A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | mrsmiley says:


2 | bobik says:

ZOMG 23NC0ND COMMENT!!1!!1/??/1!1

3 | Zyrra says:

Good to see you got the kinks unkinked smiley :D
Things are looking mighty good for Australia too.

4 | Strykeagle says:

YAY!! WOO HOO! YAAAA! Man its been a while...

5 | Idene says:

cortana seems to have improved. 5 IS MY LUCKY NUMBER BABY!!!

6 | vIsitor says:


The HBN comic page has been...UPDATED?!

Surely, hell hath frozen over!

But, in all seriousness, I was particularly pleased with this installment. True, I had previously seen it on HBO during Stuntmutt's 'guest week', but I still find it funny. I hope this is a sign of things to come.

7 | Hunter_Flood says:

A new comic on the site since ages.

(7th post!)

8 | AfterDystopia says:

Gee... Took ya long enough! :)

9 | MachShot says:

After 560 days, a Halo Babies Comic! This day will be almost as praised as September 25th!

Drama aside, this was great!

10 | haloman says:

great! comics are back, and it's really funny too.

11 | Fortune117 says:

Argh! I have waited so damn long for this day! But... I can't see the last frame! WHY!? GOD WHY!? It won't scroll down or anhything? This is a cruel day indeed for me.

12 | CovanatSlayer117 says:

*does announcer voice*

After 6 months of madness and a world-wide striplessness of Halo Babies comics, the comic is raised back from the grave by some nameless hero....

Anyways, great comic!

13 | flood juggernaut says:

woot comics are back

also great comic

14 | Sovereign says:

YAY strips are back! It was worth the wait, good job!

15 | MachShot says:

Oh, for anyone having trouble seing the last pannel, right click the comic and click zoom. Choose zoom to 75%. I had problems with this untill I figured that out too.

16 | mrsmiley says:

if you're in explorer or safari, just use the scroll bar. :)

17 | Arbiter 5000 says:


18 | Lord_Halo99 says:

Huzzah for the return of teh comic.

19 | Pakopenguin says:

I'd live there if it could be done!

oh, and anyone playing the Halo 3 beta? Its really cool! :)

20 | Spartan-117 Master Chief says:

FINALLY!!! A new comic strip.

Those are pretty good ideas to add to the Halo Franchise. Still, I can't wait untill HALO 3 comes out.
(I've been to Australia twice, and it is SUPPRISINGLY not ugly)

21 | arf193 says:

LOL.......halostralia!!! and am i just glad another comic finally came

22 | ace says:

Yes! After all this time! A new comic! It seems too good to be true!

23 | chris_L says:

Oh my...after waiting for so long, I had almost forgotten how funny Halo Babies was...Thanks guys, this rocks! (Keep making more, please!)

24 | Jeepmb says:

Good Comic, Good length, Finally posted one...

25 | ninjas says:

hey shure some of us may be ugly but only the ppl in windale

26 | Firebug says:

Yay, new comic!! Even though I saw it over at One One Sezen, it's still good to see the comics here updated...Once again, YAY ^_^

27 | FireBug says:

Woops, I meant One One Se7en...

28 | [PSP]Donut says:

lol i liked the active camo shorts shirts and pants :) i would like to have some :)

29 | Skinavish says:

A new comic????? FOR SERIOUS??? Cool.

30 | arbiters_malice says:

ZOMG F1RST COMMENT!111!!!/ < lol dont you write this ? :P

i live in australia, and i wont argue, the middle of it is ugly in most parts (kinda like the rednecks that inhabit it) but the coastal areas are great. Great comic man, keep e'm comming

31 | Kiao 'Silomee/Plasma101 says:

Heh, seriously though, it's about time! *is happy*
So many good things happening in my life lately! I might be getting a new dog, I WILL be getting an Xbox(this week!), so I can play Halo again, and now this!

32 | Joe says:

thank god that this website is still alive whooot!!!
im soooo happy!

33 | Silent4eternity says:

yay its been like a year. awesome. and i cant wait to see the halo 3 comics ^ ^

34 | Jesse says:

Will you ever make new ones? You should around when Halo comes out.

35 | YOU!!! =( says:

love the new cortana

36 | metaprime says:

0_0 scary

37 | risc says:

' australia got a makeover '
yeah australia sucks haha

great comic!

38 | risker says:

when was this comic made duh nobody looks this far down the page anyways...

39 | risker says:

when was this comic made duh nobody looks this far down the page anyways...

40 | Robin_the_wet_noodle says:

I'm really desperate for those active camo pants MC was trying out.

Yeah, I'll be telling my friends all about Halostralia in a moment. I could never had thought of that.

Keep up the awesome work.

41 | SPARTAN-022 says:

wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post 42!!!!!!!!!!!! SPARTANS DONT DIE

42 | SPARTAN 082 says:

hoorah! spartans forever! there is no end to the Cheif!

43 | Flaydramon says:

Ugly? D: I've never heard that before... i always liked the bushlands... *lives in Sydney*

44 | Louis Tomlinson da Mister Chief fan says:

hilarious.but wait a minute,isnt mister chiefs skin supposed to be pale?(for those who've read the books)

45 | Kalamor (Halo 2 xbox live Legend) says:

Dude Finally a new comic i just checked today after checking the day before the date it said it came out lol can't w8 till H3 so new comics will be coming!!!!

46 | Kalamor says:

WTF i clicked once and it posted 3 times what the hell happened?

47 | Matt says:

That...was freakin' hilarious.

48 | Black_Eagle says:

Just cause we got the "best" lookin country..yank hahaha

49 | kraid17 says:

this totally rips me off alot. i mean wat happened to the story line??i ask you

50 | firehawk12 says:

Great to see the sight back up!
Also congrats on the Legendary edition and to the happy couple!:)
Oh yea the comic was also hillarious for the first one in a while ;)

51 | Spartan13 says:

yeaaa been so long. nice comic! ^ dude wut the heck happened? was it an error with the server or something or did u intend all that?

52 | Rogue Elite says:

Spam much grunt person...? Anyway... Cool comic, this means I would live somewhere jusr under the Chief's left eye, maybe a little but in from his nostrel :D It was a great comic, I can forgive the "ugly" thing heh heh...

53 | Carter/Halo Fan says:


54 | Alex says:

oh hai!.
..and why do we kill grunts oh noobiest of gunt munchers? because. its. FUN!...and i make them die good. it just BOOM headshot, BOOM headshot.. its headshot..oh, another favorite is rocketing a large group. and sticking one on a bridge then melee it off so it explodes mid air ^^.
bungie was started in aus so dont bag it out. also, australia kicks ass over all other countries.....and its not the one who needs a makeover...or the one who does the sucking. (not mentioning any names). *erhm* risc


good comic though.

55 | Firelink says:


56 | ZING!!! says:

reminds me of something I made in garrysmod


57 | uman says:

yessssss for halo 3, some new halobabies are comming !!!

58 | SgtKneecaps says:

It took you a year and a half to come up with that?!!??!

59 | random mad halo fan says:

oookie. This is has to be the wrong place ask, but where are the new comics?! C'mon, Halo 3 has been out for few weeks already!

60 | master chef! says:

woo hoo lol funny comic!!!

61 | Mister Mr. Chief says:

A comic well done! I can't wait for any Halo 3 comics to come out!

62 | casey says:

i only wish this wasnt ripping on the greatest country in the world

63 | bumn187 says:

Finally, a new comic. Took forever but I remained faithful.

64 | ecto says:

ugliest continent in the world? GTFO!!!! how could you say that! I hope you are ashamed of yourself.

65 | muddy trunks says:

errr i'm pretty sure it's been scientifically proven that australia is the best looking continent in the universe and it's people are also the best looking in the universe. so yeah, i think you meant to say some other continent

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