A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | spartan_112 says:

huh first comment?

2 | me? says:

good job there

3 | Turialim says:

Very nice GB.... very nice...

4 | Earthling says:

same as above
VERY nice

5 | dracolord says:

Major props to you guys for these, and I just read them all in 2 hours! Keep up the good stuff. (first time poster and I get 4th! :)

6 | donut says:

lol, nice one... tell the doctor to suck a lemon.

7 | Spartan117 says:

Who is the Two Month Man?

8 | LastLife says:

Well, this woke me up from my sleepy moment...Because I fell off the chair, laughing! Well, not really. But great job anyways!

9 | Octoplasm says:

Great, nice job on the trenchcoat, it all looks really smooth!

10 | pred1ator says:


11 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

Ooooh. Master Chief in a trenchcoat. Sheckacy.

12 | xX XaN Xx says:

the nicest strip i've ever seen!!!

13 | Creativename says:

hey, look at that my cousin made a cameo in HB strip, hes a 2 month man also

14 | the grunt that doesn't wanna die says:

Eh? not too clear on that... but the art is nice! GJ
P.S.- gotta love that trenchcoat

15 | Cheesemaster64 says:


16 | SinisterMonkey says:

ROFL, good one GB. Man, if I find that guy, I'll stab him. Death to Modding!

17 | Tiger_Tyrant says:

Since when have there bin 2 Master Chiefs? loving da trench coat

18 | casuela says:

No, not death to modding. Modding is good, CHEATER MODDERS are bad. Real modding like at halomods is good. Cheating bad! Just trying to pound that into your head.

Great strip HB.

19 | mrsmiley says:

HA! dude i wonder how many people will actually get this one. =P you did an insanely good job with the shading on the jacket... almost looks like CG it's so good. =)

20 | Yayap n' Zuka says:

Thank goodness he wasn't naked under that trenchcoat... Or was he?

21 | HALO2 FAN says:

AWWW I FORGOT TODAY WAS FRIDAY SO I DIDNT GET A CLOSE POST...DAMN anyway the graphics are cool especially the shading unfortunatly i did not get that at all so will someone...PLEASE TELL US WHAT A 2MONTH MAN IS????????????????????????? THATS ALL

22 | Stealthnewb says:

The 2 month man is basicaly any newb who uses a two month accont on live 2 cheat. Modding, standbyin, bridgeing, etc. All the pathetic crap people do 2 get a high level.

Very Nice comic tho.

23 | Monkey_God123 says:

So thats a 2 Month man... Funny Comic!

24 | Thoraxe says:

it was alrite...coulda been betta

25 | Ninja says:

it could have been better it was ok there wasn't really any jokes in it

26 | Sheikurl says:


27 | Madsnipz says:

Not as humorous as it was detailed.

28 | Haphazardly says:

Not to bad, really funny though

29 | MrAlexZander says:

We need Dick Tracy.

30 | j23 says:

huh kinda like a drug pusher with the trench coat and the crap on it. But what's with the xbox controller and chain?

31 | spartan001 says:

lol thats funny good job with the shading totally supreme man

32 | lokeen says:

Is that the original controller? Else it sucks :P

33 | The Cheater Pwn3r says:

Wow, yet another great comic from HaloBabies!

To #17
There's more than one Spartan.

34 | Lord Quagga says:

OMFG 18!!!!!
Like this one!

35 | LegendaryThunder says:

Alright, thats what I'm talkin about. Like a crackhead who needs his fix he's gotta see the two month man.

Nice one, seriously, I tip my hat for getting a point across.

36 | lord of the doubt says:

I keep on thinking I could get first post one day, but these comics get released at like, midnight over here. The Comic was hilarious, even tho I couldn't get the "two month man" bit.

37 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

For me, it comes out at around 4 o'clock in the Friday afternoon :P. I just missed it because I was trying to download all the Halo Cutscenes. Gah. Blast you!

38 | Tryan Shootamee says:

i love the chief in the first strip, all pretending not to be payin attention...classic.

39 | {SS}Ogie says:

hmmm 2 Month man selling modded xbox parts acting shady... 2 Month Shady Modded Man! HES A TMMCotM!!!!!(Two Month Manly Cheater of the Month) well lets hope the "Virus" dosent break out.... anyone get what im sayin? i say in his trench coat is (if you put it all together) a "Srewy" control wire moded adapter.. srry for the word in "" put the screw driver is screw""Y""...... ROFL i think i made a fool out of myself o bad im good at doing that 39th POST!

40 | El Jefe Maestro says:

these comics are great! i love them, read them in 3 days. awesome! all of 'em! didn't dislike a single one of em! except there were a few i didn't understand...but i'll figure it out sooner or later

41 | Ripper714 says:

This strip is great!
Great artwork, great writing, loved it!


42 | Spartansniper211 says:

That was a great comic

43 | Mastergrunty says:

funny i love it modding is realy fun try it

44 | 44th says:


45 | 44TH says:


46 | bubbleboy says:

yo, whats modding? whats with all that stuff? ...confused lol nice one GB

47 | says: says: says:

Modding is where u edit stuff. Like make a pistol shoot tank shells or sumthing like that.

48 | the Gold Elite says:

a pistol shoot tank shells? i gotta get me some of that. or...mebbe...a shotgun that shoots tank shells >:D Great comic!

49 | Crosso says:

you would'nt stand a chance with a warthog firing sniper bullets.

good job on the strip

50 | someonebehindyou says:

Nice, very nice, I love the lighting in this one.

51 | Zyrra says:


51st post wort!

I need to find this guy... :/
Mod me mate!

52 | moddernator says:

lol nice 1 GB.hmmm a sugestion... a modded battle? tanks shoots pistol rounds pistols shoot rockets maybe? anyways good 1 nice lighting as "someonebehindyou" said looks like hes tryin to hide from halo "cops".... like internet police but in halo instead.. like the guys who moniter chat....???????

53 | Yarkaz says:

Yay!!! 53rd post!!!

54 | The Creator says:

54TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

55 | SHADOW SCULL says:

nice it made me lol

some make me go WTF!?

56 | Firehawk12 says:

I HATE those people that standby. If I see another I swear I will kill him... if he doesnt kill me first.

57 | Grizzled Ancient says:

yeah!!!!! 1,265TH Post!!!!!!!

58 | Schmack says:

hahaha! this is so true! Anyone who plays axbox live will find this hilarious!

59 | 456 chrtobi says:

There's another cheif? That sucks. That other cheif should get arrested for selling that stuff.

60 | Seeress says:

Love the controller thing man I can't play with the small one, heh. I could use trench coat boy, if he could hook me up with one or two, if it's the right price. ;)

61 | Unspeakable Evil says:

This comic sucks!!!
I bet the people who like this even laugh at a knok-knok joke!!!
This comics have nothing to do with halo campaing,Only with the cheapass multiplayer!!
And i bet they alot of 10-12 year old on multiplayer....so it stinks!!!
Gruntsbane FOR THE LOVE OF THE DARK LORD SATAN change this crap and try to make at least some comics about campaing.....ure-so-funny-crappy-boring-comics make halo 2(i hate it i <3 Halo 1)look bad.............
Make atleast some funny comics or ill blast yu in the land of the dead 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!1

62 | Marinealver says:

In the real world they are called blackmarket arms dealers.

Onlineworld black market mods dealers.

63 | spartan001 says:

okay dude shut up these are funny comics if you dont like it so what say it but dont go into this whole long post about how halo 2 sux and halo1 is better which is clearly wrong

64 | Octoplasm says:

(To Unspeakable Evil)
The only thing unspeakably evil here is your inability to express your opinion in a civilized manner.

65 | {SS}Ogie says:

hey unspeakable keep your rude comic mouth away from us! this comic rocked! we dount need people coming in and saying bad things about a funny true comic!

66 | =Distiller= says:

LOL its sooo true. I hate modders they totally ruin the game for poeplr who actualy have skill. so to all u modders STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR MODEMS AND START PLAYING WITH YOUR CONTROLERS. ps. That trench coat is sweet. CANADA WILL RESUME NUKING YOU!!!

67 | =Distiller= says:

Hey unspeakible evil, knock knock, whos there , suck , suck who. your dad..........

68 | Mad Major says:

Great comic there! I have read through all the Halobaies comics, and this is one of the better ones (with the possible exception of the Actionsack one). Keep up the outstanding work!

69 | the great pie says:

LMAO! Good one GB; You triumph once more with your awesomeness.

70 | Sheikurl says:

Can someone tell me how much the subscription for XBox Live is? Cos I really want 2 get it, but I dont no how much it costs.

71 | The Mark of Lame(Hl2) says:

Wow funny!!!Real funny!**Troatslice every1 who like this**Dumb theyr bodies in a meat factory***Gets a dual wield Bfg**Shoot at the maker of this***
TO Sheikurl its about 60 Euro a year in Europa so i dont know how much its is in your country...

72 | Evil Force says:

Im dissapointed:( this comics dont get even better every week its just...just not halo 2 Campaing anymore just multiplayer en multiplayer gos only about "Spray and pray".....I miss the old days when gruntsbane maked jokes about grunts en hunters en i loved the last comic with the grunt,but this is crap en im not the only 1 to think about it(some people watch en dont reply)...

73 | Evil Force says:

Im dissapointed:( this comics dont get even better every week its just...just not halo 2 Campaing anymore just multiplayer en multiplayer gos only about "Spray and pray".....I miss the old days when gruntsbane maked jokes about grunts en hunters en i loved the last comic with the grunt,but this is crap en im not the only 1 to think about it(some people watch en dont reply)...i only watch at 117 en subzero from now,those are at leat 1000000000 better than this

74 | =Distiller= says:

SheiBurkel. An Xbox live account costs 68.99 in Canada and thats mincluding tax.

75 | =Distiller= says:

Oh sheiburkel, when and if you get an xbox live account, post your gamertag on here and ill send you a friend request. Oh and Octoplasm Whoever you are . You Rock!!!

76 | ???? says:

Wow the last guys who commented againt unspeakable evil are Big Babies!!!!Hes only saying something about the comic...not your momma!!!Men i bet if i said something bad about halo u all guys are going to complain(like some dumbmoron 10-12 year old addicted HALO CREEP with no live to fullfill)shees this is a comment post not a blam-the-guy-who-said-halo-is-bad-en-said-he-suck,what a bunch of babies are u(not the people who dont offend other people comments)

77 | Fuka 'Foramee says:

Are there any moderators here? If not, we Elites have studied human technology for centuries......

78 | HALO2 FAN says:

okay sorry for the second posting but...okay ive been reading these comments and id just like to add that the following people are just the same person but with different names as to what i see:unspeakable evil, and "????". So id just like to say that u are the big baby okay? so dont go dissing halo fans and if u dont like halo in general then maybe this is the wrong place for u cuz as u can see...THE REST OF US THINK HALO IN GENERAL KICKS @$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

79 | =Distiller= says:

Halo2 fan is on to somthing, hes one smart cookie! And if anyone says anything bad about the best game ever I think that I as a huge halo fan should be able to tell him to go (blank) his dad. And leaving more posts with another name is definatly not cool (even though i impersonate gruntsbane from time to time. but he deletes those posts.) And im sorry for leaving like eight posts but there seem to ba alot of gay people in here who just don't get it. HALO IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

80 | Sheikurl says:

sorry for the third post, but i was meant 2 say dus any1 no how much the subscription for XBox Live is in England?

81 | Tiger_Tyrant says:

wat is da point of all u ppl dissin Halo(2). if u were goin 2 do it u shud have done it 100 comic strips ago. i dunno wat da point is of comin on a halo website if u dnt even like it. also u shudnlt come on a halo forum n make a fuss coz ur out numbered n ur all gonna lose...

p.s. HALO(2) ROCKS.....

82 | Horatio says:

Different -- yet somewhat thought provoking!

It's a sure bet that I'll being exploring the options to enter as one of your followers.

83 | Spartan-104, Frederick says:

I love how people go to any extent to cheat, even on games that dont have cheats, its like crack for gamers, once u have some u cant stop, and then by the time u realize how far uv gone to the bottom,ur worse than a noob without ur precious cheats.Keep it real homies,peace out!!!
p.s. ur mom called Frank, she said to take a shower

84 | spartan058-halogeeky says:

sweet nice comic. i still have my 2 month...

i agree with spartan 104. i never do cheats, i have never gotten or wanted a skull before, and i have no idea about what else they might have.
one of the things i've learn is never to take the same coarse in the game either. if you find a cheating way, you'll stick to that way for a very long time. and never quite experience the game again...GAH!
after i had gotten the halo 1 soundtrack, i listened to "A walk in the woods" but couldn't find it in the game.it was dirving me crazy. i looked everywhere...it turns out that it was after the big snowy bridge thingy, that i had ALWAYS stolen a banshee...i learned my lesson...

85 | Grizzled Ancient says:


the people who diss Halo are the people who actually really like it, but they see that ever one else likes it, and they wanna be different, so they say that they hate it. and they like to tick people off.
now some people actually have a good reason for why they don't like halo (if they have no experiance wit FPS's, and they like steath-games better) but they are the people who normally don't come in here and start the gayness-fagness ways

86 | Mak Attack says:

nice x)

87 | grunt jr. says:

master cheif's cousin lol

88 | Halo2 Fan says:

Grizzled Ancient dude saying that makes me believe ur unspeakable evil as well SORRY FOR THIRD POST JUST HAD TO SAY THIS

89 | Grizzled Anicent says:


90 | Tiger_Tyrant says:

Halo2 Fan i reckan ur rite coz all da ppl dat are now defendin da other gays r proberly them in a different name...

91 | Sir Real says:

Dear Chief, your getting rather old.
Dear Chief, your mind wont run cause your feet are cold.

In your eyes were dazzling mirrors
Of idealized reflections,
But through the years the glass was marred
By cracks and contradictions.

Dear ChiefDear ChiefYou need a solid writer

92 | Spartan058-halogeeky says:

WO! stop! we're at eachother's throats! Mr smiley and gruntsbane decide to take one little small break and BOOM! we start to break the much respected rules (for the most part) and start killing each other. LET THIS BE THE LAST COMMENT UNTIL THE NEW COMIC!!!!! PLEASE! FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO!

93 | shadow alchemist says:

not too bad pretty good (yippee 98 not)

94 | Sheikurl says:

sorry, this is de last time im gonna post i swear. but 'mephisto lord of hatred', some people have a good reason for liking halo 2 more. there are a lot of reasons to, the following are all the reasons i can think of:
1. better graphics
2. better music
3. you get to play as an elite
4. new weapons
5. you get to use fuel rod cannons and energy swords
6. seargent johnson
7. new vehicles
8. you get to drive a wraith
9. rocket launcher locks on
10. boost on ghost and banshee
11. new enemies
12. deeper storyline
there are probably more reasons that others can think of, but anyway, there are two things that halo has that makes halo better than halo 2. Everything is fresh and new and it is original.

95 | PS2 playkid says:

I can't say i agree on point 2,6,9 and 12, not fully.
I mean, the music where exelent in Halo 1, and while Halo 2's great also, i dont find it better, but close.
#6 this is where i disagree most. IMO Sergent Johnson lost his balls in the game, he is not as cool as in H1.
#9 Something i bet we all liked in Halo 1 was the skill based shots with the rockets. Slamming a hog with the last missile on BG, and protect you teams flag.
Its gone in H2, but im sure Target tracking is indeed nessecary in the game, it just not as fun.
#12, i don't find the story line deeper. Infact you get most of the plot server. I liked the story telling in Halo 1 better.

Not saying H2 is a bad game. In fact i believe its one of the best games created on Xbox/360. Its by far the best MP player game on any of the Xboxes.

96 | bungie says:

Hmmmmm looks more like a cheap loser but anyway its funn.

97 | Optimus Prime says:

98!!!! almost 100!!!!!!!!!

98 | darksteeple13 says:

What is standby-ing and bridging? Someone please dont be a jerk and tell me without going all "HAHA you dont know!", eh?

99 | darksteeple13 says:

Also, I already know what a mod chip is, though.
and HA! 100'th post! w00t!

100 | the 101st post-al worker says:

Dude nice, i've never posted but i've been reading for a while,to catch up with the newest ones. This one, altho not the best by far, ego board is, but still a good moral in it. good work, keep it up

101 | The Arbiter ONLY mate also known as Arbitress. says:


102 | white elite says:

i rock peas on my head but don't call me a pea head,i rock bees on my head my but don't call me a bee head,i rock bruce lee's on my head but don't call my lee head!!!

103 | white elite says:

i have to say that halo2 is easier than halo1

104 | HYBRID says:

^^and just why do you have to say that?

105 | Leemer says:

Halo 2 fan is right whats with all these people leaving other posts under a different name just so they can say someone agrees with them. Ps. Man that =Distiller= kid is sooo cool. he has all the best ideas. ;-)

106 | jake says:

it is very funny

107 | Hyp3r grunt says:

Hey, Tiger Tyrant, thanks once again for that grunt review you posted at halo nirvana! Go to www.halonirvana.co.nr everyone.

108 | Fuka 'Foramee says:

Yes, Halo2Fan is right. Seems like some of you people aren't merely overgrown apes.

109 | Halo2 Fan says:

eheh thanks dudes but i'm just speaking out for all the TRUE halo fans who just really think that it rules cuz when it all comes down to it regardless or not halo1 or halo2...they both have the world HALO in them...so think about that...LAST POST I SWEAR P.S I REALLY DON'T WANT THE COMICS TO END I MEAN I DON'T WANT THINGS TO END LIKE IT DID WITH FIRE TEAM CHARLIE!!

www.xboxottawa.ca = funny im serus about this all halo fans will enjoy this

110 | Tiger_Tyrant says:

Sheikurl i didnt fink we were going 'local' till we were finished. oh well.

yeah everyone come n look it'll be da best....

111 | Tiger_Tyrant says:

I should have metioned it b4..........your welcome Hyp3r grunt any time u need a biog ask me and ill do it...

112 | spartan girl says:

hey hotties

113 | Tryan Shootamee says:

sometime in 2007...before h3 does obviously

114 | Halo2 Fan says:

Dude this is like the 50th time i post but uhh i think ==Distiller= should know about this so...WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE FIRE TEAM CHARLIE DOMAIN SITE?!?! might just be a fluke but i typed in www.xboxottowa.ca and this weird thing cameabout like travel planning and stuff like that...WHERE IS FTC?!?!?

115 | Thraxon says:

lol just as funny as ever.

116 | sputinik says:

OMG halo babies sucks sooooo bad!!
NOT! ha ha, had you going there didnt i. no no halo babies rules!

i was kidding about saying it sucks!

117 | Semper Fi says:

star troopers, devil dogs
blood sucking war machines
ready to fight, ready to kill
ready to die,
but never will
marines make the blood flow,
blood makes the grass grow
semper fi
do or die

118 | =Distiller= says:

Yah Halo 2 fan I would think it was a fluke because its working for me. xboxottawa.ca Man! thoses guys have to make some more of those sweet vids. And Hyp3rGrunt When are you going to post my stuff I submitted, because it took along time to reserch and type that all in and id sure like it if it got posted. Thanx. Ps CANADA NUKED U!!!!!!!!!

119 | Halo2 Fan says:

Oh...i see i typed in xboxottowa instead of xboxottawa heh funny how i always go to that site and i type it wrong one time.... by the way Distiller are u in the forums of that site? cuz like they seemed to have abandoned it all and just made the little game things they got there instead of the FTC LEGACY...like what ever happened to that elite that got shot by squatting bear's sweet sniper rifle?

120 | no space says:

is this the end of halo babies? they havent posted a comic in almost a month.

121 | Zyrra Da Phirra La Mirra says:

Funny...yeah funny. And BTW Zyrra or name stealer Zyrra is MY elites name!

122 | sneeky says:

I like bubbles.

And there should be an episode 120.

123 | Hyp3r grunt says:

To / =distiller=

I will put your reviews on halo nirvana, it's just that I am busy creating avatars, forums, tips pages, tricks pages amongst other things, your reviews have not been ignored.

124 | jack says:

lol,whats the other chief doing there,multiplayer?

125 | sausages says:

hey white elite i play runescape
just started...

126 | baggie says:

so... long... since... last... comic...

127 | mitch says:

haha this is so freakin funny

128 | AK-047 says:

I'm sure there are sound reasons why the comics aren't here, until then, just wait. Or wait over at Halogen (Google it)

129 | spartan_112 says:

huh 142th comment?yeah i got first and last comment

130 | Fuka 'Foramee says:

Will you people stop about your comment number? Go get a life!

131 | Zyrra Da Phirra La Mira says:


132 | Sheikurl says:

are you people f*****g ignorant or just blind? gruntsbane said that he and mrsmiley are taking a break, dumbasses. HALONIRVANA RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

133 | Zyrra Da Phirra La Mira says:


134 | dude says:

It sucks ass

135 | Halo2 Fan says:



136 | bum187 says:

[backgroundcough] ..


137 | Redwarrior005 says:

Yes my real GT. Any way peeps always ask 4 2 months i hate that. Good comic!

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