authorized to read the thread that has the contest rules :(
i want to enter..

5 | mrsmiley says:

I'll take care of it, Adrenaline. Probably has to do with the initial error when you registered. ;)

6 | adrenaline says:

thanks. it still says im not authorized though :(

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