A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Polarbear says:

Now that's a gift the Sarge would LOVE. He'll go broke pimping it out, but he'll have no end of fun doing it :)

2 | Sausages says:


This is the closest I've ever been to the coveted first-post

Anyway, about the comic...

If I got one of those for Christmas, I'd go beserk and take out everything in a one-mile radius.

Critisism: I know this is a cartoon, but come on, look at the Chief's head! It looks like someone stuffed an air-pump into his mouthpiece and went crazy!

The art is nice though, as always. An admirable effort Gruntsbane.


Again!!! WOOT!!! Second Post!!!

3 | Sausages says:

Sorry for the second post, but I noticed something after reading it a second time.

That's not a gift, that's Santa's pimpmobile! It's friggin' moving!

Holy Crap! You better not be naughty or Santa will blast your *** with his massive firepower! I mean Holy **** talk about packing heat!


Sorry, again...

But WOOT!!! Third post too!!!

4 | Gruntsbane says:

Sausages has been hitting the nog early apparently.

5 | Ralku777 says:

Cool! I finally got on the first page! And on 5th!
Anyway, nice comic Gruntsbane.
Love that Wraith

Merry Christmas,

6 | Thresher says:

GB you mean LAST years egg nog right

7 | Wannabe Master Sgt. Johnson says:

That's either Sarges new gift (which would be a an awsome thing), or Chief called in backup and that's Santas new sleigh (which would be an "uh-oh" thing for those on the nuaghty list. Coal? How about a big-ol blast of Plasma instead?)

8 | Spartan-055 Pete says:

Merry Christmas Chief
And great comic.

9 | Wannabe Master Sgt. Johnson says:

Oh, and by the way: Merry Christmas to all and to all a good fight....ON X-BOX LIVE!!!!

Happy Holidays people, Huanukahh, Kwanza, whatever we celebrate...

P.S: To Guntsbane or mr. smiley, if you can fuse this with my previous post, may I ask that you do?

10 | otakuguy says:

Heh heh, good memories. the first time I actually played Halo was on Christmas Day. Due to political correctness, Happy Holidays everyone!(lol)

11 | J.M says:

Thats ace, i want a Wraith for christmas too lol! Sarge will be one happy guy...

12 | Tiger_Tyrant says:

i'd love a wraith for xmas... if sheisskurl is listenin den u no wat i want....

i fink da next sketch shud b da 12 days of xmas: Halo style dat would b wicked...
e.g 1st day - a spartan in a pear tree.

anyway bout da sketch its good but wats wiv da MC's head in da 2nd panel? its like a water melen!!!

13 | jman571 says:

very nice Gruntsbane ...now if only we could get the invincible sarge to pilot that wraith... now THAT'D be something ;)

14 | A random mad halo fan says:

kick-ass-tron. I didn't get it quite fully but still, merry christmas! Pineapples.

15 | the grunt that doesnt wanna die says:

MUST have that! That would rule!

16 | crouching lurker hidden noob says:

Wow, first time the comic has been worth posting about in a while!
Sigh* I go beserk wiht a wraith on X box live but my internet is icompatible :(

17 | J lover(don't ask) says:

that was sooooooooooo damn funny GB and i love how the chief looks with this, but one question, why is there a santa hat on the wraith? i mean is santa going to burst through peoples houses and start blowing s*** up, i mean really?

18 | Pred1ator says:

haha but why is the christmas hat on the wraith?

19 | Halo2 Fan says:

cool....Merry christmas (politically correct shamilitically correct its xmas to me the same)to all who believe in HALO and once again I say ALL INSANE HALO FANS SAY AMEN TO HALO BEING THE BEST VIDEO GAME SERIES EEEVAAAA (AMEN!)
and 18?? aww last time I was 7th....

20 | unelite elite says:

wort! That fat red human stole my wraith! Haha, I shall now crush the 8 tiny reindeer he left behind! hahaha *reindeer hoof to head* *thump*

Happy holidays to all!

21 | spartan001 says:

lol good one Gb i liked it made me laugh

22 | spartan001 says:


23 | A kid named Ricky says:

That was good. You should have drawn grunts being reindeer. Rudolph the Red nosed Grunt

24 | A kid named Ricky says:

Merry Christmas everybody

25 | anonymousgrunt says:

25th post! Wait! How would the big red guy or MC get ahold of a Wraith? Some other character must have sent it, but who? Happy Holidays, just to be sociable (not to mention politically correct)!

26 | Thoraxe the Impaler says:

ENOUGH WITH THE 1st POST and 25th POST Crap!! ITS REALLY STUPID!! Anyway, the comic was alright, could have been better, but still funny...MERRY CHRISTMAS HALO BABIES!!

27 | Pinkuh says:

I have this sneeking suspistion that the Christmas Elite is on the loose again XD

28 | Strawberry Field Marshal says:

Oh Gruntsbane! I'm still wiping the unintentionally released fluids (Bob Hope called it 'Punchline Wine') off my pleather office chair! Oh your comedic wit. And insightful, too! Are you on board as writer for the Halo film? If so, we may need to assign the grim writing style of Isaac Lemore to counter your hilarity. An even merrier Christmas to you!

29 | Darkninja says:

haha nice aww there plasma in my stocking.... wahh wahh wahh

30 | K0mm@nd3rGr33 says:

Merry Christmas everyone.

Santa must have abandoned his "lump of coal" shenanigans for a more effective way of punishing naughty children. >:)

31 | SinisterMonkey says:

Well, everyone knows Santa doesn't leave coal. He uses the Wraith to turn the naughty kids into coal.
Anyway, Great comic. Could I get one of those wraiths too?

32 | Strawberry Field Marshal says:


33 | =Distiller= says:

What!!!! All I get is socks, not somthing that could kock my socks off. MAN sarge is one lucky bugger. Good comic GB although I am extreamaly perterbed (yes I think that actualy is a word) as to why you wouldn't do anything special for comic 117. I mean comon that "the number". OH WELL i dont want plasma in my stocking so ill be a good boy and forgive you. To all the hardcore HALO fans Merry Christmas And a happy new year. SANTA NUKED U!!!!!!!!!!!!!

34 | Tartarus says:

On the Twelfth Day of Halo, My True Love sent to me:

Twleve something something
Eleven something something
Ten something something
Nine something something
Eight something something
Seven Spartans a-living
Six something something
Four Rings left
Three High prophets
Two talking rabbits
And... some kind of fruit in a japanese tree

I Need help finishing it!!

((for those who dont get it, go read the whole origen dtory))

35 | Yayap n' Zuka says:

Sarge is so lucky.

36 | The Commander says:

Sarge is sooooo lucky. I wanted a scarab.

37 | pop pppppppp says:

who cares about wraiths

38 | Stuntmutt says:

Congratulations on 117 strips gents. Hope you have a good Christmas. All the best.

39 | LastLife says:

Heh, nice one! Santa- I wanna wraith for Christmas!!!

40 | FateBreaker says:

If I got a wraith for xmas...I'd make sure my bro didn't get anywhere near it...and then I'd go and find out where my math teacher's house was...muahahahahahaha!
Great job, anyways!

41 | Lord_Halo99 says:


42 | joe the schmoe says:

Tartarus heres your finished song:

On the twelfth day of christmas, the sergeant sent to me:

Twelve buggers buzzing
Eleven hunters hunting
Ten brutes a-charging
Nine elites blasting
Eight 'hogs a-honking
Seven spartans shooting
Six grunts a-running
Four frag grenades
Three prophets preaching
Two jackals dead
And some rockets just for me!

Any suggestions any1?

Great strip GB!

43 | X cal1ber says:

Covenant heavy artilley.

The perfect last-minute stocking-stuffer!

Now thats a good strip!

44 | Dubbo says:

Lucky sarge.

All I ask for is some gas for my ghost for Christmas, and all I got were some socks!

Sarge asks for some socks and gets a wraith tank!!!

45 | Dubbo says:

By the way, merry happy christmahaunakwanzakah!!!*

*it's a political correctness thing.

46 | MachShot says:

No, it's "Happy Holydays".

47 | SayWha! says:

I prefer Merry Christmas.

I hope you were good this year kids! Cause Santa got him a new slay, and well, he just punished the Larsens lawn!

48 | Sheikurl says:

lol, master christmas. i wonder if they're actualy going to make the vehicles for de halo movie(make a model dat looks like it).

p.s. tigertyrant, leave me alone

49 | Y2Curly says:

Am I the only one who realised this was the 117 submission/post?

50 | experiment626 says:

haha awesome...No more coal for the naughty kids...a simple launch of plasma ought to do it.
Merry CHRISTmas
(50th post)

51 | badmovechief says:

marines can't operate wraiths. Too bad Sarge. Merry Christmas Halo Babies!

52 | greatgrimreaper says:

for Xmas i want the Truth and Reconciliation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or an Imperial star destroyer. either or)

53 | Me & My shotgun Bob says:

Yay nice comic as always, any way it's christmas so everyone gets a waffle! And bob's getting some explosive shells but don't tell him.

54 | Shay-Monyou says:

Heh, well the time here is late... Very late... (11:34pm 25th Dec)... I have no life...

Anyways, that's one of the best gifts out there... but I would have rathered a Ghost for those tight parking spaces, on second thought go the wraith... just blast the others into oblivion! >=)

55 | master chef says:

the comic number is the cheifs number

56 | the chicken says:


57 | Earthling says:

Hahahaha! I love your comics Gruntsbane. I would rather get a sniper rifle for christmas though.
This is also comic 117. cool.

58 | Tiger_Tyrant says:

i want to hear bout da halo movie n wat they're doin (have they even started yet?)

p.s. To answer Sheikurls question....no hehehehe & can he teach me how to do that ? plz?

59 | jafet says:

can i fucking play this god damn game?

60 | Sparkie says:

MY SEXY WRAITH! (steals)

61 | Vash says:

love what u guys did with the wraith. the bow is a very nice touch

62 | ... says:

GRUNTSBANE!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS COMIC 117 HELLOOOOOO AND I THOUGHT YOU GUYS WOULD DO SOMETHIN SPECIAL!!!!! anyways great comic love the tank and cute bow 2.MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!! You better not shout, you better not cry, you better not pout im tellin ya why,santa elite's comin to,HALO (please look at THE ART OF HALO FOR SANTA ELITE)

63 | ... says:

oops!!! almost forgot somthin. woot woot 63rd post woot woot 64th post

64 | ... says:

add to 1st post 117 IS THE MASTER CHEIF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

65 | Amanda says:

I luv Halo i beat both of them in 4 hours!!!!!!!!! Yeah when you make Halo 3 make it longer & challenging unless u like short & easy. I luv the master cheif he looks really HOT!!!

66 | yay says:

lol, nice comic :D

ps: amanda.. playing halo on easy is no challenge indeed :-p

67 | icewagon3000 says:

This is comic 117. o0o0o
Nice.....very cute.

68 | Edward says:

forget about wraiths,scarabs,& ghost!, what I want for christmas
is a fricken covenant holy city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

69 | {SS}Ogie says:

wow lucky jonson i guess cheif had to hijack the wraith and get it to a shop to fix the cockpit. {becuse he probly had to bang it open and throw the whining elite/brute out.}

70 | Tb_boy says:

WHOA!! look at all the frickin people doin doubles!!! you should have a freakin kirfou!!lol HAPPY NEW YEAR...and nice wraith

71 | ansomble28 says:

The santa hat sticking out of the cockpit made me laugh a little. NJ.

72 | {SS}Ogie says:

santa hat.......on cockpit......... that must mean.... SANTAS DRIVIN THE WRAITH!!!!!! well no more coal for christmas this year how about a live plasma grnade or even a blast from that whould knock you to Hong Kong.....?The Ace OF ->?<- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

73 | -DuStIn- says:

actually it would incinerate u

74 | moron of toast says:

at first i thought the wraith wasw the present but it wasn't

75 | Hot n' Sexy Elite says:

So if thats what the MC going to give the sarge, then whats the sarge going to give the MC... I wonder what the Arbiter got?

76 | bungie says:

i want a a fire blasting wraith too.

77 | Spartan192 says:

Lucky for sarge he is going to blast more but santa make one for u to for it can b ur new sleed.lol

78 | gold eliete says:

that was great keep it up!

79 | mistress chief says:

me personaly would have jaked a pelican an give him that its tough

80 | crash091494 says:

This F***ing rocked!!!

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