A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Thresher says:

Well I will have to go get my own suit then

2 | Disciple says:

i second that

3 | Jab says:

same here, brother

4 | Raptor 27 says:

I really don'T get this one...Good work on the art thow.

5 | Kritz says:


I'm Australian. I have no idea what ever the joke was. Also, the artwork was much lower quality then all the others.

You manage to make two Xboxes talk with a detailed picture.. but fail to bother as much with a chicken costume?


>> Kritz

6 | sputinik says:

Ha ha!! this one was good!@ 6th post!

7 | MachineDog says:

LOL! "Okay, the point of the game is to see who can crouch longest in the same spot without being killed by the other players who will be firing nuclear missiles at you from that their bomb shelter, Ready?"

8 | Halo2Fan says:

I did not get that and I thrid that opinion but whoooo 8TH POST! YEAAAAH BABY THIS IS THE CLOSEST IVE GOTTEN WHOOOO HALO2 RULES AND YALL KNOW IT! CAN I HEAR AN AMEN? SAY IT IF U LIKE HALO2!!!!!!!! as to the comic ehhh....I didn't really get it but it is funny nontheless

9 | Quadrovector says:

Lmao, this deserves a...


10 | the grunt that doesnt wanna die says:

nice. Chuckie cheese? im not too cool about the chicken but cheese tastes good! 10th post!

11 | Tiger_Tyrant says:

I think MC might b going crazy coz he is confused but dosnt wanna stop

so far it looks like im the only person hu gets it...shame

plus u lot r rite bout da art being of low quility coz i thought it'd b better than that...oh well

12 | Flare17 says:

what is this? is it supposed to be MC playing another game or is it just him in a chicken suit? whats the joke??

13 | =Distiller= says:

Well that settles it, MC is an american> Hey GB i hope you are working on somthing special for comic 117 ;-). And halo2 fan i loooooove halo. CANADA NUKED U!!!

14 | Sheikurl says:

meh. it wos okay, cood hav dun beter.

15 | mrsmiley says:

HAHA! If you don't get it, you obviously have never played team action sack. *sighs*

16 | Firelode says:

Finally! I have a reason to break out my chicken suit, man it's been a few years.

Great work as usual.

17 | Zyrra says:

I take it that the Australians of us won't get that one straight away? I think it's something to do with the next Halo soundtrack...

I sortof chuckled tho, even though I myself didn't get it at all... Yeah I laughed even though I didn't get it...

18 | Spartan-055 Pete says:

Nice and Funny.
Good work

19 | Ninja says:

comic was ok team action sack has werid game types like shwatgons.......yea shwatgons shotguns with out shields stupid because whoever gets host kinda pwns

when are u going to start a storyline comics again they were great

20 | Thoraxe the Impaler says:


21 | Thoraxe says:

it kinda reminds me of the chicken from famiily guy

22 | hasfhsh says:


23 | some random grunt says:

i dont get it

24 | spartan001 says:

uhmmm hmmmmm i didnt exactly get this one and yes i hope your doing somthing speecial for number 117!

25 | Mastergunnz says:

Hey, did you guys notice that text
to the left of the chief?
In the background?

26 | Sapwood2 says:

It says something like "Enjoy lazy background here"

27 | halo rox says:

i didnt get it...and it wasnt halo related at all..except for the chief being in it..i want comics like the ones you guys use to have...ones that were actually funny.

28 | Turialim says:

Nice one GB... Very funny!

29 | carrot of the west says:

haha..clucky cheese... good one GB...but what did that small text say? o.O

30 | Lord_Halo99 says:

I didn't get the joke and i can't find the text u guys are talking about. If its the writing in the lower right hand corner, then i think that's Gruntsbane's signiture.

31 | Spartan-107 says:

Maybe it has something to do with this "Im cookoo for Coco puffs" maybe?

32 | X cal1ber says:

I just dont get it. I've noticed that all the comics recently are turning into political cartoon-style comics. Bring back the old-fashioned comics that, oh, I dunno...ACTUALLY HAD TO DO WITH HALO!!!

33 | Lord Quagga says:

You lost me after "This Playlist..."

34 | FateBreaker says:

At first I thought the chicken had eaten Master Chief...lol, then I looked at it again and figured out that it was just a costume...I feel smart...haha!

35 | greatgrimreaper says:

anyone who didnt get this joke hasnt played enough action sack. aparently i havnt either cause i half didnt get at all. but YES very good art work keep it up^__^

36 | turok says:

uh... this is really weird... seeing the chief in a duck suit kinda freaks me out (not!)
!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!! READ THIS PART!!!!!
It would be sooo awsome if you guys made a comic where Master Chief is playing Animal Crossing. THAT would be soooooooo awsome ;)

37 | Turialim says:

The joke is... Team Action Sack is random but soo enjoyable that you dont want to stop playing it...
As is MC in a chicken suit...

38 | Creativename says:

weird, i dont get it, but i dont want it to stop

39 | Earthling says:

Hahaha. Love it.

40 | Gitrdone25 says:

cool art work and realy funny too

41 | the great pie says:

how very rare...

42 | Resident Ranger says:

Sack lol

43 | cronic says:

I relly did not get this one at all, get off of your lazy ass's and bring back the cool and detalied art work.^-^*get high*

44 | hokopoko says:

hey does anyone play animal crossing here? wanna trade friend codes?
ACWW: 2663-4943-3998//Ryuki//Mac Anu

45 | Shadow of your life says:

I HATE IT!!!!!!!

46 | Masterchief evil says:

i don't get it but he doesn't want it to stop lol!!!

47 | Joe the shmoe says:

It's just not funny. I agree with X cal1ber and Halo Rox. Try doing a long continuing story (aka like 'a day at the beach'), where MC actually has a mission. Maybe he has to sneak into microsoft and get a copy of halo 3!

48 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

Yeah, let's ignore the fact that when Gruntsbane did that, everyone ELSE started complaining about how stupid an idea it was. Live with it :P.

I didn't totally get this one, but Master Chief in a chicken suit doesn't really need a punchline. ;)

49 | Yayap n' Zuka says:

Hmmm MC in a chicken suit... It could go far... Well not really.

50 | Elfboy17 says:

i dun get it, and i get good jokes

51 | carrot of the west says:

hah... i just realized next comic is 117!

52 | Vash says:

ha ha ha...the chiefs in a chicken suit! extreamly funny, lol, lol. not to mention tha the neat comic is the chief's #. 117 baby yah!

53 | Tb_boy says:

Yo Australian dude at the very beginning, i agree with you, except the art work part. the artwork is fine i just don't get the comic...whats with the chicken suit??

54 | ummm the guy that dosent know what the comic is says:

ROFL that makes me laugh but the chicken suit???? oooooooOOOoooo i get it i think he feels like hes at chucky cheese he feels like the big mouse named chunky or chucy or chuky or somthin like that....whats worse chicken feed or that smelllllllly cheese??/

55 | Shotgun Shine says:

The joke this comic makes is that team actionsack is so weird that you'd expect to play a game where you use slingshots in chicken costumes and the like. Basically, team actionsack is so weird that it's stupid, yet fun enough to make up for it.

56 | ummm the guy that dosent know what the comic is says:

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh......... i have a question thats totaly off the comic even though its a pretty good in halo babies are only young kids like 7-19 or somthing like that suppost to be on here?? its just im curious.... I KNOW curisity killed the cat BUT satifaction brang him back!... can someone plz anwser my question

57 | Spartan192 says:

KFC time and o yea i am the 57 post yeaaaaaaaa

58 | jonathan says:

huh??? whats so funny about this???

59 | jonathan says:

oooooo I see it (small text) it's on the thing that is kinda pointing to chief

60 | jonathan says:

HMMMMM.... it says "something lazy background here?" huh i don't get wat that means

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