A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Loknar64 says:

FIRST POST!!!!!!!!

2 | Dragoon says:

lol, good one

3 | Sieneko says:

That's hilarious. Well done!

4 | spartan564 says:

lol that was good. More plz.

5 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

Haha... Yeah.. this could explain how SOME PEOPLE get on so bloody fast. They have no life, and decide to wait... ugh


6 | SoulLess says:

Lol funny and true... Those wierd people that w8 all day for writing 1st post instead of something worth-while.
Dont the have a life?

7 | spartan114 says:

hm never had 7th post before, personal best yay!!! very funny, made me laugh out loud

8 | El Kabong Rides Again says:

OMG 8thses! woo!

9 | Tiger_Tyrant says:

I wonder how hard it is to come into first post? lol gd sketch yay 9th post

10 | Kritz says:

Wow. I honestly really enjoyed that. Congrats.

But I've always wondered: What image did you put to reflect in MC's visor? Looks like a telephone.. or..

Hell, I have no idea what it is...

>> Kritz

11 | travis says:

lol thanks for puttin it on my birthday (yes its dec 30)

12 | ninja says:

hahaha i've only gotten 1st once i was surprised it was like 10:30 and i had off from school so i went on and i was first post on the bender 1

13 | sputinik says:

sweeet, ha ha!! welcome back (if you even took a break) thats good! lol

14 | yay says:

hehe, nice, not the funiest though.
14th post -_-'

15 | Halo2 Fan says:

Hey I gotta admit that was funny and true hhahaha chief and sarge stayed up all night just fer that hahahahahaha so true... p.s why does sarge always beat chief if he is some nobody who doesn't even fight in the game? 15th post aww too far

16 | Jill Lover says:

16 post!!!
btw i was wondering how those ppl do that, now i know

17 | nutty professor says:

woot 17 post my earliest yet by the
good comic very funny

18 | Thoraxe the Imapler says:

I am very disappointed in those two. I never liked the first posting stuff...

19 | Creativename says:

That is funny, I keep getting closer to first post, 19th post

20 | sgt. campsalot says:

The reflection in Chief's visor is Johnson's face!
It's just a little more close-up than it should be.
The reflection is the top-right 'quadrant' of his face... or, top-left if you're looking at Sarge.... o_o

21 | icewagon3000 says:

Yay! 21st POST!
Nice job. I really wanted Cheif to win.

22 | Mintz says:

Very well done! =) I liked that.
It's so true... *glares at Frankie*

23 | Inteligent says:

LOL, it happened to me only one time, and i was second!

24 | deadfire says:

that was different, but a cool different. xD

25 | DancesWithSoda says:

Haha, so true. <3

26 | PlasmaFire says:

I so agree, Mintz. Until someone beat him to it.

And you'd think a SPARTAN would be better at reflexes; bad intarnet, mb?

27 | Morpheus says:

ULTIMATE LICKING W00T!!!!! 27th Post!!!!!

28 | ??I Don't Know says:

Worting goodness. Too bad I lost XBL on my 360 (stupid Canadian ISPs).

29 | johnnyrico says:

29th post!lol :-p
great one, srsly

30 | Lord-Halo99 says:

30th post!!! good job GB.

31 | Spartan-029 says:

That was hilarious.
Keep it up!

32 | Sheikurl says:

lol. dats funy.

i am getting a subliminal message from this strip... it is saying... will you stop saying woot (number) post!!

p.s. 31st post. woot!

33 | Sheikurl says:

spartan-029 you ruined my joke!! ill have to change it to 32nd post

34 | spartan001 says:

sweet, but for some reason it seems like the comics have gotten a bit slower of course its probly just me

35 | Sebris says:

LMAO that is so true.lol

36 | Crosso says:

You see that on every strip.

great strip ^^

37 | Vlad says:

Ha! I guess the first guy didn't get the message.

38 | ShadowElite951 says:

LOL!!!! XD

Awesome comic!!!!

39 | GooFBalL says:

hahahaha! one of the funniest ive seen for a while

keep it up!

40 | mrsmiley says:

HAHAHA man GB, i've been so busy I forgot we had a new strip today! It would have been hilarious if you had actually made the first and second post from Sarge and Chief... but nice of you to give the "honor" to one of our frequent fans. ;) Great job man.

41 | halodude88 says:

Very nice. Hopefully it will get some of the stupidity of saying "first!" across.
Keep up the good work!

42 | the Frenchman from RN says:

This strip is really good and well draw too!
Two tumbs up!

43 | Dev says:

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1iuhdsriheih *DIES LAUGHING!!*

OH. MY. GOSH. That has got to be one of your best. XDDD And the fact that the first thing I saw when I clicked on the comments link was some dork saying "FIRST POST" only intensified the hillarity..

44 | Loknar64 says:

I only did that because of the comic! D: And I'll probably never get the chance again.

45 | Sparkie says:

We need a shirt that says 'FIRST POST' for the HBN store. :D

46 | milkncereal says:

46th post. good one, your comedy is much better.

47 | Master Sarge says:

lol actually this year's last second would be 11:59:60 because of some crap, the world has decided to add and extra second to the year o.O something about every seven years

48 | Gruntsbane says:

"Master Sarge says:

lol actually this year's last second would be 11:59:60 because of some crap."

I'm sure no one would have been confused by that. I bet Spinal Tap has a clock with a second counter that goes up to 60!

49 | Turialim says:

FIRST POS....ohhh crap!

Nice one GB!

50 | the grunt that doesnt wanna die says:

hmmm is 50th post an award? good comic

51 | viperchief says:

#50 heck yeah!!! haha what ever awesome reminds me of redvsblue where the mods hate it and yell at someone for doing that, then they get like -1000 WTF mods

52 | viperchief says:

ah dang it...

53 | Light says:

Heh, yeah, that's always funny, seeing someone get like a thousand neg mods on Rvb...personally, I don't give out neg mods.....a waste i think....heyways, yeah, that was a good one.....reeeeeally good, I'd have to say! You've done it again, GB, you have managed to make my day! ^_^! Keep it up, all of you!

Light's Out!

54 | Mike P. says:

54 POST!!!!

55 | The Creator says:

FIFTY-FIFTH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder what chief said. He probably cursed at sarge. NICE JOB SMILEY!!!

56 | The Creator says:

lol I just read all of the other posts and realized that smiley didnt do this comic, gruntsbane did! nice job gruntsbane! Another thing, Loknar64 must be watching the posting system all of the time if he posted right after Dev called him a dork! :)

57 | Tiger_Tyrant says:

i recken we shud try getting to 100 posts nxt sketch

58 | Zyrra says:

HAHA! Burn Chief burrrn! I only ever got firstish once... or was that secnd? Oh well, it wasn't that good a feeling though... BAH its still pretty cool to take the fire from others ^.^

59 | =Distiller= says:

HA hahaha it must be just like that because iv'e only ever gotten 7th well HAPPY NEW YEAR CANADA WILL POSTPON NUKING U!!!

60 | FateBreaker says:

Heh, nice, sounds very realistic to me! Happy New Year, wooot!

61 | Mak Attack says:

lol, its ture xD

62 | Darkninja says:

that is so true..........kinda sad.......

63 | pressure says:

I actually gotten first post by accident a few time >)

64 | Damatee says:

Ha ha ha Sarge got 1st post...chief didnt win that one.

Happy New Year Everyone.

65 | {SS}Ogie says:

65 POST! why do people worry about the post number is it like if you get first post its bragging rights that you stayed up all night waiting for a new comic{witch this 1 way funny} to appear and put 1ST POST!??? anyways....

the comic was funny and it shows what lots of people do and i thought it was funny..... just went over all the comics and put a couple posts down

P.S 65 POST!(cheif and sarge should grow up a lil not as an adult but by how they play and stuff)

66 | Sarge says:

Sixty-seventh post!

67 | Sarge says:

Sixty-seventh post!

68 | Xerro says:

lol! that was the best one ever.

69 | half russian kid says:


70 | someonebehindyou says:

lol 70th!

Sparkie is right, we should have a shirt at the stare saying


71 | X cal1ber says:

Great strip GB!

Good idea for a strip. Great artwork too. You made them both look so desparate to get 1st post!

I wonder what MC said in his post...

Chief says:
&$*#ing sarge stealing my &$*#ing 1st post!!! &$*#ing dial-up. I can't wait to get high speed.

Some Guy says:
LOL Great strip GB!
By the way Chief, next time try a few deep breaths and a drink of water.

WOOT 71st strip beat that LOL

72 | the great pie says:

Ah HAHAHAHAHA!! Gruntsbane, you are a freakin' genius!

73 | Marinealver says:

Dosn't matter where you go, people still want to git the first post bragging rights.

74 | Optimus Prime says:

w00t! 74th post! Idont care if it's almost 100, but it's still cool. Nice Comic!!!

75 | Tr!pp says:

lol That was perfect!

76 | HaloUnleashed says:

This comic really says how people try to get the first post making a cool and perfect thing for this comic!!!!!! ^_^

77 | Spartan058-Halogeeky says:

i knew you were gunna do something like that sooner or later...

78 | Azmaria Einsatz says:

Haha, that gave me a good laugh. ^___^

79 | Yayap n' Zuka says:

Would've been sillier if Sarge actually did make the first comment.
But still silly!

80 | SuperRobot7 says:


81 | FutileSpark says:

LOL! I love it! Where do you get your ideas from? Wherever it is, keep going back!

82 | Tb_boy says:

Well i know it's some kind of new years thing, but what are they doing?? someone else please post tell me??

83 | {SS}Ogie says:

there having "post wars" as i like to call it........ i guess you get bragging rights if you get 1st place{first post} so sarge says First Post! cheif says 2nd post! cheif says 3ed post! sarge Says HEY!!!! i WANTED 3ED!!! ! and they fight tiill 1 copter crashs i guess.......... anyone know actully what ogie means? gruntsbane shuld know......

84 | ansomble28 says:

LMAO, good one. Way to put it to the morons who come to this site. PS posters... your worthless claim to first post fame is never remembered and always forgotten. You don't even get a whole fifteen seconds of fame. You barely get one. I don't even remember any FIRST POSTERS... not even on this one as Im typing.

85 | Fushiigi Udon says:

If Chief is sweating as much as Sarge I'd hate to see him take that helmet off...

86 | Earthling says:

Hehe. The first time i got 1st post was the first time i ever posted on a new one and i didnt even mean to.

87 | Sarge says:

First Post!

88 | lakgh says:


89 | edward says:

that was cool

90 | Gruntisniper says:


90th post

i think cheif is still on dialup

91 | 456 chrtobi says:

Thats me a few comics back, I swear! Oh Yeah. 91st Comment!!!! Woooo!!!

92 | adam says:


93 | turok says:

I think I know why everybody is soo crasy to get first post now.... they want there post to be read. Not like anyone will read mine. I bet nobody reads my posts anyways. :( I also think the chief is still on dailup.

94 | Cheif says:

94Th Post!

95 | Sarge says:

95th Post!

96 | Cheif says:

96th post!

97 | Cheif says:

97th post!

98 | Sarge says:

98th post!

99 | Cheif says:


100 | {SS}Ogie says:

100th POST! I BEAT SARGE AND CHEIF! lots of posts for this 1.

101 | The Arbitress says:

What would the Arbiter write? Or better yet, what would he be thinking?

102 | krnn00bs says:

This was my favorite comic stript ever!

103 | greatgrimreaper says:

oh what the hell....


104 | Siro_Khorun says:

104th post... sweet...
That comic actually made me laugh. Hard.
Good job!

105 | mitch says:

i dont get it

106 | bungie says:

WOW first post!!! awsome.

107 | thecreator says:


108 | thecreator says:


109 | Fuka 'Foramee says:

Wow, you humans nearly kill me with laughter using these comics! Great work!

110 | Bungi1337 says:

Lol, that was pretty good. Nice close up on master chief.

110th post by bungi

111 | Darkest Knight1 says:

EVERY1 THAT WATCHS REDvsBLUE( it should be BLUEvsRED)im going for first post because midnight in USA in about 2pm here if i get it plz mod me to death
Darkest Knight1
p.s. 111th post

112 | Dam it 112th post says:

yahoooooo 112th post, my best time ever, im proud of myself

113 | dam it 113th post says:

yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 113th post!!!!!!!! hell yeah!

114 | Morpheus says:

2. Chief says:


115 | Redwarrior005 says:

114 is my best!

116 | 4chan says:


117 | spartin 117 says:

i dont get it

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